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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 665 Bridges of Nine Deaths and One Life (Part 2) Read Novel

Chapter 665 Bridges of Nine Deaths and One Life (Part 2) VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 665 Bridges of Nine Deaths and One Life (Part 2) VERSATILE MAGE

Imperial Tomb.

Statues Inside, everything was filled with statues. All of them were made of stone, it seemed that their surface was as soft and smooth as a girl’s skin.

And most importantly, all these statues were fragile and graceful statues of women. The poses and expressions of their faces were different: someone has a bowed head, someone is standing in a bow of the earth, someone is greeting you, someone is smiling. Passing by them, it feels like the emperor really left his beautiful wives to meet the guests who came here.

And to show that these women really love the emperor, there were no clothes on the statues. This unprecedented beauty of their bodies was crazy It was hard to believe that they were just stone statues.

The faces of Liu Zhu and Su Xiao Lo turned red when they saw these statues on the faces of Mo Fan, Zhang Xiao Hou and Fang Gu also wrote awkwardness. This emperor really had a passion for collecting, including statues of these women. Each of them had its own beauty and charm.

Monkey, which one do you like? Mo Fan poked Zhang Xiao Hou in the side, quietly asking.

Mo Fan, my head is now completely different. I want to quickly get to the imperial throne. In the end, people are waiting for us said Zhang Xiao Hou seriously.

And? Which one do you like?- Mo Fan liked to joke in difficult times, because even at such times primitive human fantasies could not be stopped.

Well Zhang Xiao Hou’s face turned red, he whispered, I like that girl walking from the side

Mo Fan looked at Su Xiao Luo and smiled involuntarily.

Beautiful sculptures again, perfect looks again, incomparable facial features. But in the end, it’s all a mountain of inanimate sculptures. How beautiful these girls are, capable of touching human hearts!

Here it’s not like in the gallery that you’re coming, you’re coming and you don’t see the beginning? Asked Su Xiao Luo, unable to restrain herself.

There were really a lot of sculptures arranged in two rows. And each of them looked different. It was as if they had entered that endless gallery again

Ah, just a little bit more. Mo Fan pointed forward, making it clear that there are no more statues ahead.


The mages continued their journey. Indeed, the sculptures were no longer visible. The mood of Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou was different. Zhang Xiao Hou quickly looked at the sculptures and did not even dare to look at Liu Zhu walking with him. But Mo Fan was not at all embarrassed. This is just an artistic purpose. People, even in tombs, at least in other places, cannot stop striving for beauty. Otherwise, what would be the difference between people and salted fish?

What kind of black crap is ahead? Walking ahead of all, Zhang Xiao Hou suddenly asked.

There is no road? Fang Gu was stunned.

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The mages continued on their way, discovering a gradually tapering stone surface, there was darkness on both sides. It seemed that they were gradually going to the edge of the abyss.

* Whistle

The black hurricane howled, spinning non-stop from two sides of this abyss. It seemed to the mages that as soon as they took a step forward, they would immediately fall into the deepest abyss.

Zhang Xiao Hou a magician with an element of the wind. He wanted to go find out what’s going on around them. But very quickly came back in a panic. An indescribable fear was read on his face: This is a very strong wind created by the emperor. He really can erase us into powder!

A black whirlwind made its way to the bones. It seemed as if countless knives were dancing in the air. If everything is really as Zhang Xiao Hou said, except for this steep cliff, which can be located for a short while, the rest of the black space is a deadly dangerous area!

Ahead, and nothing is visible. as if there is a bridge! Liu Zhu had good eyesight, she immediately joyfully informed everyone about what she saw.

There is no road, there is a wild wind around. If there was no bridge in front, they would feel helpless. And now there is an arched bridge at the end of this cliff. It is not clear why they did not see this white bridge before!

This arched bridge was not the one under which the river passed, it was a magnificent bridge flying up to the sky. The white-gray bridge looked like a flying water dragon that flew into impenetrable darkness.

There were ten bridges in the form of a water dragon, it was impossible to see where they started. Although Zhang Xiao Hou spoke of a deadly wind in which knives danced. But this bridge seemed not subject to the destructive force of the wind

In a word, if the magicians wanted to continue their journey, they needed to cross this bridge.

Come on, the bridge does not have such a wild wind, it seems that we can safely reach the imperial throne on it. Zhang Xiao Hou said.

Wait! Su Xiao Lo grabbed Zhang Xiao Hou, who was about to leave. She was thrilled.

Fang Gu’s face also turned gray, he said quietly: These are the bridges of nine deaths and one life.

Bridges bridges of nine deaths and one life? Liu Zhu got goosebumps at these words.

There were 10 bridges in total, the last of them led to the imperial throne, the remaining nine were the place of death!

Zhang Xiao Hou was very surprised and could not say anything. Oh, if Fang Gu and Su Xiao Lo could have found in ancient texts that the road to the imperial throne leads through these bridges!

Nine bridges of death, one bridge of life. This was mentioned in ancient texts, but which bridge is the bridge of life is unknown.- confidently said Fan Gu.

And what to do From ten choose one. The probability of the right choice is very small Liu Zhu was very excited.

You do not have to choose one out of ten. There are five of us here, if we want to make a choice, then our chances increase. reasoned Mo Fan

Fan Gu shook his head: That’s right, we will all choose different bridges, this will increase the chances of finding the right bridge. Only do you really want to do that?

Fang Gu didn’t care. He had an excuse in the form of atonement for sins. Before he has to go to a court hearing where he will be sentenced, he can die without regret in the tomb of his ancestor. But Mo Fan, Liu Zhu, Zhang Xiao Hou and Su Xiao Luo have no reason to die. Not to mention the friendship of these guys.

These bridges In the end, which one to choose?

If we go together, we will die together or stay alive. But then the probability that the city will see the dawn is one tenth.

If you go separately, then the probability of saving this city will increase by half.

Bridges of nine deaths and one life This test was the most difficult among others. But the worst thing is that even if they separate, the probability of their death will still be 50%!

Choose for yourself said Fan Gu, heading for the first bridge. This choice was very difficult.

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