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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 683 Succeed! Read Novel

Chapter 683 Succeed! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 683 Succeed! VERSATILE MAGE

Why why is he still persisting? Lin Xi’s eyes wandered. She could not believe it. I could not believe that some young magician was now on the path of death. His fate was now even more sad than that of Xi`an.

Really should we really run away? Zhu Meng said.

Does it make sense to escape?

Everyone stood at the gates of death. Even if some minor magician can pile up a bunch of bones, will the enemies agree to such a concession?

Everything, absolutely all hopes went down.

Zhu Meng didn’t want to run, especially when he saw this!

But then there will be absolutely nothing left of this city, we will all die, said Chujia.

If something should stay then that! Zhu Meng pointed to a mirror in which the silhouette of Mo Fan was visible, which is opposed to the skeletal giant.

If the city is destined to be destroyed, then it should not be leaders who pitifully delay the advance of their end, and not famous politicians, but their hearts that remained unconquered!

It doesn’t matter who started it all, the Black Church or someone else, but they must take revenge hundredfold pay a thousandfold for what they did!

Black clergy cannot be allowed to carry out their carefully designed plan to conquer the world. People must not be turned into their limp cattle! The whole world should know that the survivors had such a will, which was enough to lay a mountain on a pebble! Achieved success!

Only this way you can leave your mark!

Zhu Meng understood those high-ranking officials who wanted to run away.

However, if use their single power of top-level magicians, that is, a chance of survival!

Zhu Meng did not want to run, he was not predisposed to escape from the very beginning. But as soon as he saw Mo Fan, who was fearlessly fighting on the death path, he became even stronger in his faith!

I will also stay, a voice was heard.

Dusiao’s whole body was stained with blood. One of his hands fell lifelessly, and the second it simply wasn’t.

Chief! the undersized man shook involuntarily when he saw Dusyao.

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He returned! One of his hands now forever remained on the battlefield, his head was streaked with stains of fresh blood, and if he had not called himself, no one could recognize him as a great lord of hunters!

Don’t be fooled by yourself! We were defeated, we could not defeat the rocky tyrant! What kind of continuation of the battle can we talk about?! heard the curses of old Chujia.

He stood up for an escape and was about to run away with the elect.

Among those elected, of course, there were high-ranking officials, and those who had been vegetating on the streets all this time in the rain had no chance to get on this list!

You are so pathetic! We decided to fight to the end over some kind of boy, but we should think out a plan of escape! This boy will die anyway! Who knows what will happen next to him on this path of death? Is there any reason? Our enemies are a Black Church, a rocky tyrant, a zombie abyss. You yourself look at him can he stay alive in a few minutes? Chujia protested.

He has not died, at least not yet, Zhu Meng insisted.

Good. Chujia chuckled coldly. Because of him you will look even more miserable!

Ha ha ha. Chujia, but I like your offer! This boy is nothing more than the offspring of a poor driver, which eats his miserable existence! And you still consider yourself dignitaries! As for me, you should kneel before our Cardinal Salan as soon as possible! After your death, you will fall into the temple of eternal life, and even there you will be able to occupy a high position this is all thanks to Salan! the voice of a giggling Mu He was heard in my ears.

Yes, shut up you already! Shouted Chujia, releasing several icy nails that shut Mu He’s mouth.

There were bloody marks on Mu He’s face from the released ice nails, but he continued to giggle as maliciously as insane as if he didn’t feel any pain.

And you know did you know that this kid was able to go to a magic school thanks to me? You are so funny! Still trusting in the boy whom I helped to become a magician! Haha haha! Mu He was already really crazy.

Even so, Mu He was very surprised at Mo Fan’s great magical progress, but he still continued to insist on his own, because there is no one who could survive by opposing Salan!

Crazy! This crazy man! Let me kill him!

He wants to die like that!

Chairman, what should we do? You have to make your decision faster!

Yes, right! Chairman, decide!

Chairman Han Ji stood his ground, and his eyes seemed to be lost in thought.

He did not know what decision to make, yes and there was no sense in his decision: it couldn’t change anything now!

Han Ji was carefully looking in the mirror at Mo Fan, who was so desperately fighting for his life!

Escape or battle?

Adhere to the minority and remain true to your beliefs?

While Han Ji was in thought, Mo Fan continued to fight!

* boom *

A mountain of bones rocked.

* mind *

Bones again trembled.

The patience of the bloody skeletal giant burst, and now he was furiously approaching Mo Fan.

Mo Fan’s hands were trembling, but they were trembling not from fear, but from excessive fatigue, after all, his physical resources were also limited!

His palms became heavy and blood flowed from his face

Now you have to raise your head to see daddy!

Mo Fan became brutal

Barely controlling his own body, he climbed with all his might to the forehead of the skeletal giant!

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