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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 581 Going Out of the Wall Read Novel

Chapter 581 Going Out of the Wall VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 581 Going Out of the Wall VERSATILE MAGE

Young people should also take an active part, they should be ahead of the elders! Yao Nan did not agree with the others, taking an active part in discussing the situation with the undead.

Mo Fan scurried back and forth. He did not show to the mind that he was not pleased with the fact that he was forcibly joined to participate in all this, and many high-level magicians were against a huge enemy. However, Mo Fan was still unhappy.

This is a legal society, how can you ignore human rights?

Yes, he is forced to take part in this battle, yes, he can get his own benefit and soak a huge amount of undead, and yes, being a shadow mage, under the cover of night he will be like a fish in water

Apparently, other magicians like it much more. Good. Deputy group commander, help me deal with these rebellious magicians! I, a high-level mage, cannot be attacked by the undead of a lower order only because of these tomboys! I should only be responsible for the undead level of the ruler! And if the undead level of the ruler touches you at least a little, then I will release her guts! But if I also see that you play off and substitute me, and do not give all the best Yao Nan said this, looking at Mo Fan, the first part of his monologue was still nothing, but the last words he had already spoken with anger.

Goes, just don’t need to intimidate me. Since I’m already in the ranks, I’m definitely not going to run away unless the situation worsens at all, Mo Fan replied impatiently.

What do you mean by saying, unless the situation worsens? That you will wet your pants if several critters of the pack leader run up to you? Jiang Li’s voice was heard.

I have my own measurements, answered Mo Fan.

I think you’re just looking for an excuse to desert! said Jiang Li.

Mo Fan did not want to continue the conversation with this inhibited, whose face still shone, like pork fat. He took out a fragment of the spiritual seed of fire from his pocket and divided it into two parts. He fed one part to the Little Flame Belle that sat on his shoulder, and he chewed the second part himself.

Earlier in such situations, Mo Fan liked to chew on the roots of the green bristle, then his depression and melancholy noticeably intensified. It was they who impressed the girls so much, including Mu Ning Xue, that she even agreed to run away with him. Mo Fan treated the love affairs and battles the same way, so now he wanted to re-enter his melancholy and indifferent state so that others would not notice how much his heart beats.

Of course, the undead are much worse than magical creatures!!!

In pitch darkness, the squad stepped outside the wall. Around began to appear more and more undead, which climbed out of the ground. Now no one had a sense of security, and Mo Fan was the only one, except for Yao Nan, who skillfully restrained himself. When Mo Fan was only accelerating the heartbeat, other magicians already clearly gave way to legs Mo Fan himself, chewing a piece of spiritual seed. He spat on his hand and fed it to a Flame Belle. Having absorbed the remains of the seed, the fire on her body shone even more joyfully.

* Jin *

Suddenly she emitted a warning signal that hit his ears very loudly.

Mo Fan was spiritually connected with her, so he understood well what the Little Flame Belle was trying to say. He lowered his head and began to look closely at the frozen ground.

Around everything was covered with a thick layer of grass. In winter, usually the surroundings of Xi`an look bald, as snow covers everything around.

The grass swayed. Mo Fan carefully pushed her apart, no sound came. If the Flame Belle finds something here, then Mo Fan will find it.

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Is there something? Asked Yao Nan that he was walking alongside Mo Fan.

Yao Nan appointed Mo Fan as deputy commander, so that now he was a minor leader of thirty magicians. Because of this responsibility, Mo Fan also now hoped that the magicians of the world would complete their mission safely.

Nothing came out, Yao Nan said with a smile. They continued on.

Could there be an ambush here? Asked Mo Fan.

Ha ha ha! Yes, you, I look, rather weak in university studies! Baby undead are brainless creatures. They can attack the highest level mage alone! They have no convolutions that could wise them into an ambush! Said the man whose face was streaked with scars.

Really? But here I met an ambush of the undead, said Mo Fan.

Seriously, what? Take even the leaders, rulers of the undead none of them have brains! Yao Nan said with confidence.

Mo Fan did not further argue with them, he just kept in mind the undead little one that Liu Zhu encountered.

Of course, Mo Fan did not bind these events together, however, remembering the undead that attacked the village of Hua, doubts remained anyway.

Should we guard the team of magicians of the element of light? asked Mo Fan.

They will be next. Now the rest of the units must deal with the hordes of undead, only then our leaders will come forward, waiting for the right moment to attack their ruler! said the military man with a square face.

In short, if Zhu Meng and the rest do not destroy the ruler of the undead, will we all stay here, surrounded by crowds of undead? Mo Fan specifically asked a question again.

Well, how can I say. Our business is to deal with the leader of the white undead, and their business is to destroy the ruler of the undead, then reinforcements will arrive. Even if there is no reinforcements, several top-level magicians will be able to easily deal with hordes of undead, Zhou Ming said with confidence in his voice said Mu Bai.

I just don’t like the very feeling when your life is not particularly valuable in a battle, Mo Fan replied.

But to whom like this, Zhou Ming added.

If the undead come out only under the cover of dusk, what do they do during the day? asked Mo Fan.

I think the government specifically gave the mission of the undead, so that at dusk they climbed from their graves and did not let us relax. What is not funny? I just wanted to defuse the situation, said Yao Nan, turning around.


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