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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 696 Killing a rocky tyrant! Read Novel

Chapter 696 Killing a rocky tyrant! VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 696 Killing a rocky tyrant! VERSATILE MAGE

* Rumble*

The clock tower began to shake, as if some force had begun to shake it. Mo Fan, who was still in the clock tower, immediately flew up into the air, turning into a ray of light, which was sent towards the battlefield with a rocky tyrant.

The rocky tyrant himself was at a loss: just recovered from this fire, and now he’s back again!

What is this???

An ordinary person would have died a long time ago, but this kid returned as if nothing had happened!

Tears of the snow queen: icy rain of sorrow!

At the same time, Han Ji released the highest level magic of the third stage of the ice element.

* Buzz *

An ice cloud appeared in the sky, which was like a proud silhouette of a goddess that burst into tears of sadness, and her tears fell on the ground with heavy snow, which has not been seen for more than a hundred years! These snowflakes froze in the air.

Freezing rain fell on the rocky tyrant, as if sealing it with ice!

The body of the rocky tyrant gradually began to solidify, covered with a layer of ice!

This freezing process did not last long, but could freeze everything: a tyrant, his cloud of cadaveric stench, the air around him and even the ground on which he stood.

Under his throat his cadaveric crystal must be destroyed!

Han Ji was pale, he only raised his head.

Mo Fan took to the air, and his burning flame was visible behind him!

He looked at the frozen, rocky tyrant, who covered his throat with his hands in order to protect his cadaver crystal, however, the ice magic of Han Ji completely froze even his hands!

Tears of the snow queen: icy rain of sorrow. Han Ji is not in vain wears his title of the most powerful magician! At the most decisive moment, he was able to completely freeze the rocky tyrant!

* Squeak *

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The rocky tyrant continued to resist, and a crack had already appeared in some place on the ice!

Mo Fan knew that this was the most suitable opportunity, so he went ahead with the speed of lightning!


Mo Fan instantly embodied in itself all the forces of fire, lightning and shadow, rushing forward to the throat of a monster!

* Knock *

Some life force began to flash in the body of the rocky tyrant, from which ice on the surface started to crack!

However, at the moment when the tyrant was about to completely crack the ice, Mo Fan, spilling a four-color rainbow of his magic, pierced the throat of a monster!

In the tyrant’s throat a hole appeared this time the rocky one could not resist the accumulated magic of Mo Fan!

After passing through, Mo Fan flew out from the back of the throat, accompanied by splashes of gushing blood, which was especially bright in the glow of the lights.

Although the rocky tyrant tried to close his throat with his hands, it didn’t help him at all.

Mo Fan, accompanied by bloody rain from the tyrant’s throat, fell to the ground, pacifying his magic.

The rocky tyrant began to stagger, and at that moment, when it seemed like he was about to fall, the tyrant grabbed one of the corpse giants and thrust it right into the hole in the throat!

The bleeding stopped immediately, and the monster himself seemed to have the strength to live on. He headed straight to the north gate.

He’s not dead yet! Han Ji, the mysterious white (gray-white), and Zhu Meng are speechless.

They were already energetically exhausted, but the tyrant is still not dead!

He he is running away! We must stop him! shouted Zhu Meng.

Mo Fan managed to hide his shadow on the foot of a rocky tyrant, and now he ran after him along the ground!

If the shadow of the Flame Belle intensified the fiery the power of Mo Fan, the shadows of the wolf spirit affected its unbridledness during the battle.

The speed of Mo Fan was very fast!

He ran up to one corpse carcass and, having pushed off from it, flew right in the direction of the escaping rocky tyrant!

The rocky tyrant fled: cadaveric energy was still in him, and it should have been enough to give order to the undead to destroy the city!

Mo Fan rushed after him, Zhu Meng, the mysterious white, Duxiao, Han Ji also tried to catch him.

The rocky tyrant was seriously injured, but the principle of killing the undead commander level was still unclear. If he isn’t finished right now, he will be able to recover!

Together we will kill him! Shouted Han Ji to the others.

Zhu Meng, the mysterious white and Duxiao nodded their heads. Mo Fan, seeing that everyone agreed to act together, used his shadow to accelerate and rushed forward. His shadow crashed into a rocky tyrant with a black crescent!

Zhu Meng didn’t stand aside either: he activated his sacked halberd and immediately threw it to Mo Fan!

Mysterious white and Dusiao, without hesitation, released the magic of the highest level of light, after which a light blade descended from the sky!

This time he certainly won’t run away!

Streams of destructive force threw the tyrant and now he could no longer run! The fear of death was now visible in his eyes!

* Buzzing *

Suddenly there was a rumbling around!

A cave-like hole appeared behind the rocky tyrant that looked like a spatial black hole. It doesn’t matter what was around: the shadows of Mo Fan, the halberd of Zhu Meng or the magic of light this hole could tighten absolutely everything!

The lair of chaos stupefied Han Ji.

Everyone turned pale. Now the den of chaos dragged everything inward!

Wow cultivation we attacked at the same time, but all our magic was drawn there! the mysterious white opened his eyes in surprise.

There is a man on the rocky tyrant! Mo Fan immediately focused his eyes on the tyrant’s head.

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Author: Chaos, 乱

Translation: Artificial_Intelligence

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