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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 668 Death Bridge Read Novel

Chapter 668 Death Bridge VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 668 Death Bridge VERSATILE MAGE

You say that this silvery whirlpool brought evil within? the mysterious gray-white said with doubt, the bell tower was the meeting place of the magical association.

How did this silver whirlpool appear?

Now outside the golden magic circle crowds of evil spirits turned into the ocean, but what a silver whirlpool?

The air turbulent flow is a kind of spatio-temporal door that can take you to a special space.

Everyone climbed onto bell tower to look at the wall. Beyond the magic circle that the inner walls crossed, there was impenetrable darkness, but there was a clear visible swirling silver swirl, which was located between the northern wall and the zombie abyss

A silver swirl continually pulled the undead inside, quickly blowing these creatures to an unknown destination.

Where did all this evil spirits go? asked Chujia

A silver whirlpool appeared for a short period of time, but the amount of evil that fell into this whirlpool was more than two thousand! For a huge detachment of evil spirits, two thousand creatures are nothing, but this phenomenon was very strange!

Is there any way to see what happens to the five magicians? Du Xiao was worried about Mo Fan and the others.

They are already on the bridges of nine deaths and one life, but there are no bronze mirrors on these bridges. It was impossible to understand what was going on there.

I think there is a way. There is one bronze mirror in the tomb, which depends on spiritual energy, this mirror has already flown to the bridges of nine lives and one death, following Mo Fan and the others. Now an image will appear Yes! There is! Look soon! Said Cesan hurriedly.

A piece of land appeared in Cesan’s bronze mirror. Due to the fact that the mirror showed the land from a height, it seemed that they saw this small piece of land with their own eyes, and not through the mirror.

See what it is?

Silver silver swirl?

Mages were dumbfounded in fright. The silver whirlpool they had just seen outside the wall suddenly appeared elsewhere, on this small piece of land. But what struck the most was the evil, which one after another fell out of this whirlpool like rain.

How how did it happen? the magicians did not stop looking in the mirror.

Soon they saw how tiny Mo Fan, Zhang Xiao Hou, Liu Zhu and Su Xiao Lo appeared on this piece of land. There was no one besides them, only this piece of earth and evil spirits falling from heaven. A thousandth crowd of evil spirits turned this piece of land into a forest of undead!

The worst thing the worst thing is that they are on the bridge of death! This is the bridge of death!!! Cesan shouted out these words.

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If it were the bridges of life, then they would have hit the altar. But the fact that they were on this strange isolated piece of land meant that they made a mistake choosing the bridge!

Bridge of death!

People who fall on the bridge of death don’t come back alive!

Does that mean they will die alive there? Asked Yao Nan

A separate space must have an entrance and an exit, otherwise such a space is considered deadly, which cannot be entered. But this space is small, about the same size as the inner walls. There is nothing inside this space, they can quickly find a way out. But these crowds of thousands of evil spirits will want to take their lives from them, said Han Ji.

If I were there, all these crowds of evil spirits would be killed. Eh It would be better if each of them chose on the bridge How can these children cope with a crowd of thousands of evil spirits?! Chu Jia sighed heavily, discontent was heard in his words.

If the evil spirits are a little more than a thousand, then they must cope, said Yao Nan.

I also think that the strength of Mo Fan is higher than the strength of an ordinary mid-level mage. said Zuo Feng.

How a mid-level magician will cope with a thousandth crowd of evil spirits! Do not hold us for fools! Chu Jia already lost hope, very worried.

-Mysterious white-gray and Han Ji were concentrated, the fact that the magicians got on the bridge of death made them despair. And now this crowd of thousands of evil spirits will bury them right on that tiny piece of land

Sesan, because there is nothing to worry about on this bridge of death, and if there was a high-level magician among them, would they not cope with all this evil? Asked the foreman of the hunters, Lin Xi.

She also thought that transferring the fate of the city into the hands of young magicians was unreliable, if there were magicians high level among them, everything would be different.

No, no. Not at all what you say. Creatures have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, seemingly deadly places to us, in the eyes of more powerful magicians seem trifles. But in the tomb of the emperor special spells act, so not all magicians can enter there. According to the rules of this tomb, they are only given such tests that they can handle. You now see that over a thousand critters appeared on this bridge of death, and that’s all because the strength of these four magicians is considered very powerful. But it is likely that if you could enter this tomb, the amount of evil could increase a hundred times! said Cesan

Most of the assembled magicians were top-level magicians. Their knowledge was deeper than that of Cesan. Therefore, they quickly understood what Elder Sesan was talking about.

It seems that this powerful emperor is not only an ancestor of the level of evil, not only an expert on the level of space, but also a master of the level of chaos! I did not think that he would spend so many resources on his tomb! I admire his wisdom, more than two millennia have passed, but he still amazes people. said the elderly scientist.

In another magical dimension, the element of space is considered the most powerful. The element of appeal is divided into two extreme poles strong and weak, but the element of chaos is the most mysterious and unexplored level. He is the most difficult element among the rest.

And we can confidently say that the level of control of the element of chaos in this emperor is very high!

More than a thousand creatures if only magicians could survive Han Ji sighed heavily.

In my opinion, a little more than a thousand creatures are just the beginning And magicians are not very strong However, the bridge of death is the bridge of death His they wouldn’t have been called that, if you could survive it by entering it, Sesan added.

After Sesan’s words, everyone fell silent. Han Ji’s gaze involuntarily went to the inner walls. His eyes were no longer shining

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