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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 630 Enough Sacrifice Read Novel

Chapter 630 Enough Sacrifice VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 630 Enough Sacrifice VERSATILE MAGE

Who is this? a piercing voice sounded from behind the memorial.

Damn it, how so that it is him. This is Mo Fan, the friend of that cretin, I propose to catch him first, if suddenly Fan Gu finds out that we have ambushed here, then next time it will be more difficult to capture him, said another voice.

Just kill him, I don’t want to waste time on such flies, accidentally flown, a piercing voice said coolly.

What about the girl?

We will give you but first the goal!

Thank you, the voice was already excited.

Su Xiao Luo and Zhang Xiao Hou noticed suitable Mo Fan and Liu Zhu, but could not tell them in any way that this is an ambush.

As a result, when the two of them walked to the steps of the memorial, the village elder Xie San, laughing, went out to them.

Liu Zhu was sick of this vile person Xie Sana, in addition, his laughter showed him as a henchman of the Black Church.

Oh, it’s you that scared us, and Fan Gu has always pursued us said Xie Sang.

An elder, do not make yourself generous, Mo Fan laughed. the elder was stunned.

Previously, you lied to us, hid something, and when my friends defended your village, you paid them in a similar way, okay, as it turned out, you eventually entered conspiracy with these cattle Mo Fan continued to laugh, only laughter slowly turned into a cold mockery.

The village’s elder Xie San’s face was full of color, and he could only squeeze himself out: I I just had no choice.

Come on!

The instant the order was heard from the bushes, it got colder and a frosty wind whistled.

There was an unpleasant smell from the side of rotting corpses dumped into a heap, remains and excrement. Inhaling this smell, brought by a cold wind from a hole in the heap, turned up.

A herd of black monsters rose from two sides, their number did not exceed eighty, their bodies were ugly, bones covered with thin skin, with peeping long and thin bright red tongue, their eyes, like those of demons from hell, they are definitely distant relatives of the undead, like people, and like devils!

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It’s disgusting, Liu Zhu’s face twisted in appearance.

Most of the monsters were nasty and cruel, but these black monsters crawled out in a herd, for not at all simple girls were glaring horror!

They are all transformed living people, kneeling before the master, and tasting evil, so that he could serve him, Mo Fan described the black monsters.

So it’s just soulless creatures, said Liu Zhu.

Hehe, it turns out there are still knowledgeable people who are familiar with our Black Church. If you know how the Black Church solves the problems, you should not resist, and be good guys when we connect you. Otherwise, we will be forced to catch you like a fish, hehe, and then we’re not sure whether you will survive, a piercing voice sounded again.

A girl in red and black came out from behind the memorial a fur coat dragging along the ground.

The fur coat was open and a long leg in red stockings peeked out and her sharp heel broke the tile of the monument!

Her face was wrapped in a shawl that hid her identity.

If this look is to seduce a rustic old man, then I think the mask on the face is the very thing, it is clearly not to vomit it’s from the view If you weren’t a henchman of the Black Church, you could have made good money on commercials with your participation on the Internet, said Mo Fan.

Only he said that, how the atmosphere got hot!

At the end of a woman’s finger in furs there were ice crystals that could kill Mo Fan!

Near the girl stood seven more servants of the Black Church, they were dressed in black robes with patterns similar to the seal of the curse, and it is obvious that their seal of the curse is stronger than what Mo Fan encountered before!

From the icy cold, the outcome from the girl, the monster of the curse is not freezing, but it was evident that they are very afraid of her.

-Boy, you’ll be sorry that just said! the girl in furs said coldly, and then the raindrops turned into ice.

The truth is always unpleasant to listen to, but you need to get used to it, said Mo Fan.

Grab him alive! the girl in furs said menacingly.

Seeing that the female deacon had already given the order, he said to Liu Zhu, who was standing next to her: They are all dead and completely lost their temper, I hope they will not meet like a devil.

A girl in furs walked unevenly up the steps to personally destroy Mo Fan.

She stared at Mo Fan, but did not take any action!

She had seven minions and many black monsters, they will be enough to destroy the boy!

Mo Fan is also not moved he see her wiping her eyes, he understood that this woman was playing with the villages and their inhabitants.

The elder Xie San, who was standing next to him, was extremely restless, and said in a trembling voice to Mo Fan: Why are you so arrogant, she’s still the blue deacon of the Black Church And even more so, everything that’s happening has nothing to do with you, and your coming here is just a bigger threat to the villagers!

That’s right, you should listen to the elder, we were embroiled in all of this because of you. The person she needs is Fan Gu. Fang Gu threatened us and she helps, Li Kai, a villager intervened.

Don’t harm us, get out of here!

After hearing the words of the villager, Mo Fan became furious.

The usual stupid cunt through which the Black Church does its dirty work, and after it catches Fan Gu, at best it will kill all the inhabitants, at worst it will turn into the same creeping black monsters!

But this ugly woman, a blue deacon, and therefore under direct subordination of Sa Lang, was very surprised by Mo Fan.

In general, Mo Fan got bored with killing small fry.

The Black Church took the people of Bo for small experimental rats.

So the disaster of Bo should be avenged

Blue priest That sounds like a good sacrifice!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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