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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 558 The Night Rider Read Novel

Chapter 558 The Night Rider VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 558 The Night Rider VERSATILE MAGE


From the gap came the sound of horse hooves, which was getting closer.

The next second, Mo Fan saw from silver-white breaches of the majestic black horse. His body was covered with black wool, which, when moving, also gave off black haze.

On the head of the horse was a black horn that sparkled with electric discharges.

On the back of a single horse sparkled black armor in the shape of a man, they seemed empty.

What is it? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

Everyone was a mage of summoning, and even the draft beast of Mo Fan an agile wolf, was considered a very specific beast. Who knew that this girl with a black veil would call such a striking animal?

The Dark Horseman?

The horseman really was riding, holding a crescent-shaped blade in his hands. Whether due to rain or something else, but falling, the blade immediately evaporated.

Meng E ordered this fighter to go against the clumsy corpse-governor.

Mo Fan He did not call his agile wolf, because he would not be able to compete with the governor, but he could lose his life at any time. The nightrider of Meng E could perfectly cope with this task. Although the girl used the entry-level call, her call-up was very, very strong.

Meng E also tried to delay time!

Mo Fan was bleeding from his chest. Snake chain mail, of course, took the blow, however, as they say, the magician always takes the biggest blow.

It seems that Meng E has coped well with her situation so far.

* neighing unicorn *

The unicorn neighing at the moment when the rider in armor pulled the reins and forced him to raise his front hooves.

From the impact of the hooves a drop of water soared into the air. Until the moment when the water droplets fell down, the unicorn was already arrowing towards the governor!

The horseman leaned down and grabbed the crescent-shaped blade and immediately took the stance!

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The clumsy corpse voivode has already put all his four hands forward, waiting for the rider to come!

* Whack *

The rider and the unicorn merged into one, piercing the rain with an arrow!

The voivode was just getting ready, he didn’t know that the rider was already behind him!

The clumsy corpse-voivode didn’t even feel the sword piercing his body in a second blood blew out of his body.

Mo Fan breathed in air of surprise.

The night horseman was swift, in just a second he had already made a successful attack!

The agile wolf was already considered a high-speed animal, but the night horseman was several times faster than it!

Cut it down!

The night horseman made an attack, here attacked again!

* Whack *

The black crescent-shaped blade swung again!

Now he walked along the governor’s forearm, after which his hand slipped down!

The governor lost one of his four hands. He did not know what to do, so he directed the remaining three hands toward the rider!

The night rider was terrifying here

Mo Fan was shocked by what was happening. Even after two attacks, this horseman rushed into battle again!

Faster, help! Summon Night Rider is limited! a girl with a black veil called for help from Mo Fan.

Only after hearing these words, Mo Fan came to his senses a little.

If this girl only caused such an entry-level appeal creature, then she should not be afraid of the voivode at all!

The night horseman not only did not fear the voivode, he also noticeably exceeded him in battle. This means that the night horseman in the recruitment space is one of the strongest mid-level creatures!

Fury of the blade!

The night horseman spoke words in English, so Mo Fan didn’t could understand, however, it was clear that the rider speaks the human language!

After several attacks, the rider seized the moment to strike. He threw his blade so that he then returned back.

Another arm was cut off!

The governor was already wounded and badly worn out. It was at the moment when Mo Fan thought that the rider was already destroying the enemy, the night rider pulled the reins and rushed into the darkness!

He raced in the rain, it seemed, somewhere nearby. However, at the moment he simply disappeared!

If it weren’t for blood and severed limbs, one would think that the rider didn’t appear here!

His time is too short!

Although the night horseman is very strong, his tenure is ten times less than the activity time of the agile wolf!

He is badly wounded, we should not miss this opportunity! said the girl.

I’ll figure it out! said Mo Fan, creating an elemental system.


Lightning reappeared around Mo Fan. Now he had the opportunity to completely release his magic!

The thunderclap will now definitely be enough to destroy the governor!

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