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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 682 Mountains of bones underfoot! Read Novel

Chapter 682 Mountains of bones underfoot! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 682 Mountains of bones underfoot! VERSATILE MAGE

The ancient steps were wet from the rain, and there were imprints of traces on them.

The inner walls were surrounded by an army of undead, which was hidden behind a dense curtain of rain. All people wanted to see the dawn with their own eyes, but they were also afraid that it would never come.

It is not clear how much time has passed, but nothing has been decided. The clock on the bell tower was closed, because it only reminded of a countdown to imminent death.

Flaming wings, approaching, loomed in the distance, the winged man sank to the edge of the roof of the bell tower. Seeing him, Yao Nan and Zuo Feng hurried up.

Session Zhu Meng, are you all right? Asked Zuo Feng.

We lost, Zhu Meng looked broken, and his voice sounded extremely sad.

The rocky giant even you were not able to to overcome it? Zuo Feng looked away, nothing was visible, but if you listen, you can distinguish the roar of monsters. behind him were dented, and thunder armor split. A majestic member of the highest rank of the magical court assessors turned into a battered warrior, without the slightest spark in his eyes.

They how are they? Asked Zhu Meng.

Now, Zhu Meng was most worried about Mo Fan and the rest. There were not a few people who came out with them, and only half were able to return in the end. Zhu Meng saw with his own eyes how one of the strongest military magicians Yao Ting was simply crushed by the ridge of the dead.

Zhu Meng was among the last to leave the battlefield, but he also did not know how many people could eventually escape.

The power of the rocky giant goes beyond their imagination that even without this zombie abyss, it seems, it will level the inner walls with the ground.

I I’ll help you, and you yourself look, said Zuo Feng, lifting Zhu Meng.

Zhu Meng did not understand where to look until Yao Nan pointed to Sesan, who and he spoke about the evil eye bronze mirror

-. Ha ha ha, you really funny, staked everything on this imp! an unpleasant laugh sounded from above.

Zhu Meng raised his head and looked in disgust at the deacon Hujing Mu He tied to the bell tower.

Mu He laughed madly, like a devil, insidious and evil, as befits the incorrigible novice of the Black Church.

Death for Mo He means absolutely nothing, he hid in the shadow for so many years for the sake of today’s celebration, the celebration ended, and now even if he and dies, then only his body will die, but the soul will forever live in the palace of immortality of the Black Church, where he will be addressed I’m like a deity!

He killed so many people today, and together with those victims in Bo, all these souls will serve him in the palace of immortality for his services to the Black Church!

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Now he doesn’t need to do anything, just wait for everyone to die, and he will go to his paradise!

This crazy man, should kill him to pour out a little all the rage! Yao Nan said fiercely, looking at Mu He.

Zhu Meng was not up to it, he carefully looked at the bronze mirror.

In the bronze mirror, the evil eye could be seen purple lightning, dazzlingly jumping on the ground. An electric discharge danced around Mo Fan, hiding him in his arms.

Zhu Meng looked at this sight in surprise!

Is that Did he interrupt everything? Zhu Meng said in a trembling voice.

Yeah, they entered the path of death, said Zuo Feng.

He alone how much did he kill?

Everywhere there were bones of skeletons covering the earth with a carpet.

And in the center of the carpet of bones there was an amazingly large mountain. Skulls of skeletons, limbs, torso, ribs, fingers, jaws everything was knocked down in one heap!

Mo Fan stood in flames on this mountain of bones, his precious snake chain mail was all torn, and piece by piece crumbled

Obviously, Mo Fan’s forces were already running out, it seemed that he would have fallen from the slightest gust of wind.

But he was still standing, and in his tired gases, the flame of life was still visible.

Zhu Meng, it’s good that you came back

A voice came from behind a couple of steps, high-ranking officials who had already gathered to run were returning, and together with Han Ji and mysterious gray went upstairs.

Lin Xi, Chujia, Lu Xu, Fei Jiao have already recovered a little. They were the main force in terms of escape, in order to bring anyone alive.

The mysterious gray was dumbfounded when he saw Zhu Meng standing at the bronze mirror, knowing his feelings, he got up and slapped his shoulder, then, breathing heavily, he began: They did a lot for us and for the city, from the very beginning they were present in the plan, but in the end they were waiting for death in this two-thousand-year-old tomb

That’s right, Zhu Meng, do not be discouraged, it is more important to look forward, Zhu Meng Fei Jiao reassured.

Surrounded by a crowd of skeletons, eh

He They did not die, exclaimed, standing silently for a long time, Zhu Meng.

Everyone was numb with the voice of Zhu Meng.

Not dead?

Impossible, how much time has passed, a middle-level mage, but what’s there, a high-level magician should have perished there long ago.

You yourself will see! Zhu Meng poked a finger at the bronze mirror

At that moment everyone stood up again and saw this mountain of bones that hit Zhu Meng so much!

Mo Fan was standing on a mountain of bones, a flame burned in his palm. Crowds of skeletons climbed the mountain, but did not climb high, as Mo Fan burned them.

It was obvious to everyone that Mo Fan’s clock was running out, but when he saw a pile of bones under his feet, his senior eyes watery.

He still is not dead!

He is not dead!

They have long lost hope. None of them could have imagined that he could suddenly endure so much on the path of death.

His morale did not fall under such oppression, now you can even measure it: with all this mountain of bones!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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