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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 594 Sweep the corpses! Read Novel

Chapter 594 Sweep the corpses! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 594 Sweep the corpses! VERSATILE MAGE

The Flame Belle ate the fragments of the spiritual seed and grew a little, even more fire was burning inside it.

* Ha-ha-tfu *

Puffing out his cheeks, a small Flame Belle released a scarlet carpet of flame

She circled around Mo Fan, exhaling a scorching flame that grew like a plant, from a thin stalk to lush leaves, a hundred or two hundred meters!

The flame spread around, taking the form of a fire carpet!

The area covered by the fire was quite extensive, and cadaverous monsters could not stand waiting for Mo Fun somewhere in the distance, and rushing uncontrollably straight into the fire carpet.

Among them, one strange bony rotting corpse ran at a crazy speed, as if driven by the wind, and being already ten meters from Mo Fan he suddenly jumped up, exposing his claws.

Mo Fan’s hand was surrounded by an electric arc, seeing this strange undead, he immediately reacted by sending a lightning bolt to the attacker.

This the agile rotting corpse received a lightning strike while in the air and fell at Mo Fan’s feet, still jerking in convulsions after being hit by a discharge lightning

All the agility of this skeleton becomes useless after paralysis. Mo Fan kicked him, sending him straight to the fire carpet

The fire carpet resembled a field of fire sprouts that grew higher and higher!

A small Little Flame Belle quickly swallowed the soul of this agile decaying corpse, and immediately afterwards screeched for Mo Fan to continue the battle.

Mo Fan looked around, and immediately found in a hundred meters of two rotting corpses that stepped into the fire carpet, and now the flame rose up at their feet, but they stubbornly ignored it

Mo Fan liked such monsters, the same lizardhead giants would never did not step on the fire carpet. The flame causes them incredible pain, but the undead are completely different, they have no sense of pain, and their actions are rather mechanical, which gives Mo Fan an excellent remedy against them.


With one swipe of his right hand, the ball of fire sent to the other side of the fire carpet!

** boom! **

At that very moment the ball exploded directly next to two decaying corpses, and an explosion from it threw into different parts of the fire carpet

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** whistle**

The flame on the fire field seemed to receive fertilizer, and the sprouts of flame it grew to meters th height.

A little Flame Belle circled Mo Fan like a spirit, spreading the flame across the field.

Mo Fan continued to create flames and throw them further into the field

** Bang!**

The flame has become even higher. And fifty meters from Mo Fan, a two-meter wall of fire had already grown, which continued to spread, you can say, surrounding the fire carpet

Burn, keep burning! Shouted Mo Fan to the Little Flame Belle so that she added a flame, continuing to throw flames.

By a blast of flames, the fire carpet spread to the area beyond the hillock, and rotting corpses escaped

Mo Fan and the Flame Belly, as if standing in the forest of fire trees that tightly covered them, protecting and quickly burning brainless rotting corpses, feelings living flesh nearby.

Even if they turn out to be faster, and their hard, covered with earth, skin does not ignite badly, but even so, having entered the fire field, they immediately turned into a walking torch!

The flame burned rotting corpses to death, Mo Fan had nothing to fear from this flame since he had long received excellent resistance to fire, in addition, a Flame Belle controlled the flame, and therefore Mo Fan could easily go through this fire forest, unlike rotting corpses, which immediately at the first steps into the firewall, they began to blaze with a scarlet flame.

** whistle **

Mo Fan did not fight the rotting corpses, but rushed through the forest to keep the fire of the barrier with his flames.

If suddenly too many rotting corpses accumulate in one place, Mo Fan will apply the Burning Fist without a second thought: Nine palaces, which will not only create pillars of flame, but together with the forest of fire will burn all living things and create absolute fire veil.

The corpse voivode has already lurked somewhere, the flame burns their bodies badly, leaving only numerous burns, but their hard skin can withstand most of the flame. Wait a little and Mo Fan uses medium-level magic on you, turns meat into barbecue on bones!

A little Flame Belle continuously fired crazy flame, and endlessly coming rotting corpses served as fuel for the fire forest, and if even Mo Fan will stop using the flame at all, anyway, light green soul lights will flock to him from all sides, like little fireflies.

It’s good that there is a Flame Belle with a heavenly fiery blow, otherwise I would not have lasted a few minutes among such a count of rotting corpses and the power of the conflagration turned out as if a large detachment of fire magicians constantly supported it, it remains to solve the problem with toxic corpses-voivode! said Mo Fan, standing in a sea of ​​fire.

He clearly understood that this fire forest was effective against brainless rotting corpses, and his real enemy was three toxic governor waiting outside the fire!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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