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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 585 Grab it! Read Novel

Chapter 585 Grab it! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 585 Grab it! VERSATILE MAGE

I don’t know how that seductive and stupid guy got the position of deputy group commander. Shouldn’t I have been elected to such a position with my military experience? Grumbled Qing La Jiao * (hot pepper).

She was a member of the magical association, speaking the official language of a civil servant. Mages of any level and origin were under their jurisdiction, and if she were the deputy commander of the group, and this mission would be successful, then Qing La Jiao would soon receive a promotion. She was already stuck with these mid-level magicians for quite some time, but if she had more resources, she would certainly be able to awaken the third element and become a high-level magician!

Yu Qing Su * (the real name of the Qing La Jiao girl, who was called hot pepper), these two would be better off catching their lives because this is a mummy-voivode, his power is approaching the strength of a large cadaverous governor, the man with scars said.

Yu Qing Su could not put up with humiliation, but the task is the task when evading it The penalty is due. They can probably be left in a crowd of undead.

In all four directions, there was a surge of undead. If they enter the vicinity of the city, there will be no escape! The only hope was the army!

I will destroy you! Yu Qing Su decided to pour all her anger on this mummy-governor. The lightning magic already sparkled on her right palm, which went towards the mummy with numerous electric discharges.

Like whips of lightning struck the body of the mummy governor, but since this undead was capable of high-speed movement, on the body the governors were left only with black stripes.

He moved so fast that in a moment he was behind Yu Qing Su! A gray-white silhouette held out his hands to her like a living one, trying to grab her with his bandages!

Don’t let him wrap yourself! Otherwise, he will be able to exchange bodies with you! The scarred mage warned her.

The scarred one was the mage of the ice element, but he needed at least rough markings to release his magic. In addition, the mummy-voivode certainly does not compare with ordinary undead corpses, so this time he decided not to use magic.

Liana! Yu Qing Su did not hesitate and immediately used her plant magic to move as far as possible.

The creepers grew so fast that in a matter of seconds they formed a whole plant wall in front of Yu Qing Su! Apparently, she used some spiritual seed of the plant element.

Mummies are usually very flexible and plastic, thanks to their bandages, but now the governor did not make sense to just stand by the plant wall three meters high. After some time, his wards mummies began to accumulate nearby.

The voivode mummy was also not stupid. As soon as his bandages returned, he decided to attack Yu Qing Su again.

Mummies could attack with their bandages, and now that almost all the bandages were unwound from the body of the mummy-voivode, they began to spin in a whirlwind.

They formed a wide opening that looked like a throat of a large beast that engulfed the plant defense of Yu Qing Su!

How many bandages! Probably to be warmer in winter! Burning fist! said the stunted one, directing his magic there too.

Gray-white bandages burned up under the influence of fire, and ash fell down.

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Yu Qing Su, who was just coming to herself, looked at the undersized that she had released such fire-saving magic for her, and said: You should have attacked him!

Nothing! I will take it upon myself! Burning fist: tower! Cried Mo Fan.

The fire instantly swept the piece of land on which the mummy governor was located!

The flaming fist’s tower flame rolled with more force. Undoubtedly, when it is necessary to hit one target, the tower fist surpasses even the fist of nine palaces in its effectiveness!

Mo Fan believed in the success of his fiery attack, which made his smug smile change sharply into surprise

Your mother! Where did he get such speed?! said Mo Fan, who now saw the silhouette of the mummy-governor, which rushes in his direction.

If he knew in advance, he would have released the flaming fist of nine palaces! Then he would have at least some chance!

Such undead are hard to attack, but their bodies are not strong, so one blow of destructive magic can break them in half! said the undersized, who was also an experienced hunter.

And you are only now telling us! Moon Forest: Dungeon! said Yu Qing Su.

The element of plants was the main one for Yu Qing Su, and her spiritual seed still increased the growth rate of the dungeon.

An ordinary dungeon takes time to form, however, the magic of Yu Qing Su was completed before the mummy faced Mo Fan. The dungeon blocked the mummy governor.

Icy Dungeon (1)! the scarred one used the opportunity to release ice magic.

Ice magic was not as fast as the mummy voivode. But since now the governor had nowhere to go, and he was blocked by a forest dungeon, ice chains easily penetrated inside!

Grab him! Let me kill him! Shouted the stunted one.

Yes, you forget your magic of fire, this mummy can be killed by its dungeon too! Mo Fan was taunting undersized.

However, Yu Qing Su, who was standing nearby, was already drawing a violet element system electric arcs have already surrounded her!


1. The ice dungeon spell has its own characteristics. Initially, ice chains arise that can lash, grab, or form the same dungeon.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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