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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 677 Anger boils in the chest Read Novel

Chapter 677 Anger boils in the chest VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 677 Anger boils in the chest VERSATILE MAGE

Little Flame!

A road was made in the wall of the skeletons. Mo Fan broke through it, but this road was soon closed by an even larger number of skeletons, the beginning of the path was not visible.

Fortunately, Mo Fan was finally able to break through the skeleton forest to find a Little Flame Belle. But after she was surrounded by white skeletons, Mo Fan’s heart trembled.

The Flame Belle used all her power to fire such a powerful explosion that it had never done before.

Looking at this magnificent spectacle of the explosion, it was clear that several hundred skeletons were destroyed. Skeletons flew into small pieces as if it were flying bones rather than sawdust, covering the earth layer by layer to find solace on his shoulder.

But when there was 20 meters to Mo Fan, a creature appeared in the air, whose whole body was covered with blades and jumped to the ground. That creature headed for the little Flame Belle!

The little Flame Belle released its wings, but her strength was exhausted. How did she know that somewhere the skeleton governor was hiding, covered with blades?

It was too late when Mo Fan saw the appearance of the skeleton the governor, he only noticed how 20 meters ahead of this skeleton a swordsman wounded a Little Flame Belle. Her fragile body seemed to be cut into several parts

At this moment, Mo Fan’s eyes were bloodshot, anger boiled in his chest, like a volcano. He growled like a wild beast.

I will kill you!!!

Mo Fan’s fist and friction in the air created strong sparks, as if a meteorite had fallen to the ground!


A fist bumped into a skeleton governor, a raging fire broke free, like magma from a crater of a volcano. The powerful force of the explosion threw the skeleton governor a hundred meters ahead!

Flames hit the skeleton governor, his head scattered into pieces. The body of the skeleton also fell into several parts. If the raging fire could destroy the corpse crystal of this governor, then Mo Fan could have killed this skeleton a swordsman!

Mo Fan was all the same whether that skeleton governor was alive or dead, he hastily picked up Little Flame Belle.

There was a deep wound on the back of the Small Belle, it was almost cut into two. Seeing the badly wounded little Flame Belle, inside Mo Fan everything started to boil as if he was about to explode.

The evil spirits did not have a piece of heart that could regret. Even if Mo Fan managed to save a Little Flame Belle, this countless crowd of evil would still flood. Although a Little Flame Belle managed to destroy a certain number of skeletons, but it was still only a small part of their squad!

* Crackle and crunch!*

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Various sounds of movement of the joints of the skeletons were heard from all sides. Mo Fan, without raising his head, already knew that 50 meters around him was at least a hundred skeletons swordsmen. They could turn all living things on their way into pieces of meat in a second!

I’ll kill everyone here!!!! Shouted Mo Fan.

His body glowed with a purple-black electric arc, a crack was heard.

* Crackle *

Mo Fan stood in the same place, several lightnings fell on the ground. One of them hit the heads of the approaching skeletons, turning these creatures to dust.

* Crackle *

Thunderstorm performed a dance of passion, even more lightning fell on the ground, leaving in beautiful tracks in the air. Time after time they destroyed more and more skeletons. White dust flew up into the air!

Lightning, one after one falling upon the ground, formed a semblance of a minefield. Mo Fan stood in the center of the accumulation of electric charges. His face turned a little pale at the sight of the unbridled dance of passion, but a fire of determination shone in his eyes.

* Crunch *

The ashes had not yet dissipated in the air. These creatures came up again, a piece of land was flooded with skeletons, like a surf. Even if you kick this water with your foot, it will again fill the space on the ground. But the more the surf approaches, the higher the wave.


Mo Fan took a deep breath, shouting this strange number!

At the same time, a crowd of skeletons swordsmen surged: ahead, behind, side, in the air, on the ground. Skeletons lined up in rows, forming a cramped wall. But in the air there was the largest number of skeletons swordsmen. They formed a white net from their bodies and covered it with space.

Burning fist: tower!

Mo Fan turned his fist down, tongues of flame burst to the ground.

As the earth could not withstand the force of this fire, raging violently on its surface, bright sparks fell at the feet of Mo Fan.

The dance of the passion of fire scattered sparks everywhere, countless skeletons were thrown into the air, their bodies were burned with fire.


Mo Fan shouted this number again, as if counting something.

* wheeze *

A loud sound came out not far, Mo Fan went in that direction and saw that that skeleton the governor, to whom he had smashed his fist, stood in that place. Mo Fan did not even know where the creature made this sound from, commanding his body to rise to its feet.

This skeleton governor was disgraced, being very close to his own death!

Take a little rest, don’t show all your strength, Mo Fan said gently, patting the Flame Belle on the back.

* Jin *

The Flame Belle grabbed Mo Fan’s shoulder with both hands. A small head pressed against Mo Fan’s back. She was very calm, as if not feeling the horror of being surrounded by a detachment of skeletons!

Mo Fan gazed steadily at the skeletons-swordsmen waving with their sharp hands.

Absorption shadow: step through the shadow!

Mo Fan stepped forward, his shadow immediately became blurry. And it was not clear where he disappeared under the white skeletons.

As if a black bird flashed through the air, but these clumsy skeletons the sword-bearers thought that Mo Fan completely disappeared into this shadow. Their hands, like swords, cut through the air.

* Ringing *

Skeletons the swordsmen fell to the ground, leaving prints on hard ground. But these skeletons did not touch the shadow of Mo Fan.

Mo Fan rushed silently from side to side over a hundred skeletons. Appearing here and there in front of the decapitated skeleton of the governor.

Mo Fan could not forgive the one who injured the Little Flame Belle!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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