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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 598 Leaving the Battlefield Read Novel

Chapter 598 Leaving the Battlefield VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 598 Leaving the Battlefield VERSATILE MAGE

After exhaling air, one could see white vapor. It has already become so cold that it might snow in a couple of weeks.

Yao Nan looked at the fat corpse giant that was frozen in an ice sarcophagus: his blood circulation had already stopped, and through a translucent fat on his body one could see how the frost got to his cadaveric crystal.

* Crackle *

The sound of the crash came from the side of the icy sarcophagus.

Very quickly, the giant’s soul began to seep

I got his soul! said Yao Nan, using his vessel, which was on his hand.

Yao Nan flapped his wings and climbed into the gray sky, no longer looking back to where the corpse giant was frozen, which is no longer represented any danger.

Flying over a crowd of rotting corpses, Yao Nan drew attention to the spreading flame, which was now very close to the place where he had recently been fighting with evil spirits. Is all this really the work of Mo Fan?

Looking down, he saw Mo Fan standing smartly in the middle of the fire wall: heaps of charred corpses lay around, and the air was filled with poisonous fumes.

Not bad at all! In such a short time, a mid-level mage has dealt with so many undead!

Yao Nan sank down and, smelling even more poison in the air, said to Mo Fan:

Here, use this, otherwise your inviting beast will die soon!

Mo Fan hastened to lay a layer on the open wound of an agile wolf who was already breathing heavily almost torn into pieces! The wolf did not have protection from the fire of a small Flame Belle, so this fight was even harder for him.

Soon after Mo Fan applied the antidote to the wound of the wolf, it began to heal, turning into a scar this reassured Mo Fan.

The agile wolf belongs to creatures with fast regeneration. Small scratches and cuts heal right on the battlefield, but deep and poisonous cuts like this require immediate treatment, otherwise they can take the wolf’s life.

And this is your antidote, it’s really something! Where did you buy it? asked Mo Fan Yao Nan, looking at the healing wound of the wolf.

I did it myself, said Yao Nan with a smile.

Are you a pharmacist?! Mo Fan asked in surprise.

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Like that. My minor element is poison, he answered.

The element of poison?! Mo Fan rolled his eyes in surprise. He time first heard of such magic.

The poison element refers to dark magic. You are still a poorly educated magician! In our country, the element of poison awakens very rarely, but in other countries it can be found much more often, answered Yao Nan.

Well, well, let’s say I have not seen magicians of the element of poison. And what do you say about the element of necromancy, which also applies to dark magic? If I have not met him in our country, does this mean that it is also more common in other countries? Mo Fan continued to ask questions.

The element of necromancy is found within China, however, since it involves interaction with dead matter, it affects the pact of magical association, and that is why the magicians of the element of necromancy try not to show their abilities in public. In addition, there are types of magic that are awakened mainly only when mages reach a high level. For example, as elements of space, sound and chaos are magic of changes. While primary and middle-level magicians mostly awaken elements of elemental magic, then among high-level magicians it is not uncommon to find representatives of dark, white, and space magic, said Yao Nan.

Mo Fan only shook his head. Now he realized that the world of magic was much larger than he had expected!

Mo Fan, of course, admitted that he was doing everything for the peace and security of the planet and its inhabitants, but his own ambitions did not let him forget about a high level. Especially now, when Yao Nan told him that high-level magicians are given the opportunity to awaken magic of other species, his heart involuntarily began to beat in a rapid rhythm.

Being a natural two-element mage, what kind of magic would he awaken achieving a high level?

I see, your fire nebula is very developed, keep it up! This soul of that monster, a small present in gratitude for your work, Yao Nan handed the vessel to the magician.

Mo Fan immediately handed the soul of the commander-in-chief to be eaten to his dark talisman.

The iron-armed governor and governor, who threw poisonous emissions, did not have any souls, and the souls of those rotting corpses that burned in a fire did not even form one spiritual essence. My Fan just had to strengthen 4 stars to the fourth step of a burning fist!

He didn’t even know whether it would be possible to form a spiritual entity from the soul of the ruler

Come on, the magicians of light have already advanced. They are very frightened by the large number of undead in the area, and we also have no choice but to return to the walls and watch from there, Yao Nan flapped his wings and took to the air with Mo Fan.

Yao Nan also completed his mission: he brought the team to its destination, he decided to provide the rest to the military and hunters.

Mo Fan was also already running out of power. In this battle, he used all his elements, and there was no longer any magical energy besides the shadow. Now, this hell Zhu Meng just let him try to hint that he did not make an effort!

In-flight, Mo Fan was able to see the situation from above. The whole earth was black from the influx of rotting corpses, and the governors were also becoming more and more!

To compete with the governors for the magician is not so easy. Mo Fan saw more than ten governors heading for the team

Mo Fan, who destroyed five governors, knew that this was his limit. What will happen to the rest

In the distance, huge giants could be seen that looked like small mountains. Their growl rang out for hundreds of meters in the area

Undead level of the ruler they stood in the midst of a crowd of magicians, being at the sight of their magic

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