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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 676 Fire Sparks! Read Novel

Chapter 676 Fire Sparks! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 676 Fire Sparks! VERSATILE MAGE

Don’t cry, then they will definitely understand that we were scared of them. We must make them understand that it is they who must tremble with fear! Mo Fan reassured Flame Belle.

The Flame Belle pulled out her little pen to wipe away the tears, but they continued to flow down with fiery drops.

She knew perfectly well what awaited them in front. From the very first day with Mo Fan, she could hear his thoughts, because she was spiritually connected with him.

Mo Fan was afraid, the Little Flame Belle was even more afraid. She cried because of his fear, but that didn’t save the situation!

Ten thousand skeletons but you have to fight, not wait for the hour of death!

* Jin *

The Flame Belle gathered her strength and stopped crying. Hearing the thoughts of Mo Fan, he began to accumulate all her flame

The flame raged, reaching a height of twenty meters! This wave of fire struck a crowd of undead

A red tint sparkled in the white bone crowd. And although they did not die from the flame, fire continued to engulf them! The Flame Belle knew that death awaited them, but before that she would certainly set the heat on them!

Fiery Flame Belle! Mo Fan could not hold on to his pet.

Mo Fan immediately used shadow magic to try to catch up with the Little Flame Belle, but it was so fast that it was already lost in the crowd of undead, and all that it could now observe Mo Fan is a flare of flame in the skeletal ocean.


The flame of Little Flame began to grow, and she turned into a beautiful creature with two fiery wings. Now this fiery bird flew one meter above the ground, burning its skeletons with its flame!

A long fiery path remained behind this bird. Flying about fifty meters, the bird began to decrease in size. Magical fiery energy decreased with each set of carrion, which was very much

The appearance of the Flame Belle angered the skeletons, and after a few moments numerous bone peaks appeared in the air that were directed at it.

Each peak was so sharp that even could pierce through a stone wall!

And although these sharp peaks could not kill the Little Flame Belle, it was still possible to disperse her flame.

A Little Flame Belle, being a fiery creature, can lose its fire ability if her body would be injured. After a while, dark spots appeared on her body. If these spots appear on vital parts of Belle’s body, then they can completely evaporate!

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The little Flame Belle made a sound: still, her opposition to such a large number of undead at such a young age was impossible. She was already wounded by the countless number of bone peaks that were directed against her.

Her flame was not enough. If the power of this fire would reach the scale of the fiery witch’s fire, then all these skeletons would already turn to ashes! gritting her teeth, she gathered all her inner fire forces!

* Whistle *

She began to flare up even more, and now she could certainly incinerate them all!

The Flame Belle made a loud cry, as if something had exploded inside her little body! The brown flame now began to turn into fiery feathers, from which fire wings were now formed!

The left wing powerfully lowered down, enveloping everything below with flame! It was like a huge fire ax!

The fire ax reached dimensions of 30 meters, and the territory dissected by it, and even more about 60-70 meters.

Other the wing also cut through the other side like a cutter: even the stones were now engulfed in fire! This fire caused skeletons to fall down!

There was the largest amount of skeletons in the lower part of the space. They began to throw up their bone peaks, which were aimed at the Little Flame Belle!

The Flame Belle did not give up: she made a sound, and her fiery wings began to show off with countless sparks!

Fiery the flow of these sparks created a whirlwind, which now attacked in all directions!

Each spark had explosive power touching an object, it immediately ignited!

* Knock*

* Knock*

* Knock*

Each spark could destroy one the skeleton, as a result, everything within a radius of 200 meters around Flame Belle was engulfed in fire, and the space itself was now turning into a fiery sphere!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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