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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 580 Forced to join Read Novel

Chapter 580 Forced to join VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 580 Forced to join VERSATILE MAGE

Jiang Li, arrogantly looking at this man, said: What is the matter for you?

My name is Yao Nan, and I advise you to be more careful in words, because what you just threatened Mo Fan, for me is how to take a toy away from a child, Yao Nan said with a grin.

On the other side, top-level magicians already decided on the strategy to destroy the undead commander!

High-level magicians will take on the undead of the level of ruler. Remember, you do not have to kill them, you just need to delay the time! said Lu Xu.

There were about 4-5 people of high-level magicians, however, high-level magicians from the protection of the city wall came to help. Now there were more than twenty high-level magicians, the rest of the magicians had to personally guard the wall from the inside.

There were most middle-level magicians more than 200 people counted together with the military. They were all responsible for covering and destroying numerous undead.

The main task of this mission was to destroy the commander of the white undead and its hordes.

Yao Nan, you are responsible for so that the magicians of the world would not be attacked or injured, said Zhu Meng.

No problem, but I have one small condition, Yao Nan said with a smile.

What? Asked Zhu Meng.

Send Mo Fan to help me, Yao Nan said with sparkling smirk in his eyes.

Hearing these words, Mo Fan said only:

your mother!

Sorry, but I didn’t say I’ll take part in this mission, Mo Fan answered without a twinge of conscience.

Zhu Meng, after scratching his mustache, pulled Mo Fan out of the line in which he stood.

-Boy, this is not Hangzhou for you, and there isn’t that snake that can intercede for you. This mission is completely under my leadership, so I went and stood in that row Zhu Meng decided to recoup on Mo Fan. Usually he doesn’t do this, but in the case of Mo Fan, he decided not to be nice!

The Hangzhou big silver eagle mission required patience and skill. The defense of the city wall was based on the tactics of light magic, for which joint efforts of the magicians were required, and the presence of this shameless little fellow increased the chances of success!

Take it, you can use it as you like. If he takes off, then I will immediately send a notice to the rector of the Mingzhu University that he should be expelled! seriously said Zhu Meng.

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Interviewer, thank you for your cooperation answered Yao Nan.

Yao Nan did not pay attention to the curses of Mo Fan and began to count people.

Yao Nan enjoyed authority among hunters, so they willingly followed his instructions. The remaining students and members of the magical association knew him as a high-level magician, therefore, there were no objections from them either.

I must say that this was the first time for Mo Fan when he took part in the military operations!

This war was not a struggle of people with other people for redistributing the benefits of civilization, it was a war of the living and the dead, which has been going on for hundreds of years.

From the very beginning, when Zhan Kong tried to involve Mo Fan in the team, he categorically refused.

It was not that Mo Fan did not like to fight, and that he did not want to help people in the defense of the acropolis. He was not happy with the role that was assigned to him: it was too insignificant even for a middle-level mage.

The number of middle-level mages in this mission exceeded two hundred people. Just think, one more two-element natural magician, one less In addition, the chance of losing his life just like that was very high.

His presence did not affect the outcome of the battle it did not give Mo Fan peace.

Black clouds were gathering in the sky. The silhouette of a huge monster was getting closer and with it, countless undead crowds were still approaching. They were like a retinue that accompanies their new king, who is so eager to get into the city.

The time of manifestation of the zombie abyss increased. This contributed to the spread of death breath in the district The half-decomposed corpses, the dead, the skeletons that had slept for such a long time now joined the undead march.

A higher level undead could command a lower order undead. The lower-ranking undead were characterized by the absence of any brains, so they blindly obeyed decrees without fear, doubt or reflection

Resentment grew, the undead grew more and more, and the accompanying breath of death seemed to reach the limits of the wall that was at a distance of several tens of kilometers.

There was already a growl of these creatures, which loudly spread around

At the tower, which was in the center of the northern part of the wall, more than two hundred mid-level magicians have already gathered.

By a single decree of Zhu Meng, Lu Xu, Fei Jiao and hunter ruler Dusiao, magicians put up protection

Mo Fan disagreeing with everything was surrounded by magicians, many of whom were considered authorities in their circles. For them it was a tremendous experience, thanks to which they could then say:

I participated in the battle against a creature of the level of a commander!

Even if these magicians die in this battle, envious rumors will still go among their friends even after their death!

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