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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 592 Black Storm, Corpse Ruler Read Novel

Chapter 592 Black Storm, Corpse Ruler VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 592 Black Storm, Corpse Ruler VERSATILE MAGE

Yao Nan walked ahead of the whole team, carefully peering into the distance. Finally, white creatures appeared among the dark crowd of rotting corpses.

Their silhouettes were so pale that they seemed to shine through, and, unlike the rest of the undead, they did not walk, but waved in the wind.

Take a look at them! Yao Nan said with a grin.

The team moved forward at full speed. The main force of the squad was the magicians of the fire element. It was they who, with their burning fists, dispersed all the evil in the area, leaving behind piles of scorched earth.

The magicians of the world are also ahead, merged with the rest! said the magician on the eagle Yao Nan.

Among the hordes of rotting corpses, one could see other squads of magicians whose glint of magic indicated that a general gathering point had been chosen in that area.

Of the middle-level mages, the bulk were mages of the fire element. As a rule, there are many more who awakened fire than those who woke lightning. In such an important battle, they represented the main military power. Fire carpets lined the district, as if showing the others the way.

The undead were most afraid of the light, in second place there was a fire. An undead servant level, without any brains, could enter the territory covered by the flames, turning into a pile of ash.

After such a fire, the undead servant level will definitely not be able to threaten people

The magic of fire gave the rest of the team a sense of security, while the magicians of the world helped not to get lost among the hordes undead.

Other units have already reached their strategic destination, and you are weaving so slowly, came the voice of Yao Nan.

So they went through lengthy preparations, so they and stronger than us, Jiang Li said displeasedly.

There was no reaction to Jiang Li’s words. The mage only carefully stared at the black haze that appeared in the crowd of rotting corpses.

The black wind rushed toward these magicians who had not yet reached their strategic destination. Yao Nan saw rotting corpses parting in front of this terrible force

There is something there! shouted from above the magician who was on the eagle.

The magician on the eagle just now sounded the alarm. He noticed something like bodily tentacles that pierced the airspace.

Like long tongues these tentacles wanted to grab the white eagle on which the magician was sitting!

* Murmur *

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Suddenly, long tentacles began to move, moving through the air

At that moment, the eagle sharply became wrinkled and as if dried up.

His plumage lost its former color, and feathers began to crumble on the rotting corpses that were below. Eagle as if sharply aged!

The magician, who was riding astride an eagle, began to lose height with him, and the face of this man became deathly pale.

This is a corpse ruler!

The magician on the eagle was more fortunate than his pet. The eagle died instantly in a terrible death. If even one of the tentacles of this monster touched the magician, then he would also turn into a corpse in a matter of seconds.

Undead level of the ruler??? Can not be! The military said.

They were not afraid of the corpse governor. Against them, it was enough to simultaneously use medium-level magic, after which the governor simply had no chance. There were about forty outstanding mid-level magicians in this squad, at least ten of whom were fire magicians!

However, things were completely different with the undead of the level of commander-in-chief. This monster alone could scatter a crowd of mid-level magicians around!

There is very little left to the strategic gathering point with other squads and now we came across a corpse ruler. What do we do now? There is only one high-level mage in our team! Even if we all come together against this ruler, we have no chance! After all, thousands of rotting corpses are still teeming around! said one of the representatives of the magical association.

The appearance of a monster at the level of ruler was a nightmare for them

What should we do? We are doomed to die here! I don’t want to die

Urgently send a signal to other teams, they must have high-level magicians!

Commander, send a signal faster! A black dust storm is approaching I don’t want to just lose my life like that!

If only I knew you were such a worthless military! All are moving forward! Shouted Yao Nan, flapping his wings.

Commander! Your order is too careless!

Do you still have time to chat? Could already make up some stellar systems! I will take upon myself this cadaverous ruler in a black dust storm! Your business is to break through further! Yao Nan said in a stern voice, carefully examining his subordinates, deputy commander, you’re coming to deal with me with a corpse ruler!

Yours um so sure! Mo Fan sighed heavily.

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