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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 641 Lure the snake out of the hole (part 1) Read Novel

Chapter 641 Lure the snake out of the hole (part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 641 Lure the snake out of the hole (part 1) VERSATILE MAGE

Mu He is Salan, Zhou Ming, Zhao Kun San, Wang San Pan, and Mu Bai were dumbfounded! He was full of magic and was not a stranger to them all.

In addition, the families of Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou served the Mu family, and the father of Mo Fan Mo Jia Sin was the driver of Mu He, and if you imagine that Mu He the most merciless, most evil of the whole Black Church, then throws into a wild tremor!

This this is incredible! Zhao Kun San could not stand still, and took a few steps back.

Mu Bai could not make a sound, for him it must be the hardest to accept.

Once mother mentioned him when she talked about Yu An, Mu Bai then thought it was just a coincidence. Yu An became a member of the Mu family after he joined the Black Church, but after Zhang Xiao Hou talked about Senior Deacon Hujin, My Bai immediately remembered him.

Mu He very well belonged to him, took care of him, and Mu Bai respected him more than anyone else.

And then everything turned out like this, and Mu Bai wants to cast aside all doubts about him, but how?

The information received by Zhang Xiao Hou cannot be false, and Uncle Mu He is indeed a member of the Black Church, especially since he added this Yu An to Mu Zhuo Yong. And now the turn has reached the ancient capital, and it was convenient for him to implement his plan

Salan was taken under our supervision, this Mu He is the senior deacon Hujing, the mysterious gray said in a powerful voice.

Taken under surveillance? Why didn’t you kill him right away? Mo Fan asked in amazement.

We also thought about it, but to execute him it would take to kill a dozen magicians of the highest level, because we are not sure who exactly Salan is, Han Han Ji said.

Zhu Meng, Duxiao, Fei Jiao and Lu Sui are these four also suspected? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

Han Ji nodded: As far as I know, Zhu Meng is the least suspected, but

And if it doesn’t succeed to find out who Salan is? asked Zhou Ming

Then it remains Han Ji exhaled heavily, feeling the whole burden of responsibility and the severity of the decision, then it remains

Execute them all! said the mysterious gray.

The atmosphere at that moment was tense to the limit, everyone looked at the chief chairman of the association and at this mysterious person.

Everyone should be executed

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For the sake of Salan alone, ten top-level top-level magicians should sacrifice their lives, isn’t it too cruel!

Others may not have been aware, but last night Zhu Meng, Dusyao, Fei Jiao and Lu Sui on the north wall sacrificed their lives in the battle against the tyrant.

A similar decision is it worth it?- Fang Gu sighed heavily.

This is the decision of the most important supreme judge, if Salan is not destroyed, then there will be even more terrible troubles. You yourself saw how many lives are being taken, how many families are crumbling because of him and, if you don’t solve everything now, there will probably be no other chance! Han Ji muttered through his teeth.

Nobody knows what the court had to pay to find Salan.

They had to make a very serious decision to go for it and keep those magicians locked up

All for the same purpose, and they all agreed to go for it.

If it’s other people and another organization, it’s as if then had to do?

And now if you look at these vast oceans of the undead and the suffering people, is it really possible to admit a thought to release Salan?

it was cruel to innocent among the dignitaries, but there is no other way out, though no.

The next step of the Black Church will be the resurrection of Emperor Ying Zheng, if this happens, then the inner walls will fall and we will all end. And to change ten lives for millions, as you, an adequate price? The mysterious gray said, vibrating.

He suddenly found himself in darkness. He was very similar to a member of the Black Church, with the difference that the Black Church is trying to destroy the world, and he is trying to prevent this.

Over the past ten years, he realized that it’s necessary to sacrifice several people, for a whole city, a city for a country, and a country can be sacrificed to save the whole planet!

Not there is a world without blood, and a magical association shakes in fear before making a serious decision.

But what if Salan is not afraid to die, and for his own purpose, is he ready to die too? Still, if, I repeat, if your opinions are wrong, and Salan is not among the high-ranking, then there will be no one to fight against the undead commanders, I think that even if this emperor Ying Zheng does not rise, the world will not last for several days, said Mu Bai.

You say that we don’t understand something, but before expressing your distrust, think of a better way, otherwise, it makes no sense to question the decision, it’s better to to do something and have no result, said the mysterious gray.

This is Mu Bai right there silent

-. When you are going to start this execution plan? Mo Fan asked with a serious look.

Then, when the rocky giant goes to the protective barrier, Han Ji answered.

I think the same as Mu Bai if you kill all the high-ranking, then the leader of the undead will destroy the entire population of the city, and this should not happen. Now we know for sure that Mu Hu is the senior deacon Hujing, and since he is Salan’s right hand, then he probably should know who Salan is said Mo Fan.

That is, you want to say that this Hujing has already taken control of everything, and the Black Church has already spread inside the walls, we need to let the magicians of the elite guard move, they should not slip away, said the mysterious gray.

We will go! Mo Fan said coldly.

That’s right, we will catch Mu He! said, Zhou Ming.

Did you get it from him that you can find the senior deacon Hujing?

We don’t even need to look for him, he will look for us, Mo Fan said confidently.

Before we sent the elite mages of protection for you, he could still come personally, but now, I’m afraid not, said the mysterious gray.

He will come anyway, now the only question is how to deliver information to his ears! Mo Fan said confidently.

I know one owner of a tea shop Sometimes he contacts my uncle I can pretend I want to shelter in his shop, and then I can accidentally tell him the information you need He’s definitely a man of the Black Church, so he’ll definitely give everything to his uncle! Mu Bai’s eyes burned with determination.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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