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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 656 Whirlpool afterlife Read Novel

Chapter 656 Whirlpool afterlife VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 656 Whirlpool afterlife VERSATILE MAGE

That flower once consumed 200-300 creatures, it placed the undead in its huge core, as if what had just swallowed the flower was digested, moving inside.

The location of the huge flower was that place of the cluster of cadavers mentioned by the left extreme. You can almost certainly say that the flower swallowed a lot of cadaverous governors along with the other corpses.

The green constellations followed one after another, Han Ji did not stop using the highest level magic, and the speed with which he created the constellations was very great. One could only see how light green luminous seeds continuously appeared between his fingers, with which he shot at the thick wall of the corpses, like bullets.

Soon, giant flowers began to blossom in the crowd of corpses, every time a flower opened its mouth, at least 100 creatures were inside it. How many cadaverous governors turned out to be locked inside the flower!

Make your way! Han Ji shot again, a giant flower emerged from the seed again.

At that moment, Mo Fan and the others were already in the place where the giant flower was, only when they were here, they realized how huge this flower is. Despite the fact that the cadaveric carcasses were very large, they easily fit inside.

When the magical flower swallowed something, it closed its mouth tightly. By the time it opened a second time, the body of the flower was fading.

But what absorbed the flower turned into a lifeless bunch, if the flower withers, then what he ate should die with it!

Frightening it was that Mo Fan first saw the high magic of the plant level, like this giant flower that appeared in the abyss of the undead. And the seeds that Han Ji shot, even the thick wall of evil could not resist this magic. He did not know how high the level of magic of Han Ji in practice. He only had time to watch Han Ji shoot nonstop into the abyss of evil with seeds of plants.

The road was cleared, elite guards could continue moving forward.

Gradually blew out from the front the afterlife, the further the magicians moved, the piercing the wind became. It feels like this wind from the afterlife was ready to take the spiritual energy of the magicians!

The wind howled as if it were a howl and a cry of evil spirits. Perhaps the sorcerers got too close to the abode of the evil spirits.

Even the evil spirits were afraid of death, after the thickest wall was destroyed, the number of undead in front decreased.

A wind boat was rushing, and, in the end, you could see that terrible abode of evil spirits. The boat was moving inside the abyss, now it was clear that the afterlife was blowing right from here.

We can’t move further, otherwise we will be drawn into the maelstrom of the afterlife!- hastily reported the leftmost

The closer the magicians were to the entrance to the abominable abode, the stronger the swirl of the afterlife became. Now, having this distance from the entrance, high-level magicians were protected. But moving forward a little, it will take tremendous power to overcome the force of the suction swirl of the afterlife!

Han Ji looked at the magicians of the elite guard and noticed that the wind boats were off course due to the suction power of the wind.

Now it was clear that it was already impossible to maintain the balance of power.

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Get out of here, we will accompany them on this section of the path! Han Ji said to the leftmost.

The leftmost nodded his head, he immediately ordered high-level magicians to evacuate.

As soon as the evacuation order was issued, the assault squad immediately decreased, there were only a few top-level magicians and magicians from the elite guard detachment who continued their advancement with Mo Fan and the others.

In the next 300-400 meters, the power of the afterlife exceeded the expectations of the magicians, this wind not only took the form of a terrifying whip that hit the spiritual energy of people. It is not surprising that the amount of evil spirits has decreased. Most of the undead have been sucked by the afterlife into this abyss!

We can only escort you to this place Pi uh! I’m going to retreat!

I will help you!

Du Xiao immediately went into retreat.

You too leave! Han Ji gave the order to the magicians of the highest level.

Chairman, but what about you?

I will accompany them a little more! Han Ji has already put on magic mail, appearing in full outfit of dark gold. He looked truly magnificent!

Han Ji saw that the faces of these four magicians barely showed joy and calmness: the maelstrom of the afterlife does not affect you in any way, this gate to the netherworld was really open for the descendants of the old emperor.

Zhang Xiao Hou, Fang Gu, Su Xiao Luo looked at each other. Even top-level magicians cannot resist the maelstrom of the afterlife!

Zhang Xiao Hou was already standing on the edge of the abode, the maelstrom of the afterlife did not draw him in, now there was no doubt.

But Mo Fan has long felt the breath of the afterlife. It seemed to the three of them that only a cold wind was blowing in their faces, and Mo Fan felt that the afterlife was ready to tear them in its claws.

These three were safe, and he himself was subjected to sudden blows of the wind. It was obvious that he was not a resident of a dangerous village and not a resident of the city of Bo.

When Mo Fan decided to retreat, he felt the Flame Belle let out the weak light that Mo Fan wrapped.

Only he could see this light, he looked like a small stream of a river that encircled his body. As if it were entry-level magic a water shield. The afterlife blows stopped, Mo Fan was on a par with the other three magicians!

In any case, this time he owed his life to a Little Flame Belle. If she had not turned the water of the sacred spring into a shield that protected Mo Fan, he would have been torn to shreds by the force of the afterlife.

I will leave you here, I won’t go any further Han Ji stayed with four magicians to the last, so that Salan could not strike them.

I will transfer the salvation of this city into your hands Han Ji firmly said

What was happening with the city everyone saw with their own eyes, there was no point in talking about it.

Everyone nodded their head.

Han Ji looked at Mo Fan for the last time, his face was like sincere words were written on it: Mo Fan, I heard a lot about you, but I would like you to do a miracle for us I beg you very much!

How come I will act in accordance with the circumstances answered Mo Fan.

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