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Yun Sheng tea shop was located on the road leading to the bell tower, now a huge number of people crowded on this road through which there was no pushing.

In the shop, the first two floors were also full of people, showing the hospitality of the owner, but on the third there was nobody.

The third floor was an attic, with a window overlooking the bell tower with a clock of magical association.

The ancient bell beat what urine is, with each beat, spreading golden rays, which led with a thin thread to the outer walls, and supported the magic dome.

All residents honored this bell, because every blow of it is a sign that they are under reliable protection.

Eh, this thing will eventually turn into a simple trinket, the shopkeeper leaned out of the window, and looked gloomily at the bell tower.

Immediately after what was said, his worker ran to him.

The chief of Xue, Mu Bai on the first floor, seems to be seeking refuge, because there are too many people outside, in addition he is frozen and hungry, the worker said.

Wow, really, let him rise. The boy was lucky since he was still not dead, said Xue Tsang, the owner of the shop.

Very soon, the worker brought Mu Bai to the top floor, the attic was not large either, but it was not furnished badly, a bit in the ancient style, there was a soft rug on which you could sit drinking tea and look at people from the window.

Uncle Xue, you gave shelter to so many people, you gave them food, you didn’t know that you were such a wonderful person, Mu Bai entered the room smiling.

Oh boy, I told you not to go to the outer wall, but you did not listen. Your uncle Mu He and I were afraid that you died, but you still managed to survive, said Xue Tsang, and slapped Mu Bai on the shoulder.

My uncle, is everything all right with him? Asked Mu Bai.

Why are you still calling him uncle. Mu Jo-Yun has already become the head of Mu’s family during these years and he’s not a relative to you, and you call him uncle, because of this a scandal could arise, so you and your mother were extremely lucky with him, said Xue Tsang.

I I just asked, Mu Bai wanted to answer, but in this situation, he could not afford it.

I also don’t know where he is, but I’m sure that everything is fine with him, you can be calm. Exactly, I heard that you are seeking refuge here, magicians of the elite guard brought you here, without incident?  said Xue Tsang.

Mu Bai’s heart sank.

He didn’t even think that this Xue Tsang was so knowledgeable, perhaps this poses great problems, if suddenly he and Mu He are from Black Church, then you need to be on your guard!

Nothing happened to me, the elite guard magicians took this with them, Fang Gu, said something about the water from the wells, as a result, Fang Gu passed this water to his skeletons, Mu Bai did not give vent to his feelings, while continuing to remain calm.

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In fact, Mu Bai’s heart was pounding at a frantic pace.

I do not quite understand, but it’s nice that everything is fine with you. Exactly, even your classmates, you can call them, in this kind of cataclysm everyone needs the care of loved ones, Xue Tsang looked away, but then again pretended that he did not understand anything in the affairs of magicians.

Well, they went to the museum, they think that there is a connection between the water from the wells and the sacred spring, and now they are looking for evidence of this, said Mu Bai.

A sacred source, is it not a thing from your city Bo, is it really still with your classmate Mo Fan?  narrowed his eyes Xue Tsang.

Who knows, one way or another, someone mentioned the connection between the city of Bo and the situation with the villages, and Mo Fan very much excited that they immediately ran to the museum. I absolutely did not want to wander aimlessly with them, and I went here Mu Bai made a contemptuous look.

Hmm, did the elite guard magicians go with them to the museum?  asked after Xue Tsang.

No, they are magicians of the elite guard, why should they do this Yes, and I also think what is the meaning of this sacred source, you need to wait for Uncle and ask him about it, said Mu Bai.

Yeah, yeah, this, Mu Bai, you’re sitting here yourself, I need to go out on business now, said Xue Tsang.

Good, Mu Bai nodded.

Looking at Xue Tsang, Mu Bai finally felt that his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

Mu Bai’s face turned white and his eyes turned red, it was impossibly difficult for him, and he felt extremely devastating.

He really hoped that all this was just speculation that Mo Fan would not wait for anyone in the museum, which would prove Mu He’s innocence, and that Zhang Xiao Hou was wrong.

But this is only if

Otherwise, everything that happens around him will turn out to be an illusion!

The execution plan, the assassination of all dignitaries for the sake of Sa Lan, then there will simply be no one to fight, if suddenly the ruler of the undead makes his way inside the walls, then millions of people will die, and the whole city will be overwhelmed by the undead Everyone will die.. relatives, classmates, friends

In a nook and cranny on Hui Ming Street, there were two people fully dressed in blue robes, their faces covered with dense fabric, obviously so that no one could recognize them.

Are you sure there are no elite guard magicians with them?  said deacon Hujing.

I’m sure that the city behind the inner walls has turned into a lonely island, the banks of which are washed by the undead, unable to destroy the magic barrier, and the location of some magicians of the elite guard is unknown, not to mention the high-ranking, but you can certainly say that those guys were going to a museum. But if they suddenly find out that the sacred spring is the water from the wells and can fight it, then the rain will immediately lose its strength And if the undead suddenly subside, and all these people return back to their place, then our plan said Xue Cang.

Deacon Hujing frowned, the fact that they did not catch Fang Gu is already a big miscalculation. But God forbid them, if Fang Gu has already cleaned the undead. Who would have thought that eventually Mo Fan would discover the secret of their sacred source!

If this moron Yu An had not missed twice, then there would not be so many problems!  Hu Jing arrived in anger.

At first, in the city of Bo, Hu Jing could not help if he had done something, he would have revealed himself right there. The helplessness of his subordinates really went beyond all limits, first in the city of Bo, then in the devilish city of Shanghai they lost one blue!

This damn Mo Fan really caused all their troubles!


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