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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 618 Power like an entire team! Read Novel

Chapter 618 Power like an entire team! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 618 Power like an entire team! VERSATILE MAGE

Use chains of the ice dungeon to bind them! said the undersized.

The offspring of a noble family named Du Le Kang, just like Mu Bai was a magician of the ice element. Thanks to this magic, a solid metal barrier was formed from the cars.

There were a lot of magicians, and scattering cars from the road on the sides was not a problem either, so this task was completed successfully!

A crowd of people moved along an organized passage. Men ran ahead, because, on the one hand, they spurred the runners behind, and on the other, they did not slow down the movement.

On the sides, the barrier was made up of cars, so women and children were between men on case if the undead run over. Also, people could stumble and fall to the ground, which increased the risk of being trampled.

If you fall, you need to group as much as possible, covering your head and chest with your hands! Shouted the undersized one, watching how some people stumbled on the go.

People at first felt safe, but after they found out that they too can turn into undead if they are captured, they were in a hurry to help those who fell.

Do not pay attention to the fallen! We pass! We pass! shouted to the undersized girl-mage that she was dressed very smartly.

Mages stood on the roofs of cars, watching the flow of people. When people had not yet walked half the street, suddenly the dead began to fly in, and obstacles from cars were not a problem for them: they could easily jump up to several meters high!

But the worst thing was that there were many rotting corpses, skeletons, demons, and so from a distance of one kilometer even larger crowds of undead rushed here!

For ten hours, thirty! Thirty ghouls!!! The magician shouted.

Short and this girl was just responsible for this direction, but demons were already approaching them, so if rotting corpses were added to them, then they couldn’t resist!

Mo Fan, what are you waiting for there!!! Shouted the undersized, tearing his throat.

A few seconds later there was a blast of flame that landed right in the middle of the undead!

Not only the carrion fires burst from this fire, but also exploded few cars, so the charred carrots became even more!

Understand the rest yourself, on the other hand there are even more! Mo Fan heard the voice from somewhere above.

The undersized man spat and pointed his flaming fist in the same direction, which caused the dead there to fly up into the air.

Why is your second-level tower flaming fist inferior to that magician’s first-stage flaming fist? The magician asked, that she was overly elegantly dressed.

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Shut up! said the undersized. Seeing that his outburst of magic destroyed only ten of the carrion, his self-esteem was noticeably damaged.

Going ahead of Mu Bai and Du Le Kang with their excellent ice magic captured those demons who managed to reach people.

Du Le Kang was also an outstanding young magician, so even in this situation he wanted to stand out: he controlled as many as five ice chains!

However, the more ice chains the magician controls, the stronger should be his spiritual concentration. In this regard, Du Le Kang did not notice how the silhouette of a demon flashed over his head and was now hiding on the side of the bus.

Du Le Kang, demon governor!!! fortunately, Du Le Kang’s girlfriend noticed this and hastened to warn him.

He turned around and saw that this demon-like spider had already climbed onto the roof of the bus and was now approaching them.

Du Le Kang’s reaction was as it needed. He quickly moved one of the ice chains to this side and grabbed this demon governor.

Who knew that this demon would be very tricky having turned a piece of sheet iron from the bus body, to which he tightly clung, the demon could easily get rid of the ice chain and immediately attacked Du Le Kang with his six legs!

Du Le Kang managed to activate his shield, which was made of sea aquamarine pearls. This shield did not have a special protective ability, therefore, after the attack of a demon, six bleeding holes remained on the body of the magician.

All six wounds were right next to the arteries, so the blood rushed instantly!

Le Kang! Save him! Squealed the girlfriend of Du Le Kang.

There were a lot of dead people. Mu Bai, who was closest to Du Le Kang, was surrounded by twenty skeletons, so he couldn’t save him.

The expression on the face of the spider demon governor that attacked the magician so successfully changed noticeably. Now he decided to wait for the moment when the shield of the magician will cease to exist to then certainly take his life.

A dark purple electric discharge suddenly appeared, which was like a ten-meter building nearby!

The lightning struck so hard that the roof of the bus in the place where the demon collapsed immediately! At that time, another lightning opened, which also fell on the spider demon governor!

* Boom! *

The roof of the bus burst, and the spider demon fell into the passenger compartment, his body was blackened by electric shock.

* Boom! *

Another lightning appeared from nowhere. It went through the hole and hit the demon!

Now the body of the spider demon-voivode shook, and his bones began to crumble.

A hole appeared in the floor of the bus, the demon seeped through it to the ground, then a crack also appeared in the ground

The lightnings were so powerful that they literally dented the spider imp in bus. The body of the carrion was already crushed, and his limbs shuddered in dying convulsions.

Du Le Kang, who continued to bleed on the roof of the bus, did not believe his eyes, looked at a young man in black clothes!

Lightning this is its main element! So that’s why he was chosen as the eldest! Now Du Le Kang understood the situation.

The destructive power of this little guy exceeds the power of a small team! added Mu Bai, looking at the surprised look of Du Le Kang.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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