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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 629 There is very little time Read Novel

Chapter 629 There is very little time VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 629 There is very little time VERSATILE MAGE

Real parasites!

The tea cup fell down, and the sound of splashing contents came around. in case there was anyone hanging around next to the tea shop.

However, the streets next to the shop were already full of people. The inner part of the city was a square district, and even if all the inhabitants of Xi`an are here, they can fit in these buildings and on these streets.

Looking ahead, one could see crowds of people.

Already there is one in a blue robe that personally took up the matter so that there are definitely no mistakes! the owner of the tea shop said with an obedient smile.

If for the sake of such small people you had to use a deacon in blue clothes, then what is the point of growing these creatures? I don’t understand at all! Well, as soon as it’s over, they will definitely get rid of this idiot in a black robe! the voice of a man from the tea shop was heard.

It’s all really his fault, but you must also understand that the villages are closed from the world, and besides, this Fan Gu has also become a kind of obstacle. Until we get any reproaches from above, we have to hurry up and rectify the situation, right, deacon Hujing? the owner of the teahouse asked with a smile.

You look at me with this matter! No matter what happens, you must report immediately to me! All to the smallest detail!- said deacon Hujing, rising toward the exit.

Calm down! I will never fail Cardinal Salan and the senior deacon! My brother makes sure to return water from the last well! the owner of the teahouse continued to smile, seeing off the deacon. Only at the door he said: Senior deacon, there is one more thing!.

Speak faster! the voice of the deacon was heard.

My subordinate informed me that the carrier of the sacred spring Mo Fan also appeared, said the owner of the shop.

Oh, young man! That ceremony will end, so we still get even! Deacon Hujing said. He waved his hand, not attaching much importance to this.

Because of him, many of our people died in Shanghai

I already said everything! We’ll deal with him at the end of the ceremony, but for now get me this Fan Gu!


The carrots continued to roam around the park. There was not a single living creature, so the movements of the undead were slowed down as much as possible.

At that moment, when the dead were just about to start their hunt, a young man suddenly appeared in the park who was wearing a black long shirt, his expression was furious.

In normal times, rotting corpses would immediately hit a living creature that appeared in their field of vision in the hope of saturating their eternally hungry peritoneum. However, at this moment their opponent was surrounded by such frosty air that they did not even dare to take a step in his direction.

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Mo Fan went straight into the park. Ahead was a fountain, inside which a wet corpse was swimming.

If you go around this fountain, you could find a small forest behind it.

Most of the trees in it were already dead, and only evergreens somehow brightened this withered look. Among this magnificence one could make out the moving pairs of eyes, only for this it was necessary to take a good look. Next to Mo Fan was Liu Zhu, and her instinct was much sharper than the magician’s instinct.

Although this black monster of the curse could hide his breath, Liu Zhu could find this smell even from a distance of a hundred meters!

On the left four, on the right three, and there should still be a herd in front, but the smell does not look like there are seven creatures. Zhang Xiao Hou, Su Xiao Luo should be at the park memorial, said Liu Zhu’s voice at Mo Fan’s ear.

Yeah, Mo Fan nodded and continued on.

The villagers who were on the side of the garden with a decorative slide, seeing Mo Fan, were surprised.

What are you doing here? asked Mo Fan a peasant named Li Kai.

Why not be here? You probably have a romantik here in the cold pouring rain. I came to find Zhang Xiao Hou, said Mo Fan.

He he is not here! You better hurry up and get out of here, you have nothing to do here! Li Kai said hastily.

Nonsense! If not here, then where else should he be? Mo Fan took a step forward, inspecting the monument.

Su Xiao Luo, Zhang Xiao Hou, Cesan, Hong Jun and five other residents were sitting downstairs, as if they had come here to rest.

They, seeing Mo Fan, were also surprised.

Soon the undead will come running here, and you sit here and cool, as if on a picnic. Come here! said Mo Fan.

Liu Zhu followed Mo Fan and watched. The local path was lined with stones, and bushes rose to the sides of the road. Her voice was heard: 70 no, 80 even more! Eight people no! Seven eight!.

So seven or eight? asked Mo Fan with a smile.

Eight, however, among them there is one that disguises itself. His power exceeds the power of all seven! with confidence in her voice, said Liu Zhu.

Mo Fan continued to step forward. It seemed that something was moving around.

Monster of the curse!

The further Mo Fan moved forward, the more black monsters appeared. By force, a black monster is superior to a one-eyed wolf and a rotting corpse, but he is not so cunning! The curse monster is terrifying and belongs to the most disgusting creatures of the pack leader level, it’s very cunning!

As Liu Zhu said, there were about 70-80 black monsters!

There were about seven monsters of the curse, which is also a lot.

Most of all, Fan Fan thought of a man who, according to Liu Zhu, was hiding. Mo Fan knew that even middle-level shadow magicians could not hide from Liu Zhu’s instincts. This means that there was a high-level mage!

I, you and Fan Gu, united, can put down a high-level mage. But what to do with all these monsters? asked Liu Zhu.

It’s okay, because there is still a nimble wolf and a Little Flame Belle. So we can say that there are five of us! said Mo Fan.

Yeah, you always downplay everything! You can’t pull, otherwise the undead will bite us! said Liu Zhu.

Therefore, they also want to quickly enter the battle! said Mo Fan.

The hordes of undead were at a distance of three kilometers, time is very short

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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