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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 582 The Living Dead Read Novel

Chapter 582 The Living Dead VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 582 The Living Dead VERSATILE MAGE

The outer wall. Urban surroundings.

The night fog covered the light that came from the houses. It was impossible to even see the city view.

The weather was getting colder. In the autumn-winter period, fog is a common occurrence, however, no one knew if such a cold was enough to snow. Snow could calm the inhabitants of the city, because in this case the upper layers of the earth will freeze, and it will not be easy for the undead to get out of there.

This area of ​​the city consisted mainly of old buildings and small residential neighborhoods single tall apartment buildings towered noticeably here.

A shadow appeared between the eaves of the houses, which looked like a bat. A purple cloak fluttered in the wind, and none of the passersby even noticed the presence of this girl.

She stopped on the roof of one of the houses. The house was not large, but many people lived in it they were refugees from the village of Hua.

The village headman Sesan sat on the steps and smoked an old cigarette.

Girl- the healer Su Xiao Luo slowly approached him, staring at him.

After my father left the village, becoming a traitor to our ancestors, you were the most respected person for me but not a day has passed so that I have no doubt about your account! Said Su Xiao Luo.

Why do you doubt me? Asked Cesan, playing the fool.

Liu Zhu, who had been on the roof of the house all this time, came here only to visit the villagers and find out how they were doing. However, she became an involuntary witness to this situation. Liu Zhu only wanted to go down, but decided to use shadow magic.

I heard the puppy say that he saw the inhabitants of the Yanbai village, said Su Xiao Luo.

-Puppy has always been a nerd, do not attach importance to his words, said Sesan.

-I heard a lot more that is connected with the village of Yanbai Do you really want to tell me where did its inhabitants go? the girl continued to ask questions.

Girl, how can you ask me? Don’t you yourself know that six villages from the vicinity of the salt pond were destroyed? You yourself saw what the undead did with our protective fence. The Yanbay village suffered the same fate, and you still continue to question me, replied Sesan.

The Yanbay village was destroyed before everyone else, right? said Su Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo sighed the old man.

After all, the inhabitants of our village have not disappeared! Here I am! a voice was heard.

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A man in black clothes came down from the roof!

A man in a black robe was like a ghost. Slowly he took a few steps forward, but when he saw Cesan scramble back from fear, he involuntarily laughed.

Head Sesan, I’m not a ghost! Why so afraid?- said the man in black attire.

You where are you from here? Sesan’s face sharply turned pale as if he had really met a ghost.

Su Xiao Lu turned her head and saw a man whose face was very recognizable even through his hat.

Who you are? asked Su Xiao Luo.

Fang Gu, he took off his hat.

Having removed his hat, Fang Gu glanced at Zhang Xiao Hou, who was stupidly looking, as if making sure of something. Realizing that Zhang Xiao Hou was not showing any reaction, his eyes returned to Cesan:

You should not be afraid. I came here in only one case to find out if this idiot killed my son? Tell me, and then you will receive my condescension.

Your son didn’t he die before that? Asked Sesan in a voice that was already trembling with fear.

This girl that girl. That girl who was with this idiot’s friend! I personally saw her claws lengthen, and then then they pierce Fan Liu’s head! said the puppy that ran out into the yard. He eagerly told everything he knew.

Puppy, have you seen Fan Liu? Maybe maybe you thought? asked Su Xiao Luo.

All relatives rarely come together, and there was no reason to gather everyone. Wait a minute, I’ll call them all now! with a grin said Fan Gu.

After that, he began to create an elemental system that was a strange color of black blood not as dark as the magic of the shadow element, and not as scarlet as the magic of fire. She was terribly gloomy!

With a black air a thick smell of blood spread around, after which a bloody glow appeared!

The breath of death filled the yard, and one by one they began to appear silhouettes!

Nobody knew where these ghostly people came from: maybe they were called from the call-up space, or maybe Fan Gu called them from the ground

All these people were alive, except for deathly pale faces and bloody scars.

Because of the rustling in the courtyard, Fan Yu Miao came out. Going out, with great surprise for himself, he recognized everyone who appeared here a second ago. These people were exactly the same as the last time he had seen them Fang Yu Miao was so moved that he was going to re-embrace each of them.

Don’t come near them! Shouted Su Xiao Luo.

Fan Yu Miao froze at her scream, completely not understanding why she was screaming like that. After all, it’s clear that the inhabitants of the Yanbai village also finally reached Xi`an, and now we need to rejoice!

Didn’t you notice, Su Xiao Luo continued in a heavy voice, they are all already dead!

Fan Yu Miao did not believe his ears. Having examined all in detail, goosebumps ran through his body!

The night was so cold that steam was visible under the light of the lamp from breathing.

Su Xiao Luo exhaled a stream of steam.

From Cesan’s breathing also emitted a random stream of warm steam.

Zhang Xiao Hou all the living people showed signs of ’living breathing.

However, all those the people who appeared in this courtyard. Although they looked alive, they did not emit light steam! Moreover, a strange, viscous, dark air came from their mouths and nostrils, saying that they were dead!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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