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The green soul flew out from under the bus, slowly rushing into the suspension.

The soul of a monster of the pack leader level is well suited for purifying the spiritual essence of the servant level. Mo Fan suddenly noticed that a new spiritual entity had appeared.

The slaughter did not stop, and the pendant worked tirelessly, purging spiritual soul essences without stopping.

Wickedness came, Mo Fan glanced at the crowd and saw that several people had managed to cross safely across the street. But there were still a lot of people on the zebra

Although the magicians tried to protect people from both sides, demons still managed to break into the crowd.

Some of such demons had sharp fangs, flashed by them, and human blood will splatter in all directions.

It is good that the force created by the movement of people is great enough. Demons dare to touch only those who are on the edge, so there are not so many victims.

The evil spirits of the lower level are stupid and greedy creatures. As soon as some cadavers or demons smell the smell of fresh blood, they will immediately attack from all sides. Therefore, when the corpses kill one person, the rest of the people have little time to fight, while the corpses and demons taste fresh meat, blood, and internal organs.

Mo Fan could not kill the demon diving into a crowd of people. Although the blow of a flaming fist would have hit him in one second, how many people would have died with this demon! Mo Fan could not take that risk. This reminded him of the termite salvation theory that Mu Bai spoke about

The number of demons and corpses entering the crowd increased, every second you could see someone lying in a pool of blood and asking for help. But every second there were people who successfully crossed to the other side of the street of the dead.

Mo Fan already knew the cruelty of this world, but this slaughter with evil spirits was in no way inferior to all those horrors that can be seen on others wars.

* Crunch

Mo Fan crushed the black cadaveric crystal with his thumb and forefinger, a thin stream poured into the nebula of the lightning element.


Mo Fan captured the cadaveric crystal for the second time, the energy of the nebula was restored only one-eighth like it said undersized.

Mo Fan took a deep breath and began to create a star map with a straight face. Following the dictates of his thoughts, the stars lined up in a row.

Grasping the lightning of the seal with two hands, Mo Fan began to unleash charges on a bunch of corpses, gradually the charges turned into a force field that scattered corpses in different directions.

However, the number of corpses did not decrease. And that is, those cadavers who could be defeated by a lightning strike turned out to be less and less. A crowd of corpses flew into the cars, creating a blockage on the road. Suddenly, this crowd broke through the blockage and the corpses pounced on the stream of people from behind!

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At first, Fan Fan did not want to pay attention to it, but when he heard the cry of the children, his face immediately turned pale. Gritting his teeth, he began to line up the stars again.

A moon-colored star broke a gap in the air and flew out, carrying a wounded, agile wolf. From a height of ten meters, it jumped into that hole in the rubble.

-Destroy them! Mo Fan gave the order to the agile wolf

The agile wolf ducked into the crowd of corpses, they immediately began to fly apart in different directions from the attack force of the beast.

* Howl

The agile wolf growled violently, lifting sand and dust into the air, creating a powerful hurricane.

Small stones hit the corpses, but they did not feel pain at all. However, the sand hurricane grew stronger, lifting the corpses high into the air and throwing them into the claws of an agile wolf.

The sand hurricane gradually became scarlet. Thousands of corpses and demons were torn to shreds.

A hurricane gradually died down and red rain poured from the sky.

Teenagers and children walking behind the crowd of people saw that the crowds the cadavers have disappeared. Instead, limbs, internal organs, pieces of meat lay everywhere

Blood flowed into the center of the street, and an agile wolf, whose coat turned red, belligerently stood in the middle of all this, trying to rest a little.

The body of the agile wolf was covered with scars, wounds, ulcers, but he briskly strode behind the stream of people. Let the undead approach him, he will immediately gnaw their throats.

-Is healing!

One guy, shouting a spell, clenched his teeth tightly, connecting snow-white stars one by one. When he barely reached the sixth and seventh stars, a series of stars was about to collapse.

But the guy resolutely completed this entry-level magic.

Healing light, as if a fluorescent spring poured from the guy’s palms, dripping on the wounds of a tormented wolf and healing him.

After the agile wolf washed with healing light, his wound half a meter in diameter turned into a tiny hair.

This wound was on the back of a nimble wolf, and every time he activated his claws, the wound became all more. Although this magic of the healing element was weak, it cured the agile wolf of the most serious ailment.

The young man looked worried. Suddenly, he noticed that the black man gradually emerged from the shadows

The guy recognized this man, this is a young magician who killed so many undead! The young man’s eyes lit up with respect.

This is This is my first time I used magic said the guy with the healing element

What class are you in?

In the first grade of high school. Let me help you. I can heal your summoning beast. After all, he is very strong, he killed so many undead in one fell swoop. said the young man with the healing element.

Rather catch up with the rest of the people, do not die ahead of time Mo Fan said monotonously.

But I already know

Then quickly go beyond the city wall, if you cure even one magician, it will be tantamount to a whole crowd of people. Mo Fan spoke briefly with the young man, ordering the agile wolf to lead the young man inside the city.

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