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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 657 Entrance to the Zombie Deep Read Novel

Chapter 657 Entrance to the Zombie Deep VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 657 Entrance to the Zombie Deep VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan’s answer astounded Chairman Han Ji.

Didn’t he take an oath???

However, if you think about it carefully, Han Ji is also now relaxed. It is still unknown what awaits them at the bottom of the zombie abyss. It is possible that even top-level magicians like Lu Huang could not survive, and it is not a fact that they will see the supreme monarch of all the undead.

Han Ji turned around and left.

And although Han Ji’s armor was very powerful, his strength was now insufficient to protect the whole city.

Mo Fan also did not know if this old man’s words injured him, but now there was a zombie in front of their eyes is a tumble. Their further path was unknown.

Come on, time is running out, said Fan Gu.

Mo Fan nodded and wanted to say something, but noticed the silhouette in the breeze of the afterlife.

The silhouette seemed to be stuck in this wind and could be destroyed at any moment

Mo Fan took a closer look, and his heart sank sharply into heels.

This is Liu Zhu!

It seems that she can not resist the afterlife.

Fool! cursed Mo Fan. Turning into a black shadow, he was already striving there.

Liu Zhu was not so far, otherwise the afterlife would simply suck her into her whirlpool, and Mo Fan could not save her.

Mo Fan clung to Liu Zhu, but immediately felt that some unknown force was literally dragging her toward the abyss.

Fang Gu, Su Xiao Luo and Zhang Xiao Hou also rushed to the aid of Mo Fan, but they were all drawn into the wind.

The dark talisman, well, shine!

Mo Fan pressed himself tightly against Liu Zhu, trying to cover her with the protection of the sacred spring.

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The energy of the dark talisman could protect only one person, but since Liu Zhu really miniature, and managed to take it under protection.

The tightening force began to dissipate, and all four were able to breathe.

Why are you tired of living at all? Mo Fan looked at Liu Zhu unfriendly.

I I just wanted to accompany you, I didn’t know that I could be sucked, Liu Zhu’s face turned red.

It’s good that I’m not a descendant of demons, therefore a sacred source could protect me, otherwise you would simply be torn to pieces! Chairman, take away damn it, but where is the chairman? Mo Fan wanted Han Ji to take Liu Zhu with him, but he had already disappeared.

She won’t be able to return, she’ll have to go down with us together. Since your talisman can protect against the afterlife and her, nothing will happen to her, said Fan Gu.

Yeah, then we need to hurry, said Su Xiao Luo.

Since then, Mo Fan also did not begin to rant. Although he was worried about Liu Zhu, now the main question was how can everyone survive?

Moving towards the zombie abyss, the wind of the underworld became stronger, turning everything around into chaos as if you were in a completely different dimension.

Before the dawn of the zombie- the abyss seemed to drift in the space of change, so even after the night they could not reach their destination. It was impossible to delay.

Having assumed such a burden, the guys understood what awaited them. However, when they were really about to descend into the abyss, their bodies began to be jerked with cramps and spasms, and their heart seemed to be about to jump out. !

Su Xiao Luo and Fang Gu were villagers, and therefore accustomed to the constant presence of the undead nearby.

Perhaps the grave of their ancient ancestor is really downstairs

Fan Gu, you’re older, first you, said Mo Fan.

With all due respect, I am also very much at risk, and I also would not like to be in such a place. I would like the souls of all the dead to remain here. But they are becoming more violent, and this process is irreversible, said Fan Gu.

The dead, smelling living flesh, immediately began to fly together!

Then I’ll go first, Zhang Xiao Hou answered, seeing that Fan Gu and Mo Fan did not dare to do so.

They were right next to the underworld

Zhang Xiao Hou could already see how these ghouls would tear him to pieces

Or maybe we’ll go together? suggested Su Xiao Luo.

Comes on.

Mo Fan grabbed Liu Zhu and moved forward in one breath, leaving no room for respite.

Liu Zhu was also not one of the descendants of the emperor, so she urgently needed the protection of the sacred source. Fang Gu, Su Xiao Luo and Zhang Xiao Hou were already there.

The undead inside the abyss were full, and the afterlife was howling even stronger.

Mo Fan already could not make out anything, his thoughts stopped. The wind could not destroy the protective power of the dark talisman, and the dive itself was like diving into the sea.

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