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So what have we decided? Need helpers?  asked Xue Tsang.

What if it’s a trap?

You don’t believe Mu Bai?

Do I believe? Why should I believe him? He again does not accept the baptism of the Black Church.

Then tell me what to do? Cardinal Salan does not want to talk to me Xue Tsang asked hastily.

If a sacred source is found, they risk their lives. Because they know better than others that the water in this spring is better than in the well of Bo and has a better effect. Who would know that the city of Bo, which did not carry a hidden threat, today will be the main obstacle

-This is most likely a trap. But even if this is so, we can go and make sure whether it is true or not. If this is true, then the boy has a sacred source in his hands.  said deacon Hujing

Who then to send?  here asked Xue Tskhan.

Deacon Hujing said, laughing: Let us finish our great triumph, let there be sacrifices, and I am no exception.


The museum was located in the southern part of the bell tower, this old place did not store antiquities and books, but those things that proved that magic has existed in China for millennia.

When disaster struck, all antiques and literature were moved to a special warehouse in advance. People were less afraid of their own death than the death of these cultural monuments!

The museum was very large, the main hall of the museum was like a whole palace. The dome towered 15 meters.

Trying to hide from disaster, people filled the halls of the museum. It was cold and damp outside, and here was a real paradise for refugees.

There was a rumble of voices everywhere, when Mo Fan arrived here, he regretted it a little. In the event that there is a battle with the ministers of the Black Church, many people may suffer. Now we need to figure out where to move people from here.

But nevertheless, what Mo Fan absolutely did not expect was that as soon as he came to the museum, a stranger would give him a note in which someone asked him to go up to the roof of the museum alone.

Seeing this note, Mo Fan realized that the enemy was bolder. But he still wants to see this deacon Hujing!


The roof of the museum was made of tiles, its high cornice rose, as if it were a beautiful royal palace.

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Drops of rain hit the tiles, water drained into the gutter along the ledge. The gutter looked like a stream, which turned into a waterfall. Water from the eaves poured onto the ground, falling into the pond. Like a dragon lying on the roof of a museum spitting water!

The museum has become a huge gathering place for refugees. Below, there was no place for an apple to fall, only on this roof, with bent corners, was very quiet and calm. And cold rain poured from the sky unceasingly.

Mo Fan stood in the middle of the roof, throwing a loose gray raincoat over his shoulders.

From here one could see the inner city walls, which were blurred in a curtain of rain.

But if you look closely, then behind the inner walls you could see a huge detachment of evil spirits, which approached from all sides.

The rocky tyrant is already close!!!

Sitting here, Mo Fan saw his body towering in the rain clouds. In addition, huge eyes looked out from the clouds, like two cold moons.

Long time no see, Mo Fan. How is your father Mo Jia Sin?  a voice came from behind Mo Fan

Mo Fan turned slowly, saw that there was someone else on the roof. He was wearing a raincoat, the outlines of his impressive figure vaguely protruding in the veil of rain.

A face with thick eyebrows and a beard could be seen from under the hood of the raincoat, but it was clear from his glossy face that this was a man who was not used to denying himself something.

Mo Fan did not like this type with all his heart. A very long time ago he took a house from the family of Mo Fan, his rejection grew into hatred.

But Mo Fan did not even think that his atrocities would be limited only to this. Now he has done so much!

My father is doing well. He is so rich that there is nowhere to spend money. He found a beautiful stepmother for me, bought several country houses, he lives better nowhere. Only now I didn’t think that you would draw here, such a surprise.  Mo Fan answered calmly.

Haha, you’re so smart that you see right through me. Why am I hiding? However, Zhang Xiao Hou lives better than I thought. He is still alive. But it is not important. Hmm, your father is a good person, and what I really regretted for my life is that I didn’t kill him earlier, and you, a little bunny, would not bring me so many problems.  laughed Mu He.

Mo Fan looked at his face under the hood. It really was Mu He!

Only the fact that Mu He so successfully lured him to come here did not reassure Mo Fan.

But if he really is Deacon Hujin, he could send other deacons here as well. He does not need to come here personally.

I had a thousand and one ways to kill you, Mu He said bluntly.

I thought you wouldn’t do that, Mo Fan answered.

Yes, if I did, people in court would doubt me. I could make it so that no one would have guessed. But I didn’t want to be suspected. This has affected our triumph today. Why did I want you to come to the roof? So that we enjoy the beautiful view together!  Mu He opened his arms.

It feels like Mu He was not in the rain or a city in disaster. He bathed in the clear light of joy and good mood!

Beautiful view???

After Mo Fan heard these words, his body was covered with goosebumps.

In fact, even if I knew that you would become an obstacle in my path, I would not touch you with a single finger. Keep in mind that you still play an insignificant role in this magnificent ceremony, said Mu He.

Do you still think that the sacred spring is in my hands?  Mo Fan laughed coldly.

The sky darkened. Do you think your sacred spring will survive until dawn? But what if this city does not survive even tonight?  He asked a counter question.


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