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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 678 Skeleton Army with Bone Peaks Read Novel

Chapter 678 Skeleton Army with Bone Peaks VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 678 Skeleton Army with Bone Peaks VERSATILE MAGE

Mo Fan, using shadow magic, immediately faced a skeleton. It was not clear if he saw Mo Fan, but he immediately prepared his sharp peak, which reached two meters in length.

The two-meter spear had about 10-20 tips, and if it were not for the protection of Mo Fan, he would have been pierced through a long time ago already!

The shadow of Mo Fan was thrown back, thus avoiding an attack.

As soon as he sank to the ground, he immediately began to form the purple star system, after which the purple lightning immediately fell on the body of this skeletal governor!

The turtle was no longer on it, but from the sternum an electric discharge pierced, a rib flew out, which fell at the feet of Mo Fan.

The skeletal governor was shaking, his chest was absent, but he still did not die.

Mo Fan was too lazy to look for this guy’s cadaveric crystal in other parts of his body, so he just released the mid-level lightning magic again, backing it with Qianjun spiritual seed!

35! Mo Fan said in a cold voice, and the remains of the skeleton that fell at his feet were now completely crushed to powder.

* Jin *

The little Flame Belle issued its sound, however, she did this not appreciate her daddy’s revenge for her, but to warn him that something had appeared in space.


Mo Fan had not yet managed to raise his head, as at a distance of five millimeters from his foot, a bone peak pierced, which pierced the stone one-third of its length. The long spear of the skeleton was trembling!

* Whistle *

* Whistle *

The sounds of guns were heard in the air. Another three or four peaks flew towards Mo Fan from different angles!

Mo Fan quickly shifted to the other side, and the peaks dug into the place where he was a moment ago, making a specific sound.

Mo Fan looked around and found that numerous white bone peaks were flying from all directions!

Now he needed to look for a place to take cover.

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He could no longer use the shield of darkness. Even if it turned into a meteorite shadow, numerous flying peaks could nail his soul right inside this shadow!

Realizing that his future plans would fail, Mo Fan grabbed a Little Flame Belle and moved forward so that flying the peaks did not overtake the Flame Belle.

Snake chain mail!

At this moment, Mo Fan activated his most expensive magic item!

Black snake the pattern appeared on the body of Mo Fan, covering his skin from head to toe. The chain mail was very strong, and at the same time, it did not restrain the owner’s movements at all.

And although Mo Fan himself was not afraid of falling bone peaks now, the Flame Belle did not have such armor.

The Little Flame Belle made a sound. Even despite the fact that everything around was covered with flying sharp guns, she was completely safe, because she was gently guarded by her daddy, covering it with his own hands.

I’m fine. These spears will not hurt me, said Mo Fan. All this time, the spears constantly tried to stick into his back.

In snake chain mail, Mo Fan’s body was incomparably powerful and stable, because the bone peaks of the skeletons of the servant level were powerless before him

Peak rain continued, rolling wave after wave. Even a well-trained mid-level mage would have long given his soul to God.

Snake chain mail exceeded all the expectations of Mo Fan with its protective functions. He found himself right in the peak rain, of course, he felt the blows of spears on his back, and numerous scratches remained on the surface of the chain mail, but there were no breaks.

This will not stop me! Mo Fan said in a cold voice, looking around the crowds of skeletons.

Naturally, these skeletons should be led by governors.

Skeletons with bone peaks were even worse than animals of the leader of the pack, because they could simultaneously attack with their many guns!

Snake chain mail also already suffered a lot, and if Mo Fan undergoes another massive attack, then it will definitely break!

At this moment, a small Flame Belle made a sound.

We will burn them all! said Mo Fan. Death itself was heard in his voice.

The flames of the Flame Belle began to flare up on Mo Fan’s chest.

Snake chain mail prevented the penetration of the flame of Flame Belle. Now Mo Fan’s flame has appeared, which completely covered the chain mail, making him seem like a man on fire!

-Fire rose! Fiery menace!

a collapsing fist!

nine dragons!

This powerful bright flame went straight at the crowds of skeletons!

The collapsing fist of nine dragons, which was comparable in power to high-level magic, massively burned down not only the undead level of the servant, but also the level of the leader of the pack!

Mo Fan needed to destroy these skeletons with sharp bone peaks, so he immediately directed his flame straight at them!


Pale green little souls were already digesting s dark talisman that hung on the chest of Mo Fan.

Without realizing Mo Fan has already increased 39 stars of the lightning element!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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