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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 685 Demon, Reappear! Read Novel

Chapter 685 Demon, Reappear! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 685 Demon, Reappear! VERSATILE MAGE

Are you satisfied now? Chu Jia said coldly, pointing to a bunch of skeletons.

People died and if it weren’t for this bronze mirror of the evil eye, who would know that they are buried in this heap of evil spirits?

Everyone was looking at the bronze mirror now. They saw the falling Mo Fan, they saw him falling asleep, they saw the bloody skeleton of the commander-in-chief again heading towards him.

It was clear that this bloody skeleton couldn’t so easily allow Mo Fan fell asleep with an eternal sleep. He wanted to crush Mo Fan, who was covered in white bones!

This was the ending of desperate resistance. If Mo Fan were killed at the very beginning or now what difference now!

* Knock

The skeletal heap stirred. It feels like a stomp coming out of a bronze mirror. Zhu Meng, Du Xiao, Yao Nan, Zuo Feng, Lin Xi, Han Ji and others did not take their eyes off the mirror. They witnessed how this 50-meter bloody skeleton headed for the place where Mo Fan was!

There were only bones everywhere, but the only one who had skin and flesh was Mo Fan. Therefore, the next second, his blood will flow from a white skeletal heap

There is very little time Lin Si wanted to say, when she suddenly saw a white wave of bones in a bronze mirror that was rising quickly!

White bones were visible in the bronze mirror, which swirled smoothly in the sky. No one understood what was going on!

People vaguely saw a huge luminous halo that illuminated the tiny firmament, staining it in a magical dark bloody color. As if the devilish month had come to heaven. But what did he portend?

What happened? Zhu Meng asked hastily.

I don’t know, as if some kind of force had risen to the sky. The mirror moves in the bronze, Yao Nan said, staring at the mirror.

The image swung sharply, this movement even spread to the mirror. And after the bones that covered the sky like snow fell to the ground, the magicians saw a source of light coming from this dark bloody halo. This giant skeleton descended to the place where Mo Fan was buried!

* Whistle

The bronze mirror of the evil eye was the pupil in which that section of the bridge of death was reflected. But what surprised people was the strange glowing halo that illuminated heaven and earth. Its strength was so great that even a crack appeared in the bronze mirror!

What what is it? A strange body was visible in the crack, enveloped in a raging fire, which stood in a huge halo of light!

This creature had a human appearance, but he was dressed in hellish clothes from a raging fire. Tongues of flame that turned into fiery wings fluttered in the air. But these wings of fire were not sacred. These were the wings that the devil wore.

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A luminous halo stepped to the ground. The wings scattered in the air, but black and purple lightning flashed everywhere. The body of the monster seemed to be in the shackles of these lightning.

What is happening? What kind of monster is this?

And where is Mo Fan, why is he not visible?

This monster with a human appearance had long hair, falling down on his back. His hands were powerful, with sharp claws at the ends. And these hands threw lightning in different directions, which fell upon the ground with a roar.

There were bloody patterns on the face and body of the monster, as if they imprinted a terrible spiritual energy that would obscure the sky if it was released outside!

This this monster is Mo Fan! said Du Xiao in confusion.

What are you talking about? How can IT be Mo Fan? said the mysterious white-gray.

Can people turn into such monsters?.




A fiery halo struck a bloody skeleton a giant. He trembled with his whole body and bounced back.

The 50 meter body began to recede, staggering. The pupils of this bloody giant skeleton moved, staring at the suddenly appeared human being, possessing tremendous power. The giant stopped in doubt.

There was such a roar from which the soul trembled. It was as if it were the voice of the devil coming from the underworld. But this sound was made by Mo Fan. The essence of the demon was enclosed in the human body!

* Whistle

Mo Fan disappeared from where he was before. The luminous halo in which he stood was not visible.

But the next second, in front of the face of the bloody skeleton of the giant, fiery fiery wings began to flutter. Burning, they created an image on fire a lightning arm that turned into a fist. And suddenly, huge long lightnings began to appear from all sides!

* Crackle

The lightning arm began to move, the lightnings appeared one by one. The sight was amazing electric discharges appeared even a kilometer from here!

Long lightning crossed the sky, with a wave of a fist. That bloody giant skeleton even crossed his arms above his head to defend himself. But the power of a lightning arm was many times greater than the power of a fallen fist. This lightning arm pierced the intertwined hands of a bloody giant skeleton. The head that was hiding behind his hands could not survive. Lightning flashed right behind the back of the head and swept a few hundred meters ahead!

The head of the skeleton cracked with a bang. The cadaveric crystal hiding there also turned into fragments. The huge body of the skeleton froze and only then slowly slowly began to go back.

After waiting for the giant skeleton to fall, Mo Fan put both legs on his chest. Lightnings still flashed frantically in his hands.

Fangs stuck out of Mo Fan’s mouth, there were patterns on his face, as if he had put on a mask of the devil himself! The pupils shone with a different light. He looked like he was an indifferent killer! The chest, which was also in the patterns, began to heave furiously. As if inexhaustible rage came out. Mo Fan slowly raised his hands, looking at the claws hidden in them, looking at the patterns on his hands, looking at the fist that shattered the head of the bloody skeleton a giant and took the cadaverous crystal from him.

Sixth element Is it really my sixth element? Mo Fan’s voice became the same, he muttered to himself.

Assuming that he had already got rid of the demon blood flowing through his veins, Mo Fan lay face down. He again waited for the awakening of this force, waited for the demon to appear again.

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