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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 650 Determination to stay alive Read Novel

Chapter 650 Determination to stay alive VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 650 Determination to stay alive VERSATILE MAGE

Han Ji took on the protection of three: Mo Fan, Zhang Xiao Hou and Fang Gu. One could only hope that they would not be incinerated by a zombie abyss, otherwise the city was doomed.

Upon reaching the gate, one could see that the glow of the magic barrier changed and became darker, some kind of brownish-golden. Now thousands of carrots were already visible that they were striving in this direction in a single stream!

The inner wall was shaking all this time, but the situation was aggravated by the fact that the vibrations were amplified from the collision of the undead with the magic barrier!

Mo Fan glanced at the crowd and sighed involuntarily.

These hordes of undead were so intimidating did he have the courage to enter the zombie abyss that belonged to black level of danger?

It’s strange, where did ordinary people come from? Fang Gu frowned, pointing a finger at the crowd of walking people.

The team of people consisted mainly of men who, led by war magicians, walked towards the north gate.

Around it was already completely dark, but even in this pitch darkness, the gloomy faces of these people were visible in the moonlight. They walked so slowly, as if they were being led to the death penalty.

Why bring these ordinary people? Do they really want them to go outside the wall with us? Asked Su Xiao Luo.

Exactly, said the stranger.

But this means certain death for them!It’s not difficult for so many undead to kill them! Cried Zhang Xiao Hou.

They will leave the little gate, attract the attention of the undead, and there you will appear in the arena and go to the side of the zombie abyss, said the mysterious stranger.

My God! You want to use them as bait! What, then, is our difference from the Black Church? Su Xiao Luo did not calm down.

Yes! Protecting them is our magical duty

The military assistant, hearing cries, said: We did not give such an order! Nobody forced them, they volunteered!.

Themselves?! Have you agreed to go to certain death? asked Zhou Ming.

They understand what is happening more clearly than you. We published information about the manifestation of the zombie abyss, and also reported that before dawn the city may be swallowed by this quagmire. We magicians, of course, will do our duty, but we will not refuse the help of volunteers. They do this so that you can penetrate the abyss. Yes, they will be torn to pieces by the undead, but at least their children have hope. That is why they volunteered, and there were many more than we expected, said military Yao Ting in a cool voice.

Mages can die at the hands of the undead, but ordinary people cant???

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Yao Ting had already informed the residents that there was no other way out, and besides, the magicians themselves risked their lives much more, because they had to enter the zombie abyss!

-Sorry, I compared you to the minions of the Black Church, -Su Xiao Luo, bowing her head.

-I could not explain all this to you, but I want you to understand that this way will save a lot more lives. The determination of the inhabitants is still necessary, because not everyone has the strength to sacrifice their lives. We must be grateful to them for this! said military Yao Ting.

Do not constantly talk about death this is a sign of cowardice!

Each person has the right to choose to stay alive, but also has the right to choose to die.

The night had just come, and before dawn there was still a very long time. Life and death in these conditions did not have cardinal differences, however, one had to clearly understand what was left behind.

There were small gates on the eastern side of the northern ravens.

Stream of volunteers crowded precisely at these gates.

One could see how the small gates opened, and people were led by a top-level magician who let them in front of them with a golden glow of protection. The body of the mage of the highest level was surrounded by electric lightning of violet color, which forced the undead to keep their distance.

There were also military magicians who continuously released magic into the crowd of undead. A glow of magic illuminated the district, breaking through the dark hordes of the undead.

Soon a crowd of volunteers passed through a safe border and headed for the area cleared by the mages.

Volunteers looked belligerent, but in the eyes of undead, they were only pieces of meat.

Now you could see how the undead, smelling a living smell, immediately flowed towards the volunteers.

After all, not all of them will be eaten, right? Su Xiao Lu turned her back on this bloody sight. She, too, was determined to get into the zombie abyss to find out what she was capable of!

The most important thing is to successfully pass through the territory of the undead, then the military magicians will lead them back to the small gate. Many will die, but among the magicians there will be many more dead. Now the most important thing is that these people create a powerful smell of living flesh, only in this way you can go through a dense wall of undead, said the stranger.

Mo Fan always considered himself too frivolous, however, when he saw the spectacle being torn people, his breath caught.

These residents have already shown their determination!

How does the undead dare to attack?

Gathering the will into a fist, Mo Fan looked forward again.

The undead in front really parted

Everyone who needs to descend into the zombie abyss, get ready! the voice of Chairman Han Ji was heard.

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