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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 691 Contract Demonic Fire Read Novel

Chapter 691 Contract Demonic Fire VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 691 Contract Demonic Fire VERSATILE MAGE

* Rumble*

The rocky tyrant raised his head high, rushing toward the cloud of cadaverous stench. He eagerly inhaled that air to recover, and at that moment lightning thundered, which pierced him with electric current to the very innards!

One could see how the tyrant’s chest rises from a deep breath.

The speed of the rain drops fell noticeably, and the rustling of trees in the city was not heard at all, the fog cleared however, this was clearly not a good omen!

Mo Fan stood on the golden barrier, he already felt some kind of impending pressure around. He glanced toward the inner part of the city.

People ran around the streets of the city, in his houses and alleys. It was impossible to discern an individual person in this stream of people, but one thing was clearly visible in all eyes of passers-by, a fear of hopelessness sparkled. The barriers were the last hope of the inhabitants!

Mo Fan also looked at the golden barrier: now it sparkled not as brightly as before, it was streaked with fire cracks. It was unclear how many more attacks he could withstand it is even possible that the next attack could be the last.

The rocky tyrant must not be allowed to attack the barriers again! After the next blows, they simply can not resist!

Mo Fan, biting his lip, headed for the heavenly space, which was located directly above the inner part of the city. The rocky tyrant was already approaching there to destroy the city, shaking it well before!

Demonization significantly strengthened Mo Fan’s capabilities, but only it was not enough for him to fight the rocky tyrant alone. However, Mo Fan was now a mage of six elements, and he had a Little Flame Belle that amplified his flame many times!

After the tyrant saw that Mo Fan rushed into the sky, in his eyes neglect flashed the monster.

The monster was not going to deal with Mo Fan separately, because now, after restoring its power, the rocky tyrant could easily destroy the whole city!

Breath death in the county reached its maximum concentration. The rocky tyrant hastened to bounce back, finding himself a couple of kilometers from the north gate. His huge chest rose to the beat of his breath, turning the tyrant into a real source of death! The black wind began to furiously roll over the inner borders of the city.

The black wind literally swept everything in its path: at the distance of two kilometers that remained to the limits of the inner part of the city, almost everything was swept away!

Ah, that son of a bitch!

Mo Fan, who had been under heaven all this time, only now realized that the rocky tyrant did not pay any attention to him.

Mo Fan initially wanted to draw all the monster’s attention to himself, but how could he know that he won’t care about him?!

Demon Mo Fan did not like such a course of events, so he hastened to accumulate all the fiery energy, spreading it within a kilometer radius around him!

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In the ordinary view, there were no changes, but even a single breath could cover the district with bright red in flames!

A Little Flame Belle, like a contract beast, could help the demon Mo Fan control the elements of fire. Elemental grains of the fire element literally flooded the district, and now they shone with a bright red light, turning into a fiery flash! It seemed that a flash could incinerate even Mo Fan himself!

Among this grandiose fire show, a silhouette gradually began to be drawn. It was something terribly hot!

This silhouette seemed to have fiery wings behind its back!

During the activities in the city of Jinling, the demonic element of Mo Fan turned it into the likeness of an animal: the shadows of a wolf spirit behind him, long claws and fangs, he even had long hair!

An inviting beast of Mo Fan was an agile wolf. All the conscripts of the mage who underwent demonization are also subject to change!

Now, Mo Fan also had a contract beast a small Belle that was born on the northern hot plain. In those moments when Mo Fan begins to use wolf shadows, this force becomes a leading one. Under the influence of Mo Fan’s fury, his body could be incinerated, but instead he, like a fiery witch, literally turns into a fiery person!

The little Flame Belle was still very weak its strength still could not be compared with the power of a fiery witch. However, during the demonization of Mo Fan, her fiery power increased many times, reaching an unimaginable destructive power!

At that moment, Mo Fan’s body turned into a fireball that hung in the air!


The flame began to spread in the air. From the heat, the raindrops simply evaporated!

Now the flame rushed towards the rocky tyrant!

At the moment when the tyrant finally felt the heat on his head, from the breath of death around him there was no trace!

The ball of fire was simply huge! When he overtook the tyrant, he began to jump, as if he had been burned with boiling water!

Among this incinerating flame, one could vaguely see the silhouette that could destroy an entire army of undead at a time!

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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