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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 686 Shadows of the Wolf Spirit! Read Novel

Chapter 686 Shadows of the Wolf Spirit! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 686 Shadows of the Wolf Spirit! VERSATILE MAGE

This this old Chujia began to stutter, for a very long time he could not say what he wanted.

Mo Fan was clearly visible in the mirror, only his face was simply demonic!

So this is the skeleton of the level of the ruler!


Now it was definitely not a person, a person is not able to use such a force!

All the high-ranking officials were extremely surprised: how could they know that Mo Fan is capable of this? Demolish the undead level of the ruler with one blow!

Is this man with a demonic face he?! the undersized seemed to remember something.

The undersized and Dusyao heard about the demonization element and what was connected with it. They said that because of it, the military had killed crowds of innocent people.

They also heard that a lot of people participated in the demonization experiments, but they could not even think that there were survivors.

And it was impossible to think that Mo Fan would be the survivor!

The demonization element was notorious for the undersized and Dusiao, forgetting about it is unrealistic. They immediately thought that all demonization experiments were prohibited by the magical association of the five continents!

Isn’t the demonization element prohibited?

What are you talking about?! What other demonization element?

Dusyao, maybe you were wrong? And maybe Mo Fan himself was hiding some of his abilities?

Dusyao said nothing more. He really made a superficial judgment on some grounds, but there were too many inconsistencies in the case with Mo Fan!

At least Dusiao and the undersized one heard about the atrocity of all the trials that went through demonization. The people doing the experiments are just inhuman creatures!!!

They looked again at the mirror. The demon Mo Fan, of course, showed signs of increased aggression and atrocity, but there was not a single hint of his lack of spiritual consciousness!

Most likely these are some of his hidden abilities. You do not think that this kid could turn into a devil? You should not spend more time on it! Chujia has already shown signs of concern.

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Who cares if he is a demon or not? After all, he’s just a contagious sick magician, and if they had known about this before, they would not have sent so many people with him to the zombie abyss!

You are not familiar with an element of demonization, Lu Xu entered the conversation.

Being a top-ranking military officer, Lu Xu knew more than anyone else about all the trials that were carried out on demonization.

Please to clarify! Chujia has already started shouting.

A gang of incorrigible!

Maybe you want to die, but I dont! Do you hope that this boy can get out alive from the path of death?! Then wait! How can you be so ignorant? As a result, you will be buried here along with these creatures! Chujia swore without stopping.

In hopeless situations, instincts prevail over people, so Chujia began to pronounce everything that he had accumulated inside for all the time.

Choking with anger, he walked away, leaving the doubters behind.

He walked away, and several others left with him. These dignitaries have they really decided to shoulder their priceless lives on the shoulders of this petty magician??? An element of demonization?

These demons are Cardinal Salan, a rocky tyrant but not this little boy!!!

Send all these guys to the sure death in a zombie abyss, of course, it was the most terrible decision!

A few more people left with Chujia Ling Xi also left with him. Said Zuo Feng.

Demon Mo Fan was surrounded by blood-soaked fiery feathers that scattered very quickly in the air.

He slowly looked around, looking at the remaining skeletons. There were about three to four thousand of them all of them were advancing. They are brainless creatures! They didn’t even know who they were going to attack!

The shadow that was behind the demon Mo Fan looked more like a demon wolf. The long paws were disconnected from the body and immediately divided into numerous silhouettes

* rustling *

* rustling *

The shadows of the wolf spirit were like the wind. Their claws were sharp. They began to spread from Mo Fan in all directions.

Now the wolf shape could not be seen only dark shadows. They immediately went to the crowds of skeletons, carrying them on the go!

The skeletons were like ears of wheat, and the shadows were like sharp sickles. In a short period of time, countless undead were destroyed!

Now the skeletons were again laid around the area with a bone carpet.

Mo Fan continued to stand in the same place. He only controlled the actions of the shadows this was not the first time for him, since on Lake Dongting he had already encountered a similar one!

It doesn’t matter if they were skeletons of the level of a servant or leader of a pack the shadows of the wolf spirit destroyed them instantly!

All the skeletons were overturned!

However, the shadows of the wolf spirit did not stop. They again killed that undead whose cadaveric crystals could not be destroyed the first time!

To me!

Mo Fan took several steps, stepping on a carpet of bones, and grinned.

The shadows of the wolf spirit were again behind Mo Fan.

Now he looked around, enjoying the empty space.

Suddenly a glow appeared in his field of vision. The silver dots slowly dissipated, forming a funnel!

Not over! It’s not over!

Demon Mo Fan let out a growl, watching the silver funnel approach him.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

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