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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 658 The White Tomb Read Novel

Chapter 658 The White Tomb VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 658 The White Tomb VERSATILE MAGE

Resentment seized the brain. On this stretch of the road you could find countless restless souls who either whispered, complained, or growled in the ear. Some of them were cultural in appearance, trying to imitate the Old English language. One soul in a whisper asked if the distinguished gentleman wants to listen to the stories of the poor woman.

You listen to her once, immediately you begin to feel sorry for the girl who has fallen into this abyss. You listen a second time, and it seems to you that she should not experience such torment. You listen the third time, the fourth, the fifth

And she complains non-stop, pouring her crazy memories into the human brain. Forcing you on your own skin to experience her adversity and suffering. But as soon as you lose patience, she turns into a black evil old woman, destroying that touching impression of a fragile and soft girl.

Experience my suffering!

And you too experience my suffering!

It seemed to Mo Fan that he was in the world of chaotic dreams. In this kingdom of dreams, he experienced for himself what it feels like to come into contact with souls. Each time after talking with them, the heart was broken into a thousand parts.

A long way, incomparably long There are thousands of spirits and each of them is trying to redirect his suffering to you. Up to the point that you have to endure these sufferings a thousand times: hang yourself a thousand times, drown a thousand times, be sentenced to death a thousand times, be buried alive a thousand times

Mo Fan felt that he It’s not him. His memory was already captured by spirits, as if an endless tragedy had invaded his life. As if he was in a horror movie.

The psyche withstood the terrible power of the afterlife, but began to fall apart. The pendant that hung on the neck emitted light, but it did not give any result. The hatred of this evil spirits covered everything!

In fact, the abode of the evil spirits was shallow. There was a deep resentment, a bottomless abyss of suffering!


It was unclear how many laps have been traveled, how many centuries have been lived, how many memories from a past life still remain in mind. Mo Fan opened his eyes again and doubted whether he really came to his senses.

Gradually, memories began to return to his head, but the fatigue from the endless transmissions of souls made itself felt, Mo Fan sat numb on the ground for some that time.

This is all a dream

A very long nightmare

But Mo Fan was glad that all the memories that didn’t belong he was gradually erased from his memory.

Mo Fan? a gentle and caring voice came from the side.

Mo Fan gradually regained consciousness and saw that Liu Zhu was standing on the side, a little messy and shabby. A seal of alarm lay on her pretty face. She had a sad look of a beautiful woman pouring tears, only tears were not visible.

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Liu Zhu Are you as if okay? Mo Fan looked into Liu Zhu’s eyes and was very surprised.

You carried me all the time! We fell for a few seconds, but after the fall you became very strange. I called you, but you didn’t answer, said Liu Zhu.

A few seconds? Mo Fan laughed.

Others seemed to be crazy too, but everything is fine with us. I thought that this evil spirits would tear us to shreds, and the cadaverous mountain would bury us alive. But then I noticed that there was a black hole in the cadaverous mountain, and when the corpses attacked us, we immediately jumped into this hole, and then ended up here. Liu Zhu joyfully informed Mo Fan.

Mo Fan looked around.

He knew for sure that this abode was a space piled on top of one another, like circles of hell. The first circle is the devils flying like clouds.

But after the space with the devils, there is one more place (another circle of hell).

This place is very large, so big that, having got here, it seems that it has got to another world.

Mo Fan, looking around for the first time, was confused. But after thinking carefully, he realized that this was a bit like a draft world, which he entered at the initial level.

Of course, this world was not as large as the draft world. But the gray earth looked like a mountain with a truncated top. And as far as I could see the dark sky was visible.

There is a white palace. Perhaps this is the imperial tomb we were looking for. said Liu Zhu, pointing to something in the distance.

Mo Fan immediately went to see the white palace caught his attention. It was made of white stone and sparkled throughout the district.

The imperial tomb should have looked very noble and clean. But this strange white color did not betray the shade of death to the tomb.

This is where? Zhang Xiao Hou’s voice was heard.

Mo Fan could not tear him away from the cold white tomb, not even noticing how Zhang Xiao Hou came to his senses from a nightmare. By his bewildered appearance, one could understand that he had experienced the same painful rebirths as Mo Fan.

In fact, if the memory of those painful rebirths, of that communication with the spirits had not been erased, then the guys would turn into schizophrenics!

This old emperor was well versed in spatial levels, we have already gone through three of them. At first it seemed to us that the territory of these places is very small, in fact, the spaces were gigantic. The compaction of spaces he created allows us to create a new space, a new world. This emperor was truly outstanding!Mo Fan rejoiced that he remained alive and was experiencing the magic of all these spaces created by the emperor.

Before such a tomb, the power of magic that is used 2000 years later fades!

This time, Zhang Xiao Hou also saw the white imperial tomb and involuntarily exhaled: The tomb of the emperor! Under this abode of evil spirits the truth is the tomb of the old emperor! Today you will be resurrected because you will leave your tomb!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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