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At this moment, Mo Fan thought about how sick this Hongjing should be, and what could he talk about with him?

However, when he saw this look of Mu He, Mo Fan felt like the whole world was shaking!

There was a battle between Lu Juan and the skeletal ruler in the sky, from which such vibrations came, as if space had collapsed!

The wall in some that place really dipped. A black hole appeared in this place, inside of which there was definitely something.

Space continued to sag, the black hole of chaos grew larger, turning from a small dot into a big gap!

It looked like a gap on this side, but hell was visible from above!

That’s, Han Ji’s eyes quickly scurried back and forth.

Zhu Meng and Dusiao stood next to Mo Fan, and they both could not believe their eyes!

The space continued to sag, gradually turning into a black chaotic whirlpool!

So it was to see how thousands of carrion fall there under the pressure of rain

It was not clear how deep this quagmire was, but it was getting bigger!!!

Demons roared, and the corpses shouted!

The most terrible thing in this world was when there was the simultaneous roar of thousands of demons, interspersed by their moans!!!

And although it was impossible to make out the bottom of this gap, you could already see its contents!


Someone shouted, and at that moment the hairs on the heads of all those present stood on end!


The territory of corpses, skeletons and demons!

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Zombie abyss!

The breath of death has become extremely dense, and now everyone believed that they really had an entrance to the underworld!

The eyes of all people were riveted here!

And although the laughter of senior deacon Khujing, people’s thoughts were still heard now they were busy with completely different thoughts!

Ha ha ha! Here is the answer that everyone has been waiting for! The greatest necromancer magician who turned his grave into the epicenter of the underworld! Now you can go and talk with him! Ha ha ha said Mu He.

His expression was becoming increasingly barbaric, and his flaming eyes were fixed on the zombie abyss as if his eyes were looking at the most beautiful action in the world!

You want to say that the tomb of the emperor is inside this zombie abyss? Asked the stranger with his face closed. Even through the matter it was possible to trace how the muscles on his face shuddered.

Zombie abyss! This is definitely there!

My God! Is this a place for a man?

Black danger level! A man cannot survive there!

The reaction of the top-level magicians who watched everything that happens from the clock tower was no different from the reaction of ordinary people.

Did Mo He exchanged Salan’s life for this?! Really someone could get out alive from a zombie abyss?!

It can not be! Even Han Ji was not capable of this!

It seems that Lu Huang and the skeletal lord were consumed by the zombie abyss! Someone shouted.

Only from the clock tower was it clear that Lu Juan and the skeletal ruler had really fallen into this abyss.

The gap had already really turned into a huge hole, and now you could see how Lu Juan and the skeletal lord tried to break out of this space, but their bodies continued to be sucked even deeper! to break free?!

All the people were looking carefully at Lou Juan they saw how this quagmire was pulling him in!

Insides of Mo Fan just flipped. He then thought that someone would, and Lu Juan would certainly be able to get out. However, he continued to be dragged on further

It seemed that the quagmire became even larger after it tightened the two.

Mo Fan continued to look there in the hope that Lu Huang still be able to get out! But nothing happened.

Lu Huang was pulled down as well as the skeletal lord. The underworld was on the drum of whom to digest!


Some frightening silence descended from heaven

The rain continued to drum, and now the entire horizon was covered by black hordes of undead

Oh yes! Right! I can tell you something else from the plan of the Black Church! For starters, can you let go of the remaining dignitaries you detained? Senior Deacon Hujing said with a smile.

Han Ji continued to be numb.

The guards released the remaining Lu Xu, Lin Xi, and Li Yu Jiang. However, they now understood that the current situation was not much different from the underworld!

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