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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 583 Army of Black Rotting Corpses Read Novel

Chapter 583 Army of Black Rotting Corpses VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 583 Army of Black Rotting Corpses VERSATILE MAGE

The breath of death was becoming ever greater. The zombie abyss seemed to give rise to unique fighters: each rotting corpse was covered with some kind of black chain mail, and it seemed that each of them had undergone a long military training.

Dark talisman, today you can eat plenty! But please, don’t make any sounds today, okay? If your daddy is eaten, then you will turn into a piece of useless scrap metal, and you will never be able to digest any spiritual essence, Mo Fan spoke with his talisman.

The dark talisman always understood everything very accurately. So now he emitted a slight vibration as a sign that he understood what was said.

Yes, this undead seems to be perfect Mo Fan continued to talk to himself.

During the undead attack of that village, Mo Fan noticed that after the destruction, the spiritual essences of the green undead are absorbed by the dark talisman with great appetite, moreover, they very quickly formed a full-fledged spiritual essence of the servant level. In any other case, Mo Fan would not have been able to compose the thirty-third star of the fire element system.

Now, the most important benefit for Mo Fan was these spiritual soul essences

What the more undead there were, the more Mo Fan thought that the dark talisman would now eat up to the dump.

Kill! Kill! Shouted a man with scars on his face. An elemental ice system had already formed in his legs.

Four ice chains immediately appeared next to him. This magician was very experienced, and his ice magic has already reached its limits. His ice chains seemed to act arbitrarily they so quickly flew towards the dark rotting corpses

There were a lot of dark rotting corpses, their huge army could not even be captured with eyes. Not everyone will be able to maintain the fighting spirit in such an environment!

The courage and vigor of this magician affected all: now everyone else began to release magic and destroy the creatures!

Bastards! Being buried in the ground, shouldn’t they become a nutrient base for plants? Why the hell do they get out of there and scare people?! The warrior girl said she was wearing a thick Chinese bathrobe. She was very decisive.

She turned her finger towards the ground, and from there immediately began to creep out long climbing plants. These vines were very dense and prickly, and in the case of an ordinary magical animal, they would have easily skinned it. However, this undead is a completely different matter! They are not afraid of pain, and even if the body of the undead is broken into two parts, its upper part will still continue to climb its claws on the ground. As soon as one of the creatures crawled to the girl, she broke the head of the undead with her heel!

Queen of magic! Mo Fan thought to himself, trying to remember that later you need to know her name.

She cast a glance at Mo Fan, which left him no chance to meet.

Her name is Qing La Jiao * (translated from Chinese as sharp green pepper). In a magical association, they love to use brute feminine power more than in a magical court. During one of the older students preparations, she beat one offspring from a noble family for an entire hour, in the end, there weren’t even any clothes left it was all torn! She has already killed the seventh undead, and the total number of creatures of the servant level on her account is 1330, 78 levels of the leader of the pack and all this for some five years! Someone sounded vulgar.

Mo Fan turned his head and saw a man who told him all this, almost resting on his knees. This frightened him greatly!

Shorty, and where did you come from to here? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

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And I’ve been here all this time! Didn’t I tell you that my relatives live in the northern part of Xi`an? As soon as I heard the general assembly siren, I immediately came! said the short guy.

Sorry, seeing you in a crowd of people is not such an easy thing! answered Mo Fan.

I usually rely on strange methods (here you also need to take into account that magicians in the league of hunters take an oath to serve for the sake of truth, worshiping the holy magician)


The hunters participating in this battle can receive the title of honorary hunter, and this, for a minute, is about 8 million bonus!

You had to become a merchant, not a magician. Despise such! Mo Fan answered.

Well, you know, there, in the north tower, the assessor forcibly dragged you into the ranks of the participants! And you are not here of your own free will.

Um. Yes, that’s right. So what were you talking about undead? What kind of pepper is there? Mo Fan easily translated the topic of conversation into another direction.

The undersized man scanned him in disgust, and then looked at the other team members who were ahead and had already begun to kill the undead. He said:

This is an honorary title for mid-level magicians, everyone has a chance. You need to kill as many undead as possible and surpass Qing La Jiao, and not everyone can do it

Mo Fan looked down and saw how recently the buried undead crawled out of the ground with their hands, clutching their stunted hands, why he constantly jumped.

There will always be venerable magicians in the team eat, eat this fiery fruit has an excellent taste, Mo Fan threw fiery emissions into the mouths of the undead, while condemning. It looked as if a generous person was really feeding the starving.

The flaming bursts had an instant effect: as soon as they got into the body of the undead, their throats burned right away, and the bodies smoldered for some time until until finally turned into piles of ash. The next second, the dark talisman gladly consumed the green soul.

Mo Fan, and you, too! If I knew that you were in the top five of the most talented two-element magicians, from the very beginning I would give you everything you wanted! And oh glory!!! O ancestors, I surpassed you! Well, it’s not direct I wanted to say that I’m 95% like you!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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