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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 611 The Devil of Misfortune Read Novel

Chapter 611 The Devil of Misfortune VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 611 The Devil of Misfortune VERSATILE MAGE

Your mother, how many of these demons are here? cursed stunted.

At the crossroads of two large city roads, a lot of people crowded, and even one rotting corpse on the road will be enough to sow panic among them, and panic in such a situation is one of the most dangerous of things that can happen, people will start rushing into loose ones, which will disrupt the entire movement of evacuees.

People will start to rely only on themselves, and it will become even more difficult for magicians to create fairly safe conditions.

All that magicians can do now is to destroy the crowds of the undead, to clear the road, roadsides, shops, where she already managed to get, in which she was assisted by the terrifying rocky giant, who threw thousands of undead troops into various places. In the belly of each corpse giant was a thousand undead warriors of the servant level, they scattered on four sides to sow panic and kill. The meaning of life turned into a gamble and running competitions, but even hiding from a rotting corpse, you can’t be sure if the next insidious demon has prepared a trap for you next turn!

Mo Fan, Zhou Min, Mu Bai, and the undersized, they four had already passed several blocks, and on every street, they came across a couple of undead.

They destroyed everyone they could, but their supply of magical energy has a limit, and therefore, often, if they met a large group of undead around the next turn, they tried to circumvent them

It’s sad, insulting, and perhaps callous to others, but how else, in times of such disasters, the cost of an individual’s life is extremely low, and not only in the eyes of monsters, but in the eyes of exactly the same ones trying to survive, people!

Faster, Bo Street is already behind this roundabout, and the area looks like there is no undead, Zhou Ming pointed to the empty second house across the street

Aso go, as were before. In any case, at least half an hour to the place, and if there is no undead here, then it will be possible to return along this road with your people! The undersized said.

Mu Bai walked in front, he used magic shoes to overtake Mo Fan.

You shouldn’t use magic artifacts without need, at the right moment they can save your life, it’s obvious that Mo Fan had much more experience than Mu Bai.

Mu Bai nodded and stopped using magic shoes, despite the fact that he was already tired of running.

** Boom**

Suddenly, a four hundred to five hundred meter high traffic junction made a loud sound.

All four lifted their heads. An impressive demon with pointed wings sat on top of the roundabout. His whole body was covered with gray wool. He was clearly strong, as he lifted the car above him with one hand.

The sound, apparently, came from the car’s impact on the road, since next to it the black car instantly ignited.

Save Save the prayers came from the red car for help, already in a voice hoarse from screaming.

Mo Fan went to look and found that a demon with long wings lifted the car, about to smash it on the asphalt. There was a girl in the car window who was praying for help!

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Without waiting for someone to help, the demon, only hearing the girl’s screech, fiercely threw the car down.

The man in the car! Zhou Ming turned pale with fear, because the car fell no more than ten meters from them.

Your mother, let’s kill this demon together! cried out Mo Fan.

At the last moment, Mo Fan plunged into the shadow of the denouement and found himself inside the car

Mo Fan!

-Fuck, this kid is tired of living! Shouted the stunted one.

The car fell off the bridge, it flew from it for many a couple of seconds, and Mo Fan, deciding to get into the car, as if he himself wanted to crash to death with this girl!

* bang *

The sound of a blow again, another new expensive red car crashed on the asphalt, turning into a pile of scrap metal, scattered parts fell at the feet of three magicians standing next to it.

And at that moment, under the denouement, the shadow turned

Mo Fan came out of that shadow, holding in his hands a girl who had already lost consciousness from fright.

Damn good! put his thumb up shorty to Mo Fan.

The shadow of the car fell to the ground, but Mo Fan used the shadow absorption to accurately get inside the car, and then immediately used it again to be in that shadow on the ground right before the strike. Not to mention the fact that the execution of such a trick requires mastery to tie several shadows together in a minimum time, it also requires not less courage to do it!

Have you reached the limit of the constellation? Mu Bai would not have been an excellent student if he could not have instantly determined Mo Fan’s skills.

Only those who have reached the limit of the constellation can instantly create entry-level magic, and only in this way could it be explained that Mo Fan in such a short time was able to use shadow absorption again.

Yeah, but first, you need to destroy this flying demon, otherwise everyone will have big problems, said Mo Fan, pointing his finger up.

He laid the girl down by the bridge, she got up almost immediately and began to cry. Mo Fan again entered the shadows and quickly found himself at the top of the roundabout

Follow me upstairs! Mu Bai quickly created an ice dungeon, he controlled a strong ice chain, firmly tied the railing at the roundabout, and in the end you got a kind of ice staircase.

Zhou Ming and the undersized climbed behind Mu Bai, following the icy links of the chain.

It’s without misfortune, it usually hides like a bat under cover of night, flying over people’s heads, and then holes appear in these heads from which blood flows, Zhou Ming knew the monsters very well, and at first glance she could determine what kind of undead was in front of her.

Don’t scare me! the undersized one was an experienced hunter, but never heard of such a monster.

In general, beware of his finger, he can create a hook with which he stretches his brains, not even any magic armor will help against him, Zhou Ming warned everyone again.

Mo Fan heard the words of Zhou Ming, the first thing he noticed when he came out of the shadow on the bridge was that the demon had only one long and thin finger on his hand!

You say that he often hides behind the curtain of night, does this mean that he also has shadow magic? Mo Fan frowned, feeling that there was a dark aura on the body of this demon of misfortune.

That’s right, because your spike of shadow against it is useless, but Mu Bai’s ice dungeon will be quite effective against him, besides, he is able to very easily escape, therefore it is impossible to let him know in advance that we can kill him. If he escapes, he will then fly to the very end for us, trying to pick up a moment for the murder, said Zhou Ming.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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