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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 596 Fierce Crashing Fist! Read Novel

Chapter 596 Fierce Crashing Fist! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 596 Fierce Crashing Fist! VERSATILE MAGE

The constellation in an instant!

Powerful magicians like Zhu Meng or the lord of the hunters can finish the mid-level star system of magic in an instant, otherwise how can they then connect the seven systems together?

Mo Fan has not yet reached the level where the magician makes up the star system instantly, now it was enough that he completed the constellation fairly quickly. Now he could move on to mid-level magic in order to fight such monsters of the pack leader level!

The constellation is a combination of seven stars. During the development of this skill, many resort to various magic tools, as a result many magicians at the University of Mingzhu make constellations much faster than Mo Fan!

In the nebulae, Mo Fan aligns the stars in a line, and when they begin to shine brightly, this spectacle becomes indescribably beautiful!

Mo Fan closed his eyes, because in this case the course of time did not go so fast the governor’s movements also slowed noticeably

Three constellations, four, five, six constellations!

All the constellations were Completed in one go. It was no longer possible to make out individual stars in the space of the moons of Mo Fan: they were all assembled into constellations that intertwined to form a star system.

The last seventh constellation literally completed this beautiful picture, shining with the bright light of magic!

In the spiritual world of Mo Fan, he needed a certain period of time to compose each of the seven constellations, however, in fact, very little time passed, and the governors did not even have time to get closer at least a hundred meters.

Qianjun, peals of thunder: a dance of passion!

Mo Fan turned his eyes to the sky, in which now peals of electric lightning sounded.

He carefully watched as lightning fell violently down on the body of the toxic governor.

This governor was not as fast as the mummy governor, moreover, Mo Fan launched mid-level magic very quickly, so when the toxic one was about to release his poisonous release, lightning magic was already engulfing him!

Electric discharges continued to appear, dropping with force onto the back of the opponent, who made painful moans.

As a result, the governor was so exhausted that he literally collapsed to the ground, and his whole back was covered with black burns.

Another governor, whose body was covered with strange muscle growths, the wind rushed towards Mo Fan. He did not even have time to completely release the lightning magic: he had to quickly activate his bloody boots and move to a nearby hill.

There was a rocky mound about two meters high on the knoll, which was hit by a sweeping governor on a grand scale and Mo Fan quickly threw stones at him with one foot

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From such a stone attack muscle monster fell to the ground. Any other magical creature would have long gone bleeding from so many stone blows, but his muscles protected him. He let out a growl.

His growl was like a whirlwind that lifted the sand around, causing the flames to abruptly die out in this part.

Toxic poison began to fill the air, turning into the poisonous wind that rushed towards Mo Fan.

Whether it was just black fog or poisonous stench, Mo Fan in any case did not want to face it. And given the fact that he does not have the magic of light, then he had absolutely no way to dispel this poisonous wave.

Mo Fan rushed to run while the bloody boots were still working!

The poison fog was getting closer, even the speed of the bloody boots was not enough, and the fire wall began to die out under the influence of poison droplets.

Mo Fan could not catch his breath

Who could know that these toxic governors are so terrible?! But the undersized man told Mo Fan that if toxic governors get into the city, then in a few minutes they will attack the inhabitants with their poison, after half an hour people’s skin will crawl away (given that these toxic monsters don’t even have to touch them!), and in an hour it will be a pile of corpses!

The cadaveric poison still caught Mo Fan he tried to hold his breath.

While Mo Fan was thinking what to do, his snake chain mail began to produce a strange glow that covered the surface of the chain mail like a film.

Black cadaveric venom can penetrate the human body even through the pores, so the option to just not breathe was not saving either. Mo Fan quickly realized that the snake chain had formed a protective film that absorbed droplets of poisonous fog

That’s right! Tang Yue said that the totem snake is an animal that can digest absolutely any poison! And in less than half an hour this poison will become a nourishment for its scales, which will shine even more!

Mo Fan was very happy with this luck that happened to him so unexpectedly.

He was just sure that even Hoto, who made this chain mail for him, did not know about such an effect!

The poison was absorbed by the snake chain very quickly, and after a while it was really possible to notice that it sparkles brighter than before!

Well, you’re out of luck!!!

An evil grin appeared on Mo Fan’s face. The first constellation appeared mid-level magic was immediately ready!

Little Flame! To me!

The whole body of Mo Fan began to be covered by a flame, and a Little Flame Belle was located on his chest

The fire wall lit up with new force on the ground

A fist collapsing!

Mo Fan screamed, preparing his fist

A fiery glow cut through the darkness, which with force fell upon the body of the governor-jock.

A flame began to envelop his body, burning out his muscle growths!

A huge through hole was burned in the governor’s body through which you could see the fire wall

Muscular toxic governor fell to the ground, it will burn down to the ashes

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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