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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 627 Undead Two Kilometers! Read Novel

Chapter 627 Undead Two Kilometers! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 627 Undead Two Kilometers! VERSATILE MAGE

The sound of rain hitting the eaves and the roof served as a piece of special music, which made me sleepy. Like the good old days It’s like Mo Jia Sin didn’t sell his house, and like Mo Fan didn’t take the path of magic.

Mo Fan slept very soundly, although he woke up from time to time, after that, the dream took possession of him again. He could not even tell whether it was morning or noon. Day or night. Waking up, he felt light and carefree. But the memories suddenly flooded: the magician, the awakening of two elements, the horrors in the city of Bo, the Mingzhu school, the totem serpent, the events in the Ancient City What happened after?

Ah It still has not ended. He felt fear with all his body from all the events that he experienced.

Mo Fan opened his sleepy eyes and decided that there was no point in sleeping. He looked around and saw that Liu Zhu was sleeping next to him.

Well, how are you? Liu Zhu felt that Mo Fan woke up and her expression was filled with tenderness and care. The bright red lips and the gleam of her eyes were attractive, she could not hide her spiritual purity.

I don’t know, I think I had a very long dream. answered Mo Fan

Mo Fan felt as if he had fallen asleep on a mountainside near a school, but then suddenly got here. The fear that Mo Fan suddenly possessed was not because he had strange dreams. Mo Fan was frightened by the thought that this city would be overrun by evil spirits.

I can take possession of the souls of demons by sucking blood from them, and then spit out these souls for you. This process will strike your mind, so I decided that you need to get enough sleep. explained Liu Zhu.

Haha, it seems to me that I have already restored magical energy By the way, what about Zhang Xiao Hou? Mo Fan asked hastily

Don’t worry, I left him a bat seal, she can help us find Zhang Xiao Hou. saying this, Liu Zhu opened her palms, and inside, like a pearl, lay a small red bat.

Usually bats look ugly, but Li Zhu’s mouse was very cute, like a chubby hamster with a bow.

Where is the undead unit now? Mo Fan was only worried about one question right now.

The undead squad was like a tsunami, after his invasion there is nothing alive.

I think the evil is in 60- 70 kilometers from the inner city walls, and we are 4 kilometers from these walls. answered Li Zhu.

Hmm Mo Fan thought that Liu Zhu was exaggerating too much.

Your mother! The detachment is two kilometers from us!!!

The speed of Liu Zhu’s movements was extremely fast, she raced madly among the streets and houses, dragging Mo Fan behind her.

Mo Fan turned around fearlessly, but the blood was cold in his veins!

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In fact, a detachment of evil spirits had already captured half of the ancient capital, the outer city wall had already disappeared into the black ocean of the undead. The boiling sea of ​​undead was everywhere where the gaze fell. Even if you try hard and look far, far away, you will still see what makes the heart heel countless corpses and skeletons!!!

This city will soon cease to exist!

Liu Zhu, if you woke me up later, I would die in bed. Mo Fan could not fail to tell Liu Zhu about this.

You looked very tired, said Liu Zhu in her defense.

Hey! Where did your bat go? Mo Fan asked.

I think she found Zhang Xiao Hou, let’s go soon. Liu Zhu, as if participating in an obstacle course, jumped over piles of bodies, and Mo Fan could not keep up with her speed.

Maybe we will not go along the lit streets? asked Mo Fan in a fright.

Liu Zhu loved computer games, and the streetlights standing in rows turned her ordinary streets into a freeway. She did not notice the blockages on the roads and rushed forward.

It’s strange, as if nothing happened here. Turning around the corner, Liu Zhu discovered a small park.

In winter, trees in the park take off their outfits, exposing brown flesh. The park had sculptures, flower beds, ponds, made in the old European style.

Entering this park, which was different from the ancient capital in style, you could immediately see several peasants, they curled up in balls hid in the garden with decorative slides.

It was strange that a few corpses were located at a distance of 10 meters from the peasants hidden in the garden, but evil spirits did not pay attention to people at all. If these peasants were ordinary people, they would have been caught for a long time!

As if this evil spirits are not going to attack the peasants, said Mo Fan in perplexity.

But it doesn’t last forever, every month they must undergo baptism of water from the sacred well, otherwise the protection may weaken immediately.

Why are they hiding? It is obvious that they are not a barrier to evil spirits. Mo Fan said in surprise

Go and ask, answered Liu Zhu

I’d better observe a little bit, said Mo Fan

Having thought a little, Liu Zhu raised her palms to her lips and spat out something.

Dark red gas appeared in the air, which very quickly turned into a tiny bat. She, like an insect, began to fly in the air.

I order her to fly to find out, I sniffed something offensive. Liu Zhu said quietly

Okay, be careful

Okay, after I found you, I always felt that someone was following us, said Liu Zhu.

Mo Fan was taken aback, asked:

Why didn’t you say that before?

At first, I thought that this is the person who gave me the drug. But recently, in order not to lose us, our pursuer left his scent. I recognized him with my abilities.- said Liu Zhu

The person who gave you the blood product? Mo Fan has not yet regained consciousness after the first statement, as he was dumbfounded by another.

Ah, didn’t I tell you? Liu Zhu’s face assumed a dull expression.

It feels like you have a memory failure. said Mo Fan

I thought I told you. So many events have happened, in my head porridge. I didn’t know whether this information was important or not Sorry she said to Mo Fan

This is very important information! Mo Fan first wanted to speak abusive words, but sharply changed his mind.

Liu Zhu saw that Mo Fan’s face became serious. Thinking that she had made a mistake, did not dare to look him in the eye.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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