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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 602 Answer Good with Evil Read Novel

Chapter 602 Answer Good with Evil VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 602 Answer Good with Evil VERSATILE MAGE


How could the undead get into the city?!

Faster here, surround!

Residential yard filled with noise, many magicians appeared.

After a while, rays of light appeared in the air, scattering the breath of death.

Well how quickly they arrived! with anger in his voice Fang Gu cursed.

He looked around the courtyard and saw that he had already managed to kill seven people. Several people, including Sesan, were still alive.

Fang Gu looked poisonously at Liu Zhu. If it weren’t for this girl and that idiot, the inhabitants would never have been able to resist the attack of the living dead!

Only a limited number of the living dead could be sent to Fang Gu city, however, if the action took place outside cities, then they could completely destroy everyone, the main thing is that they won’t come across the magic of lightning and fire

I’ll see if you can protect them all their life! said Fan Gu. The territory outside this courtyard was surrounded by hunters, so Fan Gu took a few steps and was lost in the remnants of the breath of death.

I don’t need to protect them all my life! It’s enough to kill you! strictly answered Liu Zhu.

Will there be enough of your abilities? Fang Gu’s voice came from the breath of death. At that moment, when Liu Zhu only wanted to detain him, the human silhouette simply disappeared.

Fan Gu this time backed down. It is understandable: it was the limits of the city that were guarded by not weak hunters.

Liu Zhu did not pursue him, as she was already seriously wounded. All she managed to do was protect the children and several villagers.

Liu Zhu reached Sesan, whose arm was torn off. He also did not know what method the living dead used to escape.

Warden, how are you? Liu Zhu held out her hand to help.

Cesana’s insides were contracting when she saw blood in the girl’s mouth.

Liu Zhu had recently used her fangs against a living carrion, so Cesan saw droplets of blood on her lips. He remembered how the Puppy talked about how he saw how they tried to pierce Liu Zhu’s heart, but there was nothing there! At first, the village head thought that this was just another puppy ravings, but now he understood that this girl was also a living dead!

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Sesan had been outside the village several times, but he had never heard of such types of bloodsuckers. Now, at any mention of undead, he began to tremble!

Liu Zhu saw this fear on the old man’s pale face, and, grinning, leaned back a little.

This a moment at the entrance to the courtyard steps were heard and several hunters dressed in urban uniforms entered.

When they saw the corpses scattered around the yard, the hunters were dumbfounded, completely not understanding what happened here.

This is undead no! Wrong! These are the living dead! concluded the commander.

Looks like they ran away, said the hunter girl.

You are a few, go and help people, and you look around the district for the presence of the remaining carrion! said the commander with frowning eyebrows.

The commander was going to ask Sesan about what happened, but he was still in a hovering state.

Su Xiao Luo was relatively calm. She immediately sent several hunters in search of runaway children.

Your injury is very serious, is it worth taking you to the hospital? The commander asked, examining Liu Zhu’s wound.

No, I don’t

She’s dead too! She is the undead! She has fangs! Liu Zhu had not yet had time to say anything, as she was interrupted by the cry of Sesan.

Headman! Shouted Su Xiao Luo, trying to calm the old man.

She’s dead too! She is just like them and can kill us! She will kill us! continued to shout Cesan.

The commander was dumbfounded. He still looked at the girl’s wound and saw that there wasn’t a drop of blood on her!

The hunter girl also did not take her eyes off her. In a strict voice, she said: So her mouth doesn’t have her blood either! Faster, grab her!.

Liu Zhu was surprised at how Sesan thrust a knife into her back after she rescued him! Glancing at the hunters, Liu Zhu turned and swept away.

The commander looked at the girl’s ghostly silhouette, thinking that a man certainly couldn’t possess this kind of magic!

Kill her! Shouted the commander, and after a few seconds all the hunters rushed after her.

Stop! Wait! She helps us it’s not she who killed these people!!! Shouted Su Xiao Luo.

It doesn’t matter if she is or not! We are city hunters, and we have every right to kill all nonhumans! answered the hunter girl. She had already decided in advance that Liu Zhu did not belong to people, which means she must be killed!

The ice chain flew after the vampire. She grabbed Liu Zhu and dropped it to the ground

* Wham! *

The flames sparkled in the dark. The huge fiery fist came from somewhere unclear! With a blow, he threw Liu Zhu straight to some house! Now there is a wind disk, which swirl around the house, turning it into ruins. The wind picked up Liu Zhu’s body like a straw!

Zhang Xiao Hou and Su Xiao Luo decided to save the girl. There were too many hunters arriving, so Xiao Hou released mid-level magic one after another. The mountain veil that was released to release Liu Zhu was immediately destroyed.

You two obstruct justice! Grab them too! Such evil spirits have no place within the city, and if you help it, then you are accomplices! Shouted the commander, referring to Xiao Hou and Su Xiao Luo.

Leave these two to me! Said the hunter girl with a grin. A black silhouette has already formed on her palm, which has turned into spikes of shadow!

Two people were now immobilized by the magic of shadow. Zhang Xiao Hou couldn’t even move, not like letting out magic!

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