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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 567 Assault in broad daylight Read Novel

Chapter 567 Assault in broad daylight VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 567 Assault in broad daylight VERSATILE MAGE

If you have something to say, then speak right away! strictly said Mo Fan.

Do you remember what I told you then in the cave when we were hiding from the rain? Said the stunted man, making sure before that that everyone else was going behind.

I remember. You killed the bloody monsters last year, and so what?

After that, the team and I were going to relax a bit in the village of Yanbai, and halfway there we met an expeditionary group, which was going from there. They provided us with something, so we decided to return immediately to Xi`an. Some time after our return, I heard that this group of people was gone said the stunted man in a very quiet voice so that none of the others would hear him. Near Mo Fan only this guy named Zhang Xiao Hou walked, so he did not attach much importance to his presence.

Yeah. Consider them half-bit by the undead. A group of my brother’s military also met this undead, said Mo Fan, glancing at Xiao Hou.

Hehe, I also thought so at first. But do you know what the people from that expeditionary team told me then? Asked the undersized man with a grin.

So what did they say? Mo Fan asked.

They said that there is not a single resident in the Yanbai village, and that there is no reason for us to go there. Said the stunted one.

Chills passed through the body of Mo Fan.

However, the pupils of Xiao Hou, who were walking nearby and heard this conversation, sharply contracted at the mention of a military group!

Doesn’t that seem too strange to you? The headman of the village of Sesan also tried his best to make sure that we did not pass through the village of Yanbai. Something strange is definitely happening there. said the stunted one.

Mo Fan looked at Cesan and fell into deep thought.

A group of people continued on their way. After a successful second night on the road, they all relaxed.

After the second night, there was very little left to go to Xi`an they should be there by evening.

The morning has arrived, morning! Of course, we did not rest at all, but in the evening we should already be in Xi`an! Hong Jun proclaimed.

Hong Jun, you studied magic outside the village for several years. Do you have friends in Xi`an who can give us housing? Asked one village woman.

Relax! Hong Jun beat himself in the chest.

Damn, it seems we completely lost the protection of the well, it’s too dangerous!

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Puppy, watch your words! You scare everyone here!

The villagers were few words, only smiled.

Two nights passed, now there was a day at the end of which they reached their destination. Everyone was relaxed now, as they felt safe.

They were scattered, and Mo Fan was also ahead.

Mo Fan scornfully spoke of the words of a stunted one.

So, you come from the city of Bo I have many friends from there, said the stunted one.

How do you know people from Bo? Mo Fan asked incredulously.

I often communicate with them. They say that after the tragedy, the government resettled them in Xi`an. They used to live in remote places they say that a rich man named Mu Bai bought a whole street with shops selling magic materials, and now all the refugees are working for him, said the undersized.

Mo Fan stupefied. Soon, he began to recall the consequences of the tragedy.

The immigrants were stationed in several directions. One of them is the suburbs of Shanghai, the second is Xi`an. Mo Fan chose Shanghai. So he remembered that there was a part of the inhabitants who were relocated to Xi`an!

Upon arrival in Xi`an, he should visit them they once lived nearby!

When I manage to get magic stones, I sell them there the undersized man continued to chat without stopping from somewhere behind.

This scream frightened the residents, which is why they all started to run away.

The undersized man suddenly fell silent, and Mo Fan turned around and only saw a bloody fog, from which people ran up.

Undead! Undead there!

The little brother was captured! Died!


From this cry, the woman who was trying to run forward suddenly fell into a puddle, and a powerful cadaverous arm had already come out of the ground! This hand grabbed her

Here too!

Save! Save me!

Don’t panic! Do not panic!

The villagers in a panic began to scatter in different directions. Mo Fan, taking a closer look, saw that the undead, which was not visible at night, were now climbing right out of the ground, attacking the scattering people!

After a few seconds everything was already splattered with blood.

My mother!!! These undead attack humans in broad daylight!!! Shouted the undersized.

You go from the side Liu Zhu! Liu Zhu, look after the children, do not let them wander! Shouted Mo Fan as he ran.

More and more undead began to break out of the ground, and well water now had no effect against them.

After the undead kill one living creature, they immediately devour it, and the other undead, smelling fresh blood and fresh meat, begin to attack others!

Seal of lightning!

Agile Wolf!

Spikes of Shadow!

Mo Fan’s heart was compressed from this picture, so he decided to use everything that was in his power.

However, the inhabitants have completely lost their minds and fled to Behold side

In this situation, Mo Fan can not them all to save

-. The monkey, mountains

Mountain veil!

Mo Fan was just about to say something to Zhang Xiao Hou, but he was already releasing mid-level magic, as if he perfectly remembered how to wage a battle!

Two mountain curtains instantly formed stone walls, in the middle of which were all the inhabitants, and where now the undead could not get.

Liu Zhu, take these little pranksters and take them inside. Zhang Xiao Hou has already strengthened everything! Shouted Mo Fan, who ran along the surface of the stone barrier.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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