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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 584 Mummy Governor Read Novel

Chapter 584 Mummy Governor VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 584 Mummy Governor VERSATILE MAGE

95%? Heh. The whole world at your feet, why don’t you hit the road? Mo Fan let out a cold chuckle.

In what sense? Me and in Xi`an are very good! There are no parents, but there is a beautiful wife. It is possible that by the time I return home, and my son will already be born! He will become a handsome and venerable magician, and I will help him get into magical court the undersized man chatted incessantly.

What do you mean? How scary to listen to such an illiterate person! Oh, by the way, did you say that your wife should give birth? asked Mo Fan without second thoughts.

It’s wait, I’ll deal with these godless creatures now the undersized one immediately released a flame. In appearance, he certainly did not look like a fire mage.

Upon reaching the middle level, all magicians get the opportunity to awaken the second element. And if the element of lightning practically does not wake up at this level, then fire occurs much more often. At the average level of magic, the chances of arousing fire are much higher than at the very beginning. If you invest a lot of money in it, then success in awakening the fire is actually guaranteed.

Mo Fan was the deputy commander, so the undersized one crawled forward. Shorty had not yet released mid-level magic, and decided to show off, supposedly he was defending Mo Fan.

Against the huge undead, he used a flaming fist that was very good! Destroying the undead, he boastfully said:

This is a boy. I drove my wife to an ultrasound scan. And although everyone calls me shorty, I do not pay attention to it, because this does not mean that I can not have a cool son! I’ll save some more money, and in the future I will help him achieve heights!

I could not even think that you are such a noble husband that he supports the sky with his honor! You know, in most TV shows such as you, even if they have a son, and they return to the path of virtue they still die, and then people remember all that beauty that was connected with them Mo Fan said sincerely.

You bastard, are you clicking death on me? Of course, I do not have a thousand dead creatures on my account, but eight hundred are sure to be typed! cursed undersized, bouncing and hitting Mo Fan’s knees.

So how do you still have no honorary title? continued Mo Fan.

How did you just say there.

What exactly?

The whole world has your feet!

You two are chatting here, and in the direction of 5 hours the mummy-voivode is chasing us. Better deal with this monster together! Yao Nan’s voice was heard.

Yao Nan had seen the two beating back then, but he didn’t attach any importance to this, because the main thing for him was to give all their best at the right moment!

Commander, this is the governor, two people will not be enough to deal with him. Most of the team has already gone ahead, what should we do? The undersized said.

Then die! Do not dare to argue with me! I am not kidding. That that girl, that magician with scars and you two go and kill this mummy! Yao Nan was clearly not joking now and spoke in a strict voice.

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The man with scars and the sharp little thing Qing La Jiao were out of order and approached them. It was evident from them that against the background of Mo Fan and undersized, they would be shredded still.

We can go. Everyone obeys me, I’m not going to listen to some student’s instructions and die because of this, said the plant element mage without any courtesy.

This is my order, and don’t need to be with me to bargain. Besides me, you all obey the deputy commander, said Yao Nan. From his voice it was clear that he was not going to negotiate, and even this magician was indifferent to him.

The plant magician was angry. In the top in terms of the number of undead killed, she was the seventh, and now she had to obey the instructions of a student who had not yet graduated from the university and did not have any practical experience. However, she could not resist, and therefore simply nodded her head.

The magician with scars on his face had this situation before the bulb. He himself was tired of killing simple undead, and since such a decree was received, he was ready.

Yao Nan, you should not wait for us, otherwise death will not pass! said Mo Fan, looking around the district.

If you lose the team, you will be avenged and stuck outside the wall. I give you 20 minutes for this task, for the next obstacle we just need about twenty minutes. If you don’t come on time, then you will look for ways of survival yourself, said Yao Nan.

Yao Nan spread his wings and left the magicians below.

Seeing that the commander had flown away, the undersized said: From the very beginning I knew that this business is not so safe. With the undead of the level of the ruler, even a high-level mage Yao Nan may be useless.

You’re so boring. Let’s kill this mummy governor already! said Qing La Chiazo.

The mage with scars was behind her, and with a smile on his face he had already managed to freeze two undead to death.

If the team went forward to direction of 12 hours, then the direction of 5 hours remained behind.

Mo Fan, short, scarred and Qing La Jiao, the four of them set off in their direction. Upon arrival, they saw a large number of gray-white mummies.

Well, where is he *? (their voivode) said the stunted one, looking around.

Behind there were still rotting corpses that roamed scattered throughout the territory. If they even dare to compete with mid-level magicians, they will surely turn into real corpses!

There’s the mummy that seems to be dancing on the water on the slope said Mo Fan, pointing to the darkness.

Mummies are in the Egyptian pyramids. And although they are very similar to our Xi`an, our more peculiar, bony, right at the proper international level, the undersized continued to chat.

Pyramids? Is there a ghost country too? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

Well of course! Didn’t you pass this in the lessons of world magical creatures? said the stunted one.

Honestly, he passed just recently.

The chatter of Mo Fan and the stunted one didn’t end. Qing La Jiao’s face became dark, she really did not want to be on the same team with these two. She headed toward the slope in order to kill the mummy governor as soon as possible!

The scarred magician only grinned.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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