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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 566 The Road to Xi’an Read Novel

Chapter 566 The Road to Xi`an VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 566 The Road to Xi`an VERSATILE MAGE

Of the more than one hundred inhabitants of the village, only a little more than thirty people agreed to leave it, most of whom are young people.

Sesan, seeing that so many people chose to stay in their former place, only sighed.

Su Xiao Luo still tried to persuade people, but they only urged the departing people.

As a result, more than thirty people, loaded with their things, got ready to go.

Mo Fan reflected on the gray garlic, the effectiveness of which he himself experienced. Now the question was bothering him: if the inhabitants have gray garlic, then the path to Xi`an should be more or less safe, why do not most of the residents want to leave the village?

I tell you, the village damned! You will die if you stay here! Get out of here faster! a young man named Puppy was still trying to persuade the stubborn.

Puppy, do not bother. said Cesan.

Leaving the village means leaving our ancestors. You won’t live until tonight, but we’ll stay here, under the protection of our well said one old grandmother, not wanting to listen to persuasion.

As a result, the persuasion led to the fact that someone else he decided to stay.

Mo Fan did not dare to judge the situation, because he did not know for sure whether it was safer in the village than in Xi`an. He decided to do what was in his power: he had to help Su Xiao Luo accompany those who wanted to Xi`an, because this girl saved his little brother!

About thirty people now made up the team, which was heading to Xi`an along the path along which Mo Fan, Liu Zhu, Fang Yu Miao and the undersized arrived here.

Meng E and two of her companions did not linger in the village of Hua, and before the residents were rescued, they were of no interest, so they left these places before everyone else.

After the departure of Meng E and her minions, Mo Fan’s curiosity became even more prevalent over what these three needed in these practically uninhabited places.

Moreover, in autumn and winter period of night so long, so did the clouds overtook the sky.

The thicker the breath of death became, the more undead appeared around in search of food. If the undead did not find food, then it began to destroy its own ones like animals in the food chain.

Residents advanced quickly in one day they managed to go through a lot.

In broad daylight everyone walked confidently because they felt completely safe. However, after three oclock in the afternoon, a strange confusion began to seize them.

Now everyone was no longer confident in protecting the well, although they drank its water throughout their lives, and there was special trust in Zhang Xiao Hou was not there either.

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Let’s go this way, then we don’t have to go through the Yanbai village, said Cesan Mo Fan, who was walking at the very beginning.

So it will be faster? asked Mo Fan. He looked at the map and saw that in any situation they would have to go through Yanbai.

This route seems to be short because of the relief on the map, but it takes a lot of time. Believe me, I have lived in these places for a long time and I know what I’m saying. said the headman Cesan.

Mo Fan nodded his head. They continued on as Sesan pointed out.

Night fell. The villagers were more approving of Sesan and the magician Hong Jun, since they knew them. It was for this reason that they relied on them, encircling them on all sides. In the village, she possessed authority, so many preferred to stay close to the girl healer, especially in such conditions. They even condescended to Xiao Hou, because it was his wind magic that helped in the situation with the undead.

Liu Zhu, go back and follow the children. Mo Fan said.

Liu Zhu nodded her head: You be careful too.

We have gray garlic, and the residents still have well water. If the undead do not attack, then we will quickly overcome the path.

I see.

As the headman said, this path turned out to be more even, so they saved a lot of time.

However, with the advent of night, an undead roar began to sound in the district, from which the hair stood on end.

Mo Fan, I tell you: if the undead attacks us, then we can’t save so many people! The undersized said in a whisper, making his way forward to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan also knew this, so all they had to do was hope for the protective effect of the water from the sacred well and gray garlic.

It seems they don’t respond to us, the undersized said, carefully watching the behavior of the awakened creatures.

Yeah. Mo Fan also kept his eyes on the undead.

Such a large number of people undoubtedly had a strong, lively smell. They have already walked more than a kilometer and the fact that the undead did not react to them at all indicated that gray garlic or well water had an effect!

Realizing that the creatures were not interested in them, the inhabitants relaxed a bit, and the road went easier.

Strange. Obviously, our well water is still the same, then why did the undead attack the village? Soo Xiao Luo’s face did not doubt.

Was it really a mutated undead, and this dangerous transition to Xi`an makes no sense? said Hong Jun.

Su Xiao Luo thought that this Hong Jun apparently forgot that in the face of danger he was the first to run away. She didn’t like him before, but now she just hated him.

You shouldn’t say that. When we arrive in Xi`an, we will be completely safe. said Cesan, insisting that they made the right choice, leaving the village.

Mo Fan made a glance at this headman, and it seemed to him that this old man was hiding something. Be that as it may, the headman is the person who keeps the canons of veneration of ancestors.

The night went smoothly. None of the undead attacked such a large group of people. All of them had already relaxed, having failed to explain the last attack on the village.

In the morning, the group took a short break, and then set off again.

Мо Fan, brother, what do you think happened? Asked the undersized.

But how do I know? I am not familiar with these places, said Mo Fan, do you have any guesses?

Haha, I can’t hide from you. It was one thing, even before meeting with Fan Yu Miao

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