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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 601 Turns Out You’re a Monster Read Novel

Chapter 601 Turns Out You’re a Monster VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 601 Turns Out You’re a Monster VERSATILE MAGE

Fang Yu Miao sat on the ground, completely confused.

No one knew that something like this would happen to the villages, and especially since Elder Fang Gu would kill all his people!

Liu Zhu could not protect everyone, especially when the breath of death became thicker, seven or eight living dead attacked her at the same time, preventing Zhang Xiao Hou from dealing with the rest

I hate!! Liu Zhu muttered through her teeth, a black substance formed in her hand, with which she hit the living dead in the chest.

The dark substance was all-consuming, and without touching the living dead itself, how it began to draw into itself his meat, forming a hole in his chest.

But Liu Zhu attacked the wrong undead, and this living dead man, as before, existed calmly, and even struck back with his own, strong as steel fist in her stomach

Liu Zhu flew away from the blow, but continued to stand on her feet, and slipped from a dozen meters, was she had already hit her heel on the step.

But Liu Zhu did not have time to fully restore her balance, when three more dead people ran upon her, stretching out their tenacious paws in advance

Liu Zhu pushed off with her fingertips, and like a swallow landed on the railing.

She raised her hand and bit herself between the thumb and forefinger, blood flowed from there

The blood almost reached the ground, and was immediately controlled by Liu Zhu, taking the form of a scarlet bloody thread dividing the undead!


Liu Zhu grabbed the blood thread with her fingers, pulled it, the three living dead staggered, as if they had lost control, and headed towards the other undead!

Fan Gu brought down his eyebrows, this girl turned out to be a strong opponent, taking control of three living dead, she was able to defeat six at once.

The war mage is also no weaker, able to withstand three or four living dead at once, and if mages hunters from the city come to help them, then he certainly will not leave!

Ugh, kill one more!

A clot of dark energy appeared in the palm of Fan Gu, which he released into the adult living dead.

The eyes of this living dead man suddenly turned red, his veins swelled, and his bones cracked

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In less than a few seconds, when suddenly this adult living dead was transformed, his skin overflowed familiarize dark metallic color, looked much stronger and he became fiercer!

This adult living dead can bring some difficulties. He fiercely broke through the stone barrier of Zhang Xiao Hou. Powerful, like a rock, the barrier collapsed into small stones, not even leaving scratches on the body of a living dead man!

Having broken the barrier, he grabbed a peasant trying to escape, and inadvertently broke his neck with his powerful steel hands!

Fan Gu knew that the city magicians hunters would arrive, and he doesn’t have time to torture these peasants, so he’ll just have to finish them off, and it doesn’t matter who their intercessors are, it’s important that they don’t have that magician of the element of lightning and fire!

* crunch *

The terrible sound of a neck crunch came to Liu Zhu. She stood embittered on the roof of the house and breathed quickly.

Before she became a vampire, she was the simplest person, and she mourned the death of every dog ​​and every sick cat in the streets that did not distinguish her from typical girls. But even now, despite the fact that she became a traveler in the night, and became able to touch the darkness of the world, blood, and kill her own kind, but this did not change her attitude to innocent creatures!

Well in the settlement of Yanbai was drained and it was simply disastrous when the residents turned to the Hua village for help, they refused, after all, the water in the wells is a limited resource, and besides, the villagers should undergo a baptismal rite every month, and if they had not refused then they themselves would soon perish.

Residents of the village of Hua certainly acted inhumanely, but they had no choice, but what made the Fan Gu is simply impossible!

Liu Zhu examined the courtyard, and noticed four or five peasants still alive, and directed an attack from the back of her three living corpses on that adult corpse flying off the coils

A gentle body snuggled close to the carrion, and at that moment, when he just turned to her, she immediately appeared after him!

She could not wait until this living dead again attacked defenseless peasants, bared her snow-white teeth and grabbed them in the neck of a fierce adult living dead!

He immediately reacted to it, and hit her with his steel hand

Liu Zhu’s bones cracked from the blow, but she didn’t loosen her grip, releasing poison into the carrion’s body.

For about ten seconds, an adult living dead he tried to cope with Liu Zhu by striking her, but in the end, he kept getting weaker and weaker every time until he became completely soft and completely fell.

The bloodsuckers are able to release two types of poison during eating, and one of them acts on the structure of the tissue, which is supported by the cadaveric crystal, which means it penetrates into it

Therefore, if the bloodsucker’s teeth cling to the prey she’s not destined to leave.

Liu Zhu knew that in the short period of time she was unlikely to kill this steel dead man in any other way, only if she uses the most powerful weapon of the bloodsucker bloody teeth.

So even at the cost of a couple of broken bones, but Liu Zhu was able to protect those peasants in the yard, besides, it was most likely the children.

It turns out you are a monster too Fang Gu grinned coldly, looking at Liu Zhu, who was covered in blood.

A monster or not, it doesn’t matter, only actions decide who we really are! Liu Zhu wiped the edge of her lip from blood, and looked with a menacing look at Fang Gu.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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