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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 605 The Nightmare of Deja Vu Read Novel

Chapter 605 The Nightmare of Deja Vu VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 605 The Nightmare of Deja Vu VERSATILE MAGE

All the magicians of the ancient capital knew that skeletons are much worse than rotting corpses!

Their skeletal structures are very durable, and the available power is enough to kill a person. However, the most dangerous thing about them is that they are very difficult to destroy! Even if you tear off any part of their body, they will quickly find any other, tighten it and move on to the battle!

At that time, the Van Mans detachment was fighting a crowd of white skeletons. Mages repeatedly demolished their heads, however, being not at all petty, these bony creatures screwed the first head that came in their way, regardless of who it belonged to before.

Damn! We cannot cross this section! All other magicians have already returned to the tower, and we are stuck here! Shouted one magician with a nosed nose.

Hold on a little more! As soon as dawn, we, too, will be able to return to the city! Van Man said.

Here it is dawn, I’ll return to my shack, take a hot bath and sleep for two days!

Xiao Ding? Where is Xiao Ding? Dunce! I asked you to look after him! the commander of the detachment Van Man cursed.

The commander looked around at the crowd of skeletons, and then he found a body without arms, legs and head. He found the head at the feet of these undead that drove her like a soccer ball!

The head belonged to Xiao Ding Wang Man just turned white with anger!

He promised his wife that nothing will happen to her brother. Who knew that in a matter of moments he would turn into this. If she sees this, she will surely faint.

Li Tsun also seems to be your mother! Why is it not getting light yet? When will these skeletons go back to their graves??? Shouted the mage with a nosed nose.

The sky this is the sky, the mage, whose head was brown from the blood clotted on it, was looking east.

Wait! Already almost dawn, close this hole! Do not let them run out of there! Shouted Van Man.

If they surrender, it will mean certain death for all of them. An open zombie abyss can destroy them in seconds!

Idiot! What is frozen? Should I release magic of light for you?! Do you want to die? cursed a man with a nosed nose.

A brown-haired magician just pointed a finger to the east.

Coman commander, he said in a trembling voice.

Shut up!

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It’s already dawned long ago, said the magician, pointing his finger at the glow, which was visible even through the veil of rain.

What are you talking about??? Van Man and a mage with a haggard nose said at the same time.

* rustle *

A rusty blade flew in a flash, cutting off the head of the mage with brown hair. After making several revolutions in the air, his head fell into a puddle.

Dirt stained the hair of this magician, and his face still expressed a lack of understanding of what was happening. It seems that he did not even have time to realize the fact of his death.

He still did not understand why it was already dawn, and the undead were still here!

Indeed already it dawned, said Van Man.

Skeletons with their crowds still continued to surround them

Why?! But why?! the magician with a nosed nose could not find an answer.

The dawn has already arrived, which means that everything should already end!

* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *

Screams began to be heard from different directions, and blood drops now sprinkled on the white skeletons of the undead.

Van Man turned to look at the magician, who talked about how he would launder when he returned home, but he only saw his body, cut into two parts, like an ax!


Why does this undead not leave? After all, the dawn has already come! What kind of day is this???

* rustle *

The bone blades swooped up, cutting through the bodies of Van Man and his subordinate.

Their minds were blurred, their eyes were empty, and they themselves did not even understand what had just happened!

Rain turned the blood into streams that now ran along the clay surface.

For the undead, this blood was like life-giving moisture that fed their graves. Now the undead seemed to be drugged by the killing of people so that as much blood as possible spills around!

It was morning. The dense curtain of darkness and gray rain was now dispersing, it’s time to end the battle

The bell ringing rang out in the city. He urged all residents to take to the streets and rejoice in the fact that magicians were able to block the path of the undead. However, they did not know what was happening outside. The undead did not go away.

The security that stretched along the ten-kilometer wall, hearing the gospel, could now breathe calmly it was morning!

However, looking beyond the walls, the guards saw that the undead had not disappeared, on the contrary it was becoming more and more!

Who can explain to me what is happening?! the cured Zhu Meng looked at the hordes of the undead.

Advisor Zhu, Yao Nan, the officers they were all in the tower and also did not understand everything that was happening!

That it was before their eyes, it was impossible to explain


For so many years there has been no case of undead appearing in broad daylight!

I told you I don’t like rain, said Mo Fan, looking at the city washed by gray clouds.

It was a nightmare deja vu!

Ta the tragedy in the city of Bo now occurred here too!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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