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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 560 Who passes girls by themselves? Read Novel

Chapter 560 Who passes girls by themselves? VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 560 Who passes girls by themselves? VERSATILE MAGE

Once again you glance, and your eyes will fall out! the conservative companion Alzian immediately said in a stern voice when he saw the roguish look of a short man.

Who is throwing his eyes, I’m just a little tired. It’s only recently that it was really scary, and I almost lost my life, the short man sat down on the ground, making a completely innocent look.

If it had not rained, we would not have been in that position said Mo Fan.

The fighting power of the Governor’s clumsy corpse turned out to be amazing, besides, with his roar he called out various low-grade undead, and if at first there was at least a little hope to destroy this huge corpse, then the undead inundated the battlefield reduced the odds!

Such an undead is truly horrific, not surprising it’s capable of destroying an entire army of magicians.

We won’t go anywhere until the rainfall ends, so we have nowhere to rush, the strong man said earnestly.

It’s raining, we won’t hide here forever? said Mo Fan.

You just have to wait Exactly, you’re injured, you need to act faster, the undead have cadaveric poison, and in a few hours all the skin can become covered with purulent blisters, said the more experienced short man.

What do we have to wait for them to change clothes to change themselves But the clothes are wet and unbearably cold in them, said Mo Fan.

Everyone perfectly understood the idea of ​​Mo Fan, removed their clothes, rolled them up, and took out new clothes from the bundles.


The grave only the crackling of a fire occasionally broke the silence in the cave, everyone was pretty exhausted after the battle, healed the wounds, changed their clothes to dry, and lay quietly on the ground, not wanting to utter a sound.

The dark-haired girl Meng E changed her veil to a new one, this time with purple ruffles hiding her beautiful face.

What are you doing in this place full of undead? Mo Fan suddenly asked.

Black-haired Meng E rolled her eyes, and in a flirtatious tone, but with an indifferent look, said: There are unsociable colleagues here, you need to talk to them personally.

Oh, what organization are you from? to ask questions to Mo Fan.


Like, I heard about this, Mo Fan thought.

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Yeah, pretty famous, Meng E. nodded.

You must be some kind of fairy, celestial, or princess. In TV shows, it’s always something like that. They usually wear veils to hide, Mo Fan said with a laugh.

Hearing Mo Fan’s completely unfounded assumption, Meng E grinned and shook her head: I’m not some kind of sanctuary. There are just people who just like the veil and find it beautiful.

In China, the climate is terrible. You know about PM2.5 The veil here is a completely useless item, the respirator is much better, said Mo Fan.

Meng E laughed softly, and her sweet, flirtatious laugh echoed through the cave.

A short man sat next to him and looked enviously at Mo Fan flirting with Meng E.

Finally, he could not restrain himself and pulled Mo Fan to him, and softly whispered to him: Brother, you only met her for the first time, be careful.

Brother, do not pretend to be a fool, what difference does it make here?, Mo Fan answered without a drop of politeness.

Meng Ae was attractive, in addition, her mystery made her a worthy status. Mo Fan acted like an ordinary man, why on earth should he not communicate with someone. Besides, it seems like girls like to talk to themselves like smart and talented guys!

You took one with you, think about the feelings of others, will you give her to me, brother?, The undersized man whispered.

I lost my mind who would let such a pass by. Moreover, she just came to China and she needs a romantic guy and with humor, Mo Fan said.

The rain continued, hanging over the village Hua.

A gray sky, gray earth, and one small village, which, even if it were motley, it would still look gray.

However, although and the village looked old-fashioned, wooden houses were built strong, and did not allow moisture to get inside, and also did not allow the cold wind to penetrate freezing their residents. It doesn’t matter what kind of house it was, big or small, but everyone could warm up.

You fool, where you went, look, you’ve gotten wet, go back, warm yourself, a girl of about twenty stood under a canopy, pouted her lips, and seemed to understand that she needed to swear, but she was very ashamed of herself.

It was pouring rain, a thin young man walked upstairs to the house and, smiling, stood up one step.

Come in faster, what will we do if you get frostbite, there are so many more wounds on you, Su Xiao Luo grabbed the young man by the hand and pulled him into the house, helping him take off their clothes. His whole thin body was scarred. When she reached the shoes, she said: Take it off myself, how much I care about you, and as if I hadn’t seen your body!

The thin young man smiled, and seemed to laugh apologetically.

He was now wearing thick warm clothes.

These medicinal herbs will be enough, what is there a strong aura of the dead, and also heavy rain. Due to moisture, cadaveric poison only gets stronger, and weak children and old people during the cold weather I can’t take care of you anymore, and I will need medicine to survive the difficult time, Su Xiao Lu left the boy, crushing the medicine.

A skinny young man was sitting near the stove, laughing stupidly at her.

Su Xiao Lu pouted her lips and muttered under her breath: You can only giggle, remember faster who you are, you are an adult guy and you can’t live with me all the time, others will say stuff.

Su Xiao Luo spoke quieter and quieter because she always felt uncomfortable in conversations about such things.

Okay, sit here and think carefully.

Having said that, Su Xiao Luo left, but before that she cast a glance at the lean body of the young man. Scars covered him far and wide. She took a deep breath.

It is not known what he survived, but when she found him, he was covered in wounds and with a severe head injury!

He was lucky that she was a medic. Otherwise, he would have come to an end long ago.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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