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VERSATILE MAGE Chapter 698 Distinguished Person Read Novel

Chapter 698 Distinguished Person VERSATILE MAGE

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Chapter 698 Distinguished Person VERSATILE MAGE

We survived! We survived!

Come on, evil has disappeared, it is no more!

We won, we won!

In the inner walls joyful cries came from everywhere. The dawn was unbelievably bright. Although clouds remained in the sky and the rain was still dripping little by little, this no longer bothered anyone. Countless squads of evil spirits are no more, the city could survive, which means that people will also live! The battle with evil spirits took away all their strength, but they did not think that they could survive. Even after they saw with their own eyes the picture of the evil spirits retreating, it was hard for them to believe it.

It seemed to the Mages that the hurricane was about to fly again, and the rain would strengthen its power. But suddenly a tide of dark waters receded from their feet, which were on a small island of life.

People raised their heads to the sky, cold rain washed their faces, through which tears of excitement and joy flowed.

People hugged each other tightly, shedding tears.

The magicians who were outside the outer walls have already returned. Some of them stood in the middle of the ruins littered with remains, not understanding the meaning of what was happening.

Mo Fan was still standing on the leaning signal tower, his gaze was directed to the north.

Mystical patterns have already disappeared from his body, and long silver hair has returned to its original color, dropping black curls on his face. Raging fire and lightning returned to the depths of his spiritual energy. The demon fell fast asleep there, but the young magician felt like an old man.

Where where are we? Zhang Xiao Hou woke up first, with an effort to lift his heavy head.

He immediately saw Mo Fan sitting on the edge of the tower. Joy immediately reflected on his face, he hugged Mo Fan tightly, and began to speak inconsistently.

Mo Fan still did not recover from becoming a cold-blooded demon. But when he saw his brother Zhang Xiao Hou, whose tears were falling like rain from the sky, he patted him on the back.

It was a long time before Zhang Xiao Hou calmed down. Mo Fan was still looking north, and when he saw this, Zhang Xiao Hou asked, What did you see there?

Was he really here all this time? Mo Fan asked slowly.

After the battle was over, there were many more inexplicable facts. It was as if someone was secretly fighting the Black Church.

From the very beginning to the end, Mo Fan did not see HIM, only once, for a moment.

Yes, he was here all the time. Zhang Xiao Hou glanced at the city celebrating the victory. People surrounded Han Ji, Zhu Meng, Du Xiao, the mysterious gray-white returning from the inner walls.

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In fact, Han Ji, Zhu Meng, Du Xiao, and the mysterious gray-white did not see Zhang Kon, nor did they recognize the one who was wearing long armor.

Is he considered dead? asked Mo Fan.

At the moment when Zhan Kun turned around, Mo Fan felt an indescribable sadness, which stuck in a lump in his throat. All the words that he would like to say did not go out at all.

Zhang Xiao Hou did not need to explain anything. Calmed down, Mo Fan himself will understand what happened at the altar. That is, the person whom they respected was alive all this time? And who was that, after all, is he the Ancient Emperor or Zhan Kun?

He himself did not know why, but Mo Fan scrolled this picture in his head, recalling how the chief instructor during training gave one a very important task, he remembered how he flew into the sky, leading 10 magicians who dared to kill the ashen winged wolf

Although he was the main military instructor during training, he stood on the path of a magic teacher. He did not teach himself a single lesson. But he proved by his actions that he is the Atlas, which held the sky over the heads of people, he is a great man!

It’s good that we did not disappoint him in this bloody battle with the Black Church with a sigh, said Mo Fan. He looked away from the north.

Yes Zhang Xiao Hou nodded his head.

These two mages were students of the head instructor. They have always been and will remain

The people of this city did not know who saved them, but they forever remembered it

Although the Black Church was strong, they were grandiose plans collapsed in one day. Who would have known that the leader of the army of the city of Bo prevented the triumph of the Black Church.

Or was it the venue for the dress rehearsal of the Black Church?

The Black Church brought ordinary people only suffering and death, and the wizards endless rage!

The small town of Bo, in which so many wonderful people could live An ancient capital with a rich spiritual and material culture The madness of the Black Church grows with every terrible crime they commit but the determination of the strongest magicians such as Mo Fan, Zhang Xiao Ho and Zhan Kun is so high that the Black Church will be destroyed!

The seeds are already buried and watered with tears of people who mourn their loved ones.

And these seeds will sprout in the near future!

The deacon Hujing hung on the bell tower, blown by the cold wind.

The city triumphed, and this man looked worse than the dead.

The triumph did not happen, and when he dies now, his spiritual energy will not go to heaven, but to the devil’s cauldron, where he will be doomed to eternal torment!

* Stomp

Knock of the footsteps rang out along an old stone staircase, there was not a soul on the bell tower. Hearing this sound, Mu He did not dare to breathe.

Obviously, two people climbed the stairs.

Why did you call me here? a woman’s voice came.

Because no one is here. I used to think that we would all die But it doesn’t matter, I have something to tell you. Ten years ago, we first met when you were still a hunter. I know that I am not suitable for you, I am just a simple magician of elite protection But for ten years you, the most beautiful woman I have ever met, have always been in my heart!

Is that all you wanted to say? the woman answered coldly.

Yes, I didn’t hope that you would accept my words. But I hope you understand my feelings. the man answered.

If I were an ordinary person, I would accept the desire of everyone who would obey me. But, unfortunately, you expressed all this nonsense to me at the wrong time, I have a bad mood today and therefore I don’t accept your feelings, but I’m taking your heart away, the woman said.

What are you? Ahhhhh!!!!! the man did not finish speaking, making a sound of pain.

Suddenly silence fell on the bell tower

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