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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 600 The True Picture of Vengeance Read Novel

Chapter 600 The True Picture of Vengeance VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 600 The True Picture of Vengeance VERSATILE MAGE

The night was getting thicker. The small courtyard was filled with the smell of blood.

In the courtyard there was a cry emitted by a resident nicknamed Puppy, his hand was torn off by a ’living dead man, and a bone crunch sounded in unison scream.

Disgusting! Cried Liu Zhu angrily, approaching Fang Gu.

Fang Gu was the vile magician of the element of necromancy. Apparently, it was he who specially resurrected the already deceased residents of the village of Yanbai, who turned all the rest into the living dead.

Now let go of everyone! You and I have never been at war, why are you oppressing us now? heard the voice of Su Xiao Luo.

Zhang Xiao Hou stood next to this girl and protected her with all his might. Other residents were much less fortunate, and now parts of their bodies lay in puddles of blood that flooded the entire courtyard.

Didn’t fight? Do not be at enmity?! You girl probably don’t know what really happened! Oh yes! I recall that in those few days you just went to the ridge to collect medicinal herbs, and therefore you do not know what your dear elder and other aunts and uncles did! with a grin said Fan Gu.

The breath of death has already completely filled the space of a small courtyard, which is why the forces of the living dead only increased. At the very beginning, Liu Zhu’s strength was still enough to protect the inhabitants, however, the more violent the undead became, the more misses Liu Zhu made. Now she was forced to retreat, and her eyes wandered over scattered limbs

Fan Gu was ruthless. Apparently, they suffered from the inhabitants of the Hua village while they were alive, but now they have come to take revenge!

Our well will soon dry up, ask your headman what happened! said Fan Gu with a grin.

It was impossible to look at Sesan’s face. He knew exactly what was happening, and knew that these creatures would come to look for them. Before his eyes stood those people who were killed. He was the protector of the well, but now he has lost his honor in the face of his ancestors!

Let the others go. You need me, Cesan looked at the kids, who couldn’t even move with fear.

Let the others go? And when I asked you to leave my people, what did you do? Without the protection of the sacred well, we remained at the mercy of this dirty and ugly undead! Now do you understand how I felt then?! Fang Gu’s expression was very angry, and the hatred was very deep.

During this conversation, two young carrots tried to attack Zhang Xiao Hou, but were stopped by his earth magic.

Fang Gu did not pay attention to what was happening, he only continued to say in a poisonous voice: Hopeless. You are so hopeless now. But I did otherwise! I personally killed every inhabitant at sunset, so that you can enjoy the expectation of your own death!.

What the what? You yourself killed the inhabitants of your village???- not believing her ears, asked Su Xiao Luo.

Liu Zhu also inside guessed that Fang Gu himself killed his relatives.

I could not allow they fell victim to this vile and dirty undead! I was able to make it so that even after death they are subject to me. This is the only thing I could do as a magician of the element of necromancy! said Fan Gu.

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He personally killed all the residents, among whom were his child and wife!

Liu Zhu now did not even know what to think.

It was clear that the inhabitants of the Hua village acted inhumanly, leaving the residents of Yanbai that they were without the protection of their well, without help. Headman Fang Gu had no choice but to kill every resident of his village. Liu Zhu distorted at the mere thought of this reprisal.

He killed them, turning them into living dead to take revenge! those human victims of necromancy element magic?!

That these ghouls could attack in broad daylight should also have been Fang Gu’s magic wire!

I used the remaining water in the well and turned it into a potion. The ancestors always protected us and now the water from the well has become that magical potion that allows us to appear in the afternoon! But unfortunately, the presence of magicians helped you easily get to Xi`an! Fan Gu continued his monologue. On this day, he came here so that every resident of the Hua village would pay for what they had done!

It seemed to Liu Zhu.

These dead men could appear either only at night, or it was a breath of death that could not thicken under the sun.

She remembered their road to the city. During the attack, the breath of death was not felt, and during the day they could not attack due to the protective action of well water!

Necromancer magicians are limited in that they cannot summon the dead in the afternoon or the element of necromancy surpasses the element call and Fang Gu found a way to realize his atrocities!

Su Xiao Luo, the two of us have no animosity, so now we won’t take your life. However, keep in mind that at our next meeting we will definitely kill you! said Fan Gu.

Hey, you probably lost your mind long before that! Otherwise, how could you kill the inhabitants of the remaining six villages? Liu Zhu’s voice was heard.

Fang Gu took revenge, and you can pay for it with your life that’s what Liu Zhu thought.

Fang Gu destroyed the village of Hua, and residents of the remaining six settlements. This concession didn’t change anything at all!!!

I only kill residents of the Hua village, said Fan Gu.

You not only lost your mind, but also imagine yourself a demon! The vampire cursed.

Soon after their return to Xi`an, they heard the news of the destruction of the other six villages. If each village was under the protection of its well, then who, if not Fan Gu, could destroy them?

It makes no difference to me what you think there. Since you protect them, you will be buried with them! Fang Gu flashed a hateful look.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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