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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 648 Offspring of the Ancient Emperor Read Novel

Chapter 648 Offspring of the Ancient Emperor VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 648 Offspring of the Ancient Emperor VERSATILE MAGE

Losing the presence of spirit, people were already starting to whisper: I’d rather go out to meet fate than I will wait for death here!

It’s better to die in battle than in zombies abyss! said Liu Xu.

Although it was useless to fight, but since there is no choice, it is better to run out from under the golden dome to meet the ubiquitous undead!

Count me, too, said Li Yu Jian.

Decay, complete despair this is not for magicians of the highest level, it’s better to take away several corpse giants, demons-governor, or if lucky, then one tyrant!

Everyone calmed down! suddenly said a mysterious white-gray with a loud voice.

But we didn’t get excited, if it is destined to die, it is better to die with honor, since Salan is among us, so let him go outside with us, and let’s see who we die faster, or this pathetic dog! said the leader of the alliance of hunters.

It’s worth killing, it’s worth killing, but you don’t have to go, as if to your own execution. According to information obtained just from reliable sources, the zombie abyss is undoubtedly a fatal place, and neither skeletal lord nor Lu Sui could escape, but this does not mean that it is impossible to enter! said the mysterious white-gray people on the bell tower.

Hearing this, the crowd immediately began to exchange glances with sparkling eyes!

Can I enter the zombie abyss??

Is there really a way to enter?

Only now Liu Sui was a rank magician, and he was sucked into it, so it is not clear what awaits there good luck or imminent death. There is no one among them who would be stronger than him, so just jumping into it is a clear path to death!

Now you can be sure that the zombie abyss is the tomb of the Ancient Emperor of the country of ghosts, which was created by him more than two thousand years ago in order to fall asleep in it with an eternal sleep. And there is no one who would dare to disturb him, said the mysterious white-gray.

This information has just been confirmed, and the tomb of the emperor was really under the zombie abyss, because no one could find it!

The ancestor of the undead, Emperor Ying Zheng, remained one of the most outstanding magicians for thousands of years, his knowledge of the element of the earth was amazing, the wall in the north, protecting from monsters, was just his creation.

A genius in life, a hero among the souls of the dead this phrase is best suited to describe him!

He’s a burial il himself under the zombie abyss, it’s just amazing, even for the world of magic!

Anyone, including even the most outstanding magicians, will not be able to enter his tomb, but there is a certain group of people for whom the zombie abyss is not an obstacle. These are people from dangerous villages! The mysterious white-gray said, pointing to Fang Gu.

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Everyone turned to Fang Gu for a moment, for whom all this was no less a surprise, and he looked bewildered at the white-gray.

Undead did not attack the Weiju village, precisely because they were descendants of the Ancient Emperor. The zombie abyss is capable of destroying all living things, stopping everyone at the entrance to the tomb, but the tomb’s gates are always glad to receive the inhabitants of the villages, said the mysterious white-gray excitedly.

Suddenly a small spark of fire appeared in the hearts of those who had lost hope people, but it’s worth it, and even this small gap is better than doing nothing and waiting for your death!

You say villagers can enter a zombie abyss?

Is it true, is it really true?

How did you define this? Zhu Meng went to the mysterious gray and looked him in the eye.

This has not been verified, but the person who transmitted the information to me is absolutely reliable, and that people from dangerous villages can enter the zombie abyss most likely true, and we definitely should try, the mysterious white-gray said importantly.

Fan Gu felt general hope now fall on his shoulders, he kept silent for a moment, then hesitantly began: our village has the instructions of the ancestors that are known to all the inhabitants of the village, but the heads of the village always had their secrets e covenants. They say that there is divine protection over us, and even if the country is on the verge of destruction, this destruction will be our esteemed guests. I do not know if there is a connection between the death of the country and this zombie abyss.

Several thousand years have passed and all the secret covenants passed from mouth to mouth become more and more blurred with each generation. Take the city of Bo, for example, there used to be people who knew the sacred source and knew about it, and were also able to connect the villages and the city of Bo. Now these stories are conveyed by the true heirs of the first emperors, and the fact that they remained intact is extremely surprising!

If you really want me to go down under the zombie abyss, I am ready to try. After all, it’s my fault in front of people, and if I can help millions with something, it means that my life is worth something, said Fan Gu.

I’m very glad to hear your words, said Han Ji.

Chairman, let me go too, said Su Xiao Luo.

Su Xiao Luo was also from the village, and if Fan Gu can calmly and without incident enter a zombie abyss, and of course she too.

A zombie abyss is not a safe place, you better stay in the inner city, Fan Gu waved his head negatively.

Fan Gu, I want, something to ask, Zhang Xiao Hou said right there.

Ask, said Fan Gu.

When I went through the Yanbai village I saw lilies of the valley the house Zhang Xiao Hou was killed on the floor.

Lilies of the valley are one of the traditions of the village, meaning that the head of this house was dead, Fan Gu replied indifferently.

They were at every house, does this mean that the whole village has perished?- continued the question Zhang Xiao Hou.

Yeah, all you saw were the living dead. I wanted them to spend the last week in their village, and then burned down, unfortunately, you military were there And I had to maintain control over them so that they talked with you and you quickly left the village. And the lilies of the valley at the houses just mean that they all died, did you know from the very beginning? Asked Fan Gu. Because you also think that the blood of villages flows in you, and you want to go to the zombie abyss? Asked Fan Gu.

Zhang Xiao Hou nodded, If you can, then I can. Since this is a tomb, it will not be easy inside and we need to take care of each other.

And if you cant? Asked Zhou Ming.

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