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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 622 Monster Mage Read Novel

Chapter 622 Monster Mage VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 622 Monster Mage VERSATILE MAGE

Having merged with the Little Flame Belle, the collapsed fiery fist turned out to be of crazy power, about like the burning fist of Dong Fan Ming of the fourth stage.

But now Mo Fan himself has developed the fourth stage of fire magic, and the power of the fiery fist rose was reinforced by 2 and a half times!

Merging with a Flame Belle along with a fiery fist allowed nine dragons to be released so strong that the monster of the level of commander could hardly stand it!

That there is with confidence that the power of a falling fist: nine dragons are comparable in power with high-level magic.

Mo Fan had previously thought that if he managed to collect 49 stars and get a Flame Belle, then he would be close to the power of high-level magic, but the power was much more than he expected!

You two, the rest is on you, Mo Fan shouted loudly, not wanting to linger on this dead street anymore, hurried after the others.

Mo Fan certainly pretended to be an important lump, but in fact, he completely ran out of magical energy, and even a collision with the most ordinary rotting corpse or skeleton can be fatal for him.

In addition, Mo Fan helped the two magicians of the elite guard pretty well, giving the far left the opportunity to take control of the meat carcass for five whole seconds.

Do not underestimate five seconds, for them the globular cadaver giant managed to crush to death several hundreds of skeletons actually created!

The skeletons caused pity, they went into battle for their master, and now he has gone crazy and is now crushing them mercilessly.

The far left, who is that guy? that mage of elite protection with a square face, and in fact turned out to be a mage of the earth, after a meat carcass petrified from his mountain eye, he exhaled, and remembered the young mage of fire.

I myself don’t know, I thought it was a student with a shadow element! the far left looked around, and did not find a young magician on the street.

I did not think that he would eventually help us stabilize the situation. And if it weren’t for him, we would have made a terrible mistake, said the elite guard mage with a brick face.

The far left nodded.

Actually, three of the elite guard magicians could easily cope with the meat carcass, but this dangerous skill had to be urgently reported to the top.

It’s good that this shadow mage turned out to be some kind of monster, and with only magic mid-level was able to send an unbridled meat giant into flight!

Could this student control the spiritual flame? the elite guard with a brick face once again looked at the meat carcass, which could no longer move.

No, I was pretty close, and it was more like a magical artifact that strengthened a flaming fist fourth step, answered the far left.

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The far left only saw that Mo Fan blazed with fire, and did not see the Flame Belle infused into him, therefore he concluded that it was most likely a magical artifact.

The fourth step of a burning fist it’s 49 whole souls, one soul is worth four to five million the heir to a wealthy family? the mage of the elite guard with a brick face said in a panic.

He, being a mage of the elite guard, recently accumulated on wings of magic, at the cost of one hundred million, the same guy apparently increased his flaming fist to the fourth step and this is more than two hundred million!

And such money, even for a high-level professional mage, is a very large amount!

There is money, and so he lets them go!

In general, his flaming fist of the fourth step saved us, for the far left everything that was happening continued to be like a dream.

Those to the fourth stage of the entry-level magic improved a little since it requires a tremendous amount of resources. And usually only talented magicians like Dong Fang Lyo, and even those with difficulty able to create a flaming fist of the fourth step, and, probably, Mo Fan is the only one in the whole country, who himself strengthened it.

Finish already this beast, I’ll go find him, at such a critical moment, strong magicians are very needed, said the elite guard magician with a face-brick.

Leave it, he is only a middle-level mage, besides, I felt that he had almost run out of magical energy, and he has been fighting since last night from the wall the far left was a magician of the spirit element, and is able to feel such things in another person.

Okay, but as the danger subsides, I just will have to thank him well.

Yeah, if he falls

Mo Fan was extremely worn out, and really fought last night.

The agile wolf has recovered, and now Mo Fan lies on it if that could give him some rest.

Mo Fan did not go with the others, and he did everything that was in his power, and further on all the will of God.

Wu Mu Bai and Zhou Ming were more compassionate, and most of these people were from Bo, and the two decided to safely bring them to the inner walls.

Mo Fan did not go to the inner walls, he needed find Liu Zhu.

The agile wolf informed Mo Fan that Liu Zhu was on the other side. And so he and Mu Bai separated from Zhou Ming. And the agile wolf drove Mo Fan by the smell of Liu Zhu.

The undersized man didn’t go with Mo Fan either, he went into the inner walls of his friends hunters.

One was also not bad, but he was not completely alone, but with a nimble wolf, and he, in turn, had an excellent instinct, and avoided unnecessary fights.

The agile wolf took into account that Mo Fan was exhausted, and he carefully chose the road, so that Mo Fan was safe, and all that was needed was to find Liu Zhu, who was no weaker than him.

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