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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 640 Erased Memories Read Novel

Chapter 640 Erased Memories VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 640 Erased Memories VERSATILE MAGE

We are not a step closer to the decision. Do we really have to submit to fate? Han Han said. He raised his head and looked at the golden glow of magical barriers.

His wrinkles suddenly creased, and his eyes seemed to have fallen.

The rocky tyrant

The rocky tyrant has already entered the northern region

Senior Deacon Hujing! Right! Mu Bai, did you seem to say that you suspect someone? Zhou Ming hastily turned to Mu Bai.

How do you know Sa Lang’s main ward? Asked the man with a closed face in surprise.

Zhang Xiao Hou spoke about what he saw in the vicinity of the salt reservoir, and the stranger dawned.

When he watched the village Hua, there was Zhang Xiao Hou, who pretended to be a fool, so the Black Church did not risk acting!

I don’t even suspect. I just wanted to tell you about what my mother told me, Mu Bai said in a stern voice.

Then tell me faster! Thousands of people are waiting for salvation, and any information can be the key to it! Mo Fan said.

Mu Bai nodded his head and said: Yui An, remember him?.

Yeah, little dog of the Black Church, and? asked Zhou Ming.

My mother found out that Yu An was a henchman of the Black Church. At first, she didn’t want my uncle to feed him, but he still recommended Mu Zhuo to him. So he could live happily ever after, said Mu Bai.

Yu An really left the Mu family. Mu Jo-Yun raised him. He tried his best for the sake of the Black Church. Just outrageous! Cried Zhao Kun San.

Yu An became an adherent of the Black Church even before he entered the Mu family. Mu Bai, you want to say that it was your uncle who introduced him to the Mu family? Mo Fan was digesting the information received.

I I don’t know myself, but I want you to understand that one of those who caused the tragedy in the city of Bo was my uncle. He is also responsible for the disaster reaching Xi`an, Mu Bai said again.

Your uncle Mu He? Asked Zhao Kun San.

After hearing the name Mu He, Zhang Xiao Hou began to shake!

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The chairman of the magic association Han Ji was surprised to see the reaction of Zhang Xiao Hou.

Han Ji took a step forward. With a sharp movement of his hand, he tore the sleeve of Xiao Hou.

At that moment, a black seal swept like Zhang Xiao Hou’s forearm and glared at his flesh, rising higher.

-Bug of oblivion!

Han Ji cried out in horror!

Su Xiao Luo and Mo Fan were simply dumbfounded by what they saw. All this time, a bug was sitting on Zhang Xiao Hou, whom they overlooked! It is not known how much he was already there, but he was the size of a thumb! Such contraption in the human body can lead to unimaginable consequences!

Zhang Xiao Hou was in pain. He even bit his lip to blood.

At that time, a glow appeared on Han Ji’s body. A fluttering butterfly of healing, obeying the decree of the chairman, entered Zhang Xiao Hou’s body and overtook this poisonous bug.

Xiao Hou’s skin literally shone through. From the wrist to the shoulder, a path of poisoning was traced, which then passed along the neck to the head.

This is really a bug of oblivion. It is not surprising why he does not remember what was at the very beginning, and also does not remember this person. The bug of oblivion belongs to creatures of spirit magic and can devour the most important memories in a person’s head. If a person who has been exposed to this bug, one day recalls everything that happened to him, it means that this person’s time has come to an end! said the stranger.

But Zhang Xiao Hou’s memories returned to him, said Su Xiao Luo with horror in her voice.

The more complete his memories, the closer is the moment of his death. The healing magic that was used draws this moment, otherwise it would be already dead. This is a mixed magic of spirit and curse! Han Ji breathed in horror.

Zhang Xiao Hou continued to suffer from pain, he was sweating with cold sweat, and all his veins appeared through his skin.

But the worst was then, a bug of oblivion, similar to a scolopendra, as if he knew that he was in danger. Killing a healing butterfly, a black stripe he moved to the back of the head!

This bug of oblivion has already formed, it will not be so easy to kill it. Apparently, he was imprisoned for the sound of the words of senior deacon Hujing. Zhang Xiao Hou knows their secret, but cannot remember it. All he recalls is sound, said the stranger.

The hearts of Mo Fan and Su Xiao Luo shuddered at this kind of Xiao Hou.

They then thought that he has already fully recovered. They thought that he specially hid all the memories of the Black Church, but he himself did not know that the most important thing that was hidden in his head was killing him!

Mu He! That’s for sure Mu He! Zhang Xiao Hou literally growled, and also more

Now shut up, otherwise you will die! Han Ji said.

Before the eyes of Zhang Xiao Hou, those moments had already passed when he saw the clumsy governor. It was like pictures from a nightmare that made his head tear to pieces!

* Rumble *

Suddenly the blade sparkled in the hands of a stranger with his face closed and flew to the neck Xiao Hou, depriving him of consciousness!

Zhang Xiao Hou lost consciousness, but his babble of memories stopped along with it, the black poisoning also gradually subsided.

His body was pale, there was not a hint of blush on his face. When everyone saw this bug, they involuntarily gasped!

Memory loss was not scary, the worst thing was to remember everything!

It’s good that the chairman was here. Its secondary element is healing, its highest level saved a life! Otherwise, Zhang Xiao Hou died at the very moment the bug was discovered! said the stranger, examining the unconscious body of Zhang Xiao Hou.

Mo Fan was simply horrified: that this Black Church could do!

Zhang Xiao Hou could only survive due to its resourcefulness. Everyone who knew about this had already died, and if not for Fang Gu, because of which Han Ji had been here, Zhang Xiao Hou would already be dead!

Mu He! So it’s you! Shouted Mo Fan, and a flame had already flared on his chest.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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