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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 595 Toxic Corpse Governor Read Novel

Chapter 595 Toxic Corpse Governor VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 595 Toxic Corpse Governor VERSATILE MAGE

Spiritual essence?

But he did say that after having killed so many rotting corpses, spiritual soul essences must be formed! Now the 44th star is enhanced!

There was no limit to the joy of Mo Fan from the way he looked at the many souls that one after another fell into his dark talisman.

After using spiritual essences, Mo Fan only had to strengthen some five stars now he was impatient when everything was done!

Upon reaching the fourth step of a burning fist, and even with the presence of fire Little Flame Magic Mo Fan will become as powerful and amazing as the magic of ice Mu Ning Xue! And in its power, it will not be inferior to high-level magic!

A sound piercing the consciousness was heard from the side of the flame. Mo Fan was still busy feeding his dark talisman, and when he turned, he noticed a dead man that was rushing towards him like a jeep.

Toxic corpse governor! Little Flame, burn everything around with your flame! Shouted Mo Fan.

A bloody glow appeared at the feet of Mo Fan, after which the defense covered his body.

Mo Fan jumped sharply, jumping to a height of about five meters, and the toxic cadaverous governor ran right under him, lifting the ashes from the air of the corpses already burnt to ashes.

Mo Fan calmly sank to the ground, but the governor stopped, and then stamped his foot again, forming a poisonous cloud, similar to a toxic shell!

Mo Fan waved his finger, causing a black shadow appeared in the air he only waited for the toxic cadaver governor to attack again to direct this black shadow against him!

Two black spikes of shadow formed one after another: one bigger, the other smaller. The large shadow spike looked like a blade, it stuck right into the center of the governor’s body, tossing it into the air!

After that, the small spike also went into action. Now this spike has fettered the soul of a toxic cadaveric governor!

How I want to hit you! Mo Fan said with a cold grin, watching how his opponent could not move.

As soon as Mo Fan was going to use lightning magic, an even more furious cry was heard behind him.

He turned and saw a toxic green bullet fly into him!

Shield of darkness!

Mo Fan was a little bewildered. As soon as he realized the danger of a toxic release, all he thought of using was a shield of darkness.

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A dark blue shield of darkness instantly formed in front of his master. The same only heard a sharp sound of a blow, which was similar to a blow of water on a hot pan.

The shield of darkness was also made of a rather specific material, and withstood many varieties of magical attacks. However, from such a poisonous attack, a diamond-shaped shield melted, completely changing in appearance!

Mo Fan rushed to flee from fear. If this poisonous release is able to melt even the shield of darkness, then when it touches the body, it must have melted it to the bones, and even protection will not save it!

Now the shield of darkness was unsuitable, and even the spike on it could no longer be used.

Mo Fan thought that this type of creature must be very dangerous, but he could not even think that it was so! Now Mo Fan, instead of the usual defense, activated his snake chain mail.

He opened his arms and a dark snake glow surrounded every part of his body. Gradually, it turned into chain mail, which sparkled with a snake pattern.

Unlike flying magic artifacts, the magic objects of Mo Fan had a limited time frame of activity. That is why he did not use them in those periods when he released magic, but only activated in cases of urgent need.

However, now Mo Fan perfectly understood that he would encounter three powerful voivode, one of which in size was like a big car. From one of his blows, it seemed, it was possible to hear how his own bones crumble into pieces.

Another governor at that moment was surrounded by fire, but his toxic discharge literally destroyed the shield of darkness, and now Mo Fan was forced to avoid any emissions from his side.

And the third governor had not yet appeared, but he certainly should not be weaker than the mummy governor without snake chainmail, every minute could be the last for Mo Fan!

Snake chainmail was a magical masterpiece not only because possessed amazing protective abilities, but also because it was very soft, so it did not restrict movement th Mo Fan, which means that his fighting efficiency only won from this!

First you need to deal with the fact that it uses toxic emissions, its power is simply unique! Mo Fan thought to himself, looking towards the toxic governor.

By its size, this monster clearly did not reach its brothers, so Mo Fan decided that it would be easiest to kill him.

A furious growl was heard from behind.

It turned out that the governor, whom Mo Fan had nailed with his spikes of shadow, was already able to get rid of them, and he was already rushing here, surrounded in a dark haze!

The magic of shadow spikes is very strong, however, against such evil voivode it has a very limited exposure time. The stronger the opponent, the faster he can get rid of them!

Mo Fan hastened to start creating an element system.

The shape of the star system is a process that has its own clear algorithm. That is why at any stage in the creation of the system, it may crumble

Mo Fan knew his speed of creating systems, but nevertheless decided to try.

Asterisk after asterisk now we need to do at least a constellation!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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