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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 632 No Witnesses Read Novel

Chapter 632 No Witnesses VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 632 No Witnesses VERSATILE MAGE

Fire is the people of the Flame Belle, any flame unconditionally obeys it.

Fiery magic follows the power of the star system, and the flame always appears in the same form. But the fire of a Flame Belly is controlled by her. If she wants to turn the flame into a whirlwind, then the tongues of flame soar up soaring around the Belly. If she wants, then the flame can turn into Godzilla from the movie. You can even make the fire turn into a fiery monster. And if she wants to, the flame will turn into several fireballs that will follow the black monsters relentlessly, burning everything in their path.

Soon, most of the black monsters were killed, and the survivors received serious burns. And if the spiritual beings of these monsters were not controlled by the minister of the Black Church, they would all be dead at a distance of several hundred meters from the Flame Belle.

When a Little Flame Belle appears, the activity of the fire becomes more and more powerful, the more the female deacon is afraid of the appearance of Fan Gu. If he appears now, then the plan will fail.

The energy of high-level magic is very high, it easily attracts the attention of magicians of the elite guards who are searching for Fan Gu. This is the only reason why the female deacon lingers with actions.

Star after star began to line up, and, in an instant, the star system appeared under the heel of the woman deacon.

The next second, another star system appeared. Like giant flakes of snow, stars appeared above the crown of a woman, blinding with their light.

Star systems continued to appear in different places on the body of a female deacon, they complemented each other’s beauty by weaving an ice constellation.

High-level magic with an element of ice!

This woman is a deacon and really a high-level magician!

Previously, if Mo Fan met magicians of another level, he immediately left, because he was still very far from high-level magic, he could not resist even one technique of such magic.

But if the enemy began to show his magic in practice, Mo Fan did the same.

It is impossible to deny the fact that the speed of creating a star system by a female deacon is several times faster than the speed of Mo Fan but she needed to create 7 star systems to complete the star cloud. Mo Fan needed only one star system

Little Flame Belle, embodiment!

Mo Fan finished creating the star system, legs crossed the raging flame, hair and hem the clothes took off from the hot air.

Deep freeze sarcophagus the deacon said a cold spell, raindrops turning into ice fell to the ground.

Crashing fist nine dragons! The body of Mo Fan was engulfed in fire, even the monsters of the curse did not dare to approach him!

Seeing that Mo Fan creates a star system, the female deacon grinned does he think that a faster speed of mid-level magic can withstand my deep freeze?

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Really 7 the clergy of the Black Church next to it is just a decoration? Don’t they have enough magic to defend themselves?

However, the power of the raging flame of Mo Fan increased sharply, while the fire seemed to cover the ice, the female deacon lost her temper.

The deep freeze suddenly disappeared, the female deacon saw that in front of her stood two servants of the Black Church who use the blessing of light and the stone barrier to save themselves.

But now this protective magic used by the clergy will not withstand the enemy attack!


Flaming brawl Mo Fun issued a roar, the park trembled with the sound and movement of the dragon.

The dragon flew over the black monsters fleeing, they disappeared under fire. The power of fire struck the servants of the Black Church facing the female deacon.

Even under mid-level protective magic, these two clergymen disappeared under the fire of the dragon, a powerful blessing of light and a stone barrier were fictitious in front of the power of the dragon.

The dragon appeared in front of the female deacon.

The female deacon quickly responded by summoning an ice sheet. Mo Fan’s collapsing fist hit in the middle of the park, destroying all the plants. The fist struck the deacon’s woman’s ice sheet and eventually weakened his strength.


The rampaging raging flame blew the ice sheet, the dragon flame struck the monument with engraved hieroglyphics on it. From this blow, the monument was blown to smithereens, a ravine with a flame in it formed on the road in front of the female deacon, the earth was burned to the ground everywhere.

The flame covered dry trees, the ice sheet of the female deacon was broken, it crumbled at her feet. Trembling with her whole body, she rose from the ground. Her hair and clothes were burned by fire, blood blew out on her lips.

What separated her from Mo Fan was scorched earth and raging fire, but on her face one could see the horror that she experienced.

Mid-level magic? !!! And is this mid-level magic? !!!

Even if she is a magician who has only recently become a high-level magician, she could well overcome mid-level magic But now she is trapped by an average magician level But if the ice sheet didn’t let her down, her death would be as quick as the death of those Black Church servants who used defensive magic.

A flaming fist, it’s still magic of the middle level?

High-level magic can’t even compare with the power of this fist!

Good people don’t do that and do not become monsters! Come on, henchmen, I will kill you one by one!- Mo Fan’s eyes were bloodshot, he could no longer restrain the anger in his chest.

Today Mo Fan did not leave a single witness from the ministers of the Black Church, including the deacon who wore blue clothes!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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