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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 591 Infinite Undead Read Novel

Chapter 591 Infinite Undead VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 591 Infinite Undead VERSATILE MAGE

The wind wall not only protected them, but at the moment threw up the twenty dead carnivores approaching them and swirled them with incredible speed.

The explosive force of the wind barrier was great, rotting corpses were all the level of the servant and they fell into the funnel of a meat grinder, and after only a few seconds they left only pieces of meat falling to the ground

Quick, don’t waste time in vain!

Windy the barrier instantly finished off a bunch of rotting corpses, Mo Fan absorbed a small soul, and drove the squad.

The air flow created the wind disk slowly calmed down, meat was strewn around and red blood flowed around, everything seemed to be clean, but they didn’t go even fifty meters, when suddenly, on the left, right and back, rotting corpses were visible again!

There were more than twenty rotting corpses on each side, and their running speed was two or even three times faster than the normal human!

Mother of God, how many rotting corpses! cursed undersized.

You can’t stop, now the rotting corpses will be flooded with a wave, and if they sweep us with this wave, then we will be on the road between the main forces and them, and then we will not be able to join him, moreover, the speed of stripping the main forces is much higher compared to ours, Mo Fan said with a serious look.

We need to solve it sooner and Mo Fan has no time for any excuses.

He looked at all three sides full of rotting corpses, and at the moment put sixty-seventy, but in their place was a new hundred

Get closer to me, I’ll deal with them in an instant, Mo Fan said.

I am responsible for the defense! The short man responded right away.

An elementary map appeared under Mo Fan’s feet, and turned into a bright red glowing ring

A burning fist!

Nine palaces!

Mo Fan punched the earth and burning energy penetrated the black earth.

The darkness around was lit up with nine pillars of flame bursting from under the ground. The tongues of fire, assuming various bizarre forms, circled with dance in these pillars, which covered everything around for a hundred meters!

Rotting corpses evaporated from all sides, leaving behind not a handful of ashes!

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* Hum. *

The pillars of fire were amazing and at the same time terrified with their fighting power, in addition, Mo Fan was shrouded in a fiery red flame, now it was clear why Yao Nan put up with the role deputy commander

Furious! How furious!

A man with a scar from one windy disk dealt with no more than twenty rotting corpses, Mo Fan burned more than fifty into the ashes with his burning fist, eliminating the dense offensive of the undead, and left a little more ten, which were slower and just didn’t have time to distribute the light.

Come on!- Mo Fan said heroically, looking at the scorched earth.

There were about 80 undead here, and from each of them you can get one soul, which was just enough for one complete whole spiritual essence!

Not having time to strengthen the star, Mo Fan could only grab his three comrades and rush forward.

Little Flame, spitting fire!

A Flame Belle puffed out her cheeks, and a bright scarlet flame burst out of her, striking a hundred meters ahead.

The rotting corpses in front of them immediately evaporated, turning into light green lights

Thunderclap: a dance of passion! sparks flashed in Yu Qing Su’s eyes.

She pointed her finger back, summoning thunderclouds. They thickened at the moment and lightning flashed among them, striking the ground, followed by another, then a series of several more. The dumb-headed undead one by one stepped into the zone of lightning strikes, and were torn to pieces.

See, see Everything is faster! jumped stunted, seeing that no more than a hundred meters were left to the main forces.

They returned, cover them! hastily exclaimed Zhou Ming to several magicians.

Among them was a hunter magician, staring into the distance, he saw rotting corpses being destroyed in the distance:

And these four are fierce like tigers!

Yeah, not like my team, eaten to the bone by the undead.

Don’t talk, help them clear the way!

No problem, look at my storm wave!

Bloody beast, go help them, summoned the contract beast.

A five-meter muscular monster appeared immediately, covered in bloody patterns. Compared to him, all the undead were midgets, which he raked into his mouth with his paws

The interference was eliminated, everyone is ahead of everyone! Yao Nan’s command was heard.

In less than twenty minutes, Yao Nan saw Mo Fan and his four comrades smiling, and made no mistake in them, in twenty minutes to destroy such a crowd of undead, this this is no longer a simple matter, in addition, they had to run a kilometer with crazy speed, leaving behind them mountains of corpses and rivers of blood!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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